New SCUM Roadmap | New vehicles, inventory overhaul, base building, skills, and more

Are you becoming tired of SCUM? You’ll be happy to hear that plenty of new updates are on the way over the next three months. Thanks to the new SCUM roadmap, we know exactly what should be getting added to the game soon. There is a lot of new content on the way alongside plenty of other small changes including new vehicles, base building, new skills, and more.

New SCUM Roadmap | New vehicles

New SCUM Roadmap

Thanks to the officially released SCUM three-month roadmap on Steam, we know that plenty of new content is on its way to the game. This includes new vehicles. A new car is on the way to SCUM soon, as you can see in the image above. The lead programmer for the game, however, is also working on “new and improved car physics.” The developers are aiming to make car physics in SCUM more realistic.

“The car’s center of gravity will shift depending on the number of people in the car.” There will also be a new damage system to go alongside the improved handling. This “means the car will react differently depending on whether you shot at its tire or the engine.” You will soon be able to repair vehicles, too, thanks to the new Driving Skill. This is one of the several new skills that is being added into SCUM. Eventually you will be able to shoot from inside a vehicle, but that will come later.

New SCUM Roadmap | New Skills

New SCUM Roadmap

As mentioned above, several new skills are being added into SCUM over the next few months. The Driving Skill, for example, will let you repair cars, lock them, lockpick them, hotwire them, and refuel them. Alongside the Driving Skill, a rework is coming for the Cooking and Metabolism Skills. A Demolition Skill (which includes bombs and traps) is on the way as well as a new Archery Skill. This means bows and arrows are coming to SCUM. RPGs and Revolvers are on the way, too.

New SCUM Roadmap | Inventory overhaul

New SCUM Roadmap

You’ll be glad to know that the unintuitive inventory screens are going to be receiving an overhaul. Apparently, “the plan has always been to change it up eventually and that time has come.” Devolver is “working hard on a complete overhaul of both the inventory and the UI… you will be able to stack items and rotate them.”

The Vicinity function is also being reworked, which will eventually include inventory spaces for cars and chests. There’s a lot of work going into the inventory system, “not just visual upgrades,” but “a lot of the overhaul will be on the programming side.”

New SCUM Roadmap | Base building

New SCUM Roadmap

One of the largest incoming updates to SCUM will be base building. At first, you will only be able to create basic bases, but the feature is set to expand and improve over time. You will need a blueprint to build a base (just as you do if you want to build a shelter). On top of this, new urban assets are headed to the game. This includes “a quarry, a mine, a mental hospital, an old castle, a salt mine, an observatory, and a whole new city.”

New SCUM Roadmap | What else is new?

New SCUM Roadmap image

While there is plenty of new content on the way for SCUM over the next few months, unfortunately, you won’t be able to play as a female character for a little while yet. The “elaborate metabolism system and… cooking skill which also ties into the metabolism” needs to be worked out. This and “every piece of clothing needs to be adjusted for the female body, too.” Devolver doesn’t want to “half-ass” it.

Apart from that disappointment, however, new character customization options are on the way. This includes hair. All kinds of hair. You will be able to grow it, cut it, and shave it all. If that wasn’t enough, there is more on the way, hopefully within the next three months.

Missions and mission objectives are coming, alongside a tutorial. Steam achievements are being added, too, and they are sure to be a delight. New animations and taunts are being worked on (Devolver is accepting requests, so sound off in the comments of its roadmap post). Lastly, in-game seasons are on the way. Expect the harsh colds of winter, the new life of spring, the warmth of summer, and the rains of autumn.

Remember though, that all of this might take a little longer than three months to implement. Devolver is trying to add everything in the next three months, but it could take longer.

Credit for images: Devolver Digital post on Steam Community.