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Rocket League Roadmap 2021: New map, DLC cars, game modes, Monstercat event

The Rocket League Roadmap 2021 is here, to show off what new features are coming to the wildly popular game. Some future additions include a new map, DLC cars, new game modes, and even a Monstercat event. Read on to see what the Rocket League Roadmap 2021 is, and what to expect from the game in the future.

What is the Rocket League Roadmap 2021?

Rocket League Roadmap 2021

The main new addition to Rocket League coming soon is a new map. We don’t yet know what the new Rocket League map will look like, but in a February 2021 update, developers Psyonix hinted at new maps to come. The update included a feature where players could try out prototype maps before they officially launched in-game. We don’t have a concrete date on when we can expect a new map, but with Rocket League season 4 expected to launch on August 11, just over a month away, details should arrive soon.

As Rocket League so frequently adds new DLC cars, you can expect some of those in the near future, too. Recently, they’ve added DLC cars with a Fast & Furious theme, as well as Formula 1 cars. July’s new cars are themed around classic movie and TV vehicles. From July 8, you can get K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider. A week later, the DeLorean from Back to the Future will be available. The week after that, you’ll get the chance to buy the Jeep Wrangler from Jurassic World. It’s likely these will crop in the Rocket League store, rather than being unlockable.

Rocket League Roadmap 2021

As part of the ongoing Summer Road Trip event, there will be a new limited-time mode, too. At the time of writing, the most recent LTM is Rumble, which is still in rotation. As that’s been out for over a month, you can expect a new LTM to be announced soon.

Lastly, the Monstercat event is still ongoing. In collaboration with the popular dance label, you can purchase anthem packs to play their tracks when you score. There’s also a new banner, to celebrate 10 years of Monstercat.