Samurai Showdown Trophy Guide and Roadmap | How to unlock all endings and get the Platinum

SNK has released Samurai Shodown into the world. The fighting game is a lot of fun, but it has a few confusing trophies. In case you are having issues with any of them, check out our Samurai Shodown trophy guide so you can unlock the Platinum without aimlessly wasting your time.

We’ll break down how to get all of the gallery items and explain how to unlock the trickiest trophies step-by-step. After you read our Samurai Shodown trophy guide, the Platinum should only take a few hours to obtain. It’s definitely one of the easiest fighting games to 100% on PlayStation 4 alongside Tekken 6.

Samurai Showdown Trophy Guide and Roadmap | Step 1: Finish the tutorial and learn the advanced maneuvers

Samurai Shodown trophy guide

You’ll need to finish the tutorial for the “Apt Student” trophy, but you’ll want to go through it regardless since there is a lot of nuance to Samurai Shodown‘s battle system. You should also use this opportunity to jot down how to perform a few of the actions you’ll have to grind out for trophies such as the Lightning Blade (press the left trigger after using a Rage Explosion), Just Defense (blocking directly as an attack hits), etc. You can either get these trophies through boosting with a friend or in the matches you’ll play in the next step. Nothing is all that difficult to perform and if you’re confused how to do a maneuver then just check the tutorial section for it and it will be explained in detail.

Samurai Showdown Trophy Guide and Roadmap | Step 2: Clear the story mode with all characters

Most of the work you need for the Platinum is tied to the story mode, so it’s best to get that out of the way first. As the description for “Indefatigable” says, you will need to beat the story mode with all 16 characters, but there’s a caveat attached. You actually have to do it without any continues each time in order to unlock all of the gallery artwork.

The one additional piece of artwork is for finishing with a continue, which you’ll probably get without trying since the final boss can be cheap. Once you’ve managed to do that with all 16 characters, you’ll have all of the gallery trophies and story ones. If you’re having trouble with it, I suggest going into the settings and turning the difficulty down to “1” and making the fights last a single round to make it go quicker.

Samurai Showdown Trophy Guide and Roadmap | Step 3: Play two matches online

Samurai Shodown trophy guide

A lot of fighting games have annoying online trophies that are a pain for players to unlock, but that isn’t the case here. In fact, you only have to play two online battles.

First off, play a ranked match. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, you’ll unlock “Warrior Pilgrim” for your troubles afterward. Before moving on, make sure to follow your opponent. Next, go to casual and create your own room. Change the settings to make it a team battle and then do a match (you only need two people for the team battle, even though it goes up to two-on-two). Finish that and you’ll get the trophies for doing a team battle and playing a casual match. Killing two trophies with one bout is never a bad thing.

Samurai Showdown Trophy Guide and Roadmap| Step 4: Defeat ghost characters 100 times

There are several ghost-related trophies, which will have you battling against fighter artificial intelligence based off player data. The biggest pain is the one for fighting a ghost character 100 times, but it’s still not that bad. Put on a podcast and then go to the “Ironman Challenge” option in the Dojo menu. Select the 100-man option and then make your way through all the fights, they should be relatively easy.

After that is done you’ll just need to do a few other ghost-related tasks for trophies. This includes defeating your own ghost and receiving your first ghost. One way to do the latter is to go to your overall records in the database, check the online information, and then select your following tab. Press the right bumper and you’ll download the ghost from your prior foe.

Also, make sure to use the same character for this so you unlock “Match Made In Heaven” for using the same warrior 100 times.

Samurai Showdown Trophy Guide and Roadmap| Step 5: Defeat an opponent while unarmed for an entire battle

Samurai Shodown trophy guide

This trophy was my white whale for a bit as Samurai Shodown doesn’t actually explain how to unarm yourself in the tutorial or controller screens. However, it’s quite easy after you know the button combination.

To discard your weapon at the start of a battle, you will want to do the following combination: press down on the directional pad and then press Triangle, Circle, and X. That will allow your character to become so full of themselves that they declare that they don’t need a weapon to win. Now, you just have to defeat your opponent. If you’re having trouble beating the computer without your weapon then boost this trophy with a friend online.

Samurai Showdown Trophy Guide and Roadmap | Step 6: Let’s clean up the rest and get that Plat!

Now you should have the majority of the trophies, but there are still a few more to be unlocked. There are three battle mode trophies where the player will have to do the following: finish the gauntlet mode (which has you beating all 16 characters and the final boss), winning five bouts in survival mode, and extending the timer by 150 seconds in time trial mode. These are all easier than they seem, especially if you already finished the story mode multiple times.

Finally, you should only have a few action-based trophies like “Over Before It Started,” which you unlock for winning a battle with just kicks or “All or Nothing,” done by performing a Blade Catch (which you have to do while weaponless) 10 times. All of the trophy descriptions clearly state what you need to do, so this should be a piece of cake.

After you’ve cleared them all out you will have gotten the Platinum trophy, “Samurai Shodown.” Congrats!