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| The Sims FAQ update

| By: Aaron Illingworth

| Company: Maxis/Electronic Arts

| Rated: Teen

| Creator: Will Wright

| My e-mail: [email protected]


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1. Tutorial

2. Download(s)

3. The Sims Livin' Large

4. Live Mode

5. Buy Mode

6. Build Mode

7. Create a family album

8. My website

9. Conclusion

1. Tutorial

~The tutorial is a quick walkthrough for "The Sims" Goto

the options menu, and find the house icon. The family

that lives in the original household will be evicted. The Newbie

household is where it will take you. If you need any other

help about the tutorial that it didn't mention, you can e-mail

me and I will help you with any of your questions.

2. Download(s)

~Alot of people off the internet have websites on "The Sims"

because this game is so popular, alot of people have put up

downloads. Some downloads are ok to have, but if you get

carried away, your game might crash at certain spots. I had this

problem every time I tried to create a new sim. Here is what to do

if this problem happends to you. Goto Program Files, Windows Explorer.

Then the Windows Explorer screen pops up. You can click on the folder

Program Files on the main screen or the side screen. After you click

Program Files, goto Maxis, The Sims, GameData. Voila! You are at

the objects, wallpapers, floors, sound, skins, userobjects and more

page! Click on the folder you know where the problem is. My

problem was certain skins, so I went to skins and got rid of the ones

that I got on the internet. You might not have to delete all the skins

on the internet, just the ones you go pass in create a sim when it

crasses, or just the skins you know are the problem. If you need more

help, you can e-mail me!

3. The Sims Livin' Large

~The Sims Livin' Large will be coming out in stores around Labor Day

weekend! You can also pre-order it at the EA store and also get a free

extreme characters pack CD with your purchase which includes even more

skins! Here is a little more information, but I won't give away to much!

The Sims Livin' Large includes more skins, wallpapers, floors, stairs,

windows, doors, and ALOT more! It is an expansion pack, and you will

need "The Sims" to play. You will also have five more jobs to choose

from! Musician, Reporter, Slacker, Paranormal, and a game designer!

You will also deal with more situations! Alien abductions(your sims can

look through the telescope and sometimes aliens will appear and will

abduct your sims! They will eventually bring your sims back, after

fooling around with them. They will mess around with their personality

traits. They could of once been a neat-freak, and then they turn into

a major slob.) Roach infestations(If you leave your house a pigstie,

roaches will take over your house!) Servo, the household appliance(

tired of cleaning your house, or hiring a maid, buy Servo and

he will clean up your house, he is a robot!) The tragic clown appears!

(You remember that tragic clown painting in "The Sims"? He can

actually come out of the painting and drive your sims nuts!) A genie

(Buy the magic genie lamp and wish for love or money! He can also

mess your wish up too!) A voodoo doll!(Poke away your troubles

and take your anger out on someone will this, OUCH!) The Grim

Reaper(If one of your sims die, he will come to collect the body,

although you can negotiate with the Grim Reaper, and play paper,

scissors, rock. If you win, the Grim Reaper will resurrect the body,

if you lose, the Grim Reaper will take the body!) And LOTS LOTS

more! Livin' Large also gives you the ability to control fifty

new neighborhoods, which is fourty more than the original! I think

I said to much, you can goto my sims website to look at some

screenshots for Livin' Large too! Scroll down to see the address to

my website!

4. Live Mode

~When your sims live and where you control! You can make a happy

sim life for your sims or mess it all up! Your choice. If you

are having any trouble with this mode you can e-mail me and I would

be glad to help!

5. Buy Mode

~Where you spend all your sims money! This is one of the fun parts!

To create your own objects(mainly change the colors and stuff)

Goto and get the tool!

6. Build Mode

~This is the place where you make your sims home! It can also

be difficult for beginners on this game. The instruction manual

describes pretty well, but if you need any more help, you can

e-mail me.(How many times have I said that now hehe.)

7. Create a family album

~Awwww, look at the cute little button! Ooooook, at the

family photo album page you can take pictures and add text

under the pictures! You can also publish your families and albums

on the internet at !

8. My website

~You can goto my website to look at stuff for "The Sims"

I also have FOUR pages full of "The Sims Livin' Large"



After you are finished visiting my website, please sign my


9. Conclusion

~Well everyone, I have reached my conclusion and I hope I helped

some of you with some of your questions. If your still having trouble,

you know, e-mail me hehe! My e-mail is: [email protected]

Thank-you for reading my Sims FAQ update!


Extra special thanks to Revolution reader Aaron Illingworth!