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Fortnite Rule Book 31: What is regulation 3.1?

Competitive Fortnite tournaments have a lot of rules and regulations that some players aren’t aware of. Word is circulating about Fortnite rule book 31, however, which is causing confusion. This actually relates to tournament rule 3.1, which specifies the age groups that are eligible to participate. Here’s a Fortnite rule 31 explainer detailing what it is, plus what it means for fans of Epic Games’ popular battle royale title.

What is Fortnite rule 31?

Fortnite rule book 31

Fortnite rule book 31 states that players must be at least 13 years old to participate in competitive tournament events. Any player that breaks rule 31 in Fortnite could face disciplinary action.

Fortnite Rule 31: What happens to players that break regulation 3.1?

Here’s what can happen to players that break Fortnite rule book 31:

  • Receive a private or public warning (verbal or written).
  • Loss of session points for the current or future match(es).
  • Loss of all or any part of the prizes previously awarded.
  • Disqualification from participating in one or more matches and/or sessions.
  • Unable to participate in one or more future Fortnite competitions.

Not all Fortnite competitive events feature the same rule set, so it’s best to check for age restrictions before taking part; users can access the terms via individual event pages. It probably isn’t worth risking entry without checking, as the punishment(s) can far outweigh the potential rewards.

It’s also worth noting that  Fortnite players over the age of 13, but under the age of 18, require permission from a parent or legal guardian to participate. Epic Games almost certainly isn’t going to check, but letting an adult know couldn’t hurt — maybe they’ll even be supportive and cheer on a victory royale!

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