Box art - Death Stranding

Death Stranding Throw Cargo | How to toss packages and containers

Throwing cargo in Death Stranding can turn your packages into a weapon. A quick toss can take down an enemy, or be a great way to dispose of some hazardous materials. Also, it’s just plain fun. However, tossing cargo in Death Stranding isn’t as simple as just pressing a button. Instead, it requires a combination of controls and timing that might not be readily apparent to most players.

If you want to throw packages in Death Stranding like the best UPS line worker, we’ll show you how. We’ll also illustrate some useful instances where a quick toss of a container might save your life.

How do you throw cargo in Death Stranding?

To throw a container in Death Stranding, you have to have it in your hand first. To do this, you can either:

  • Place it in Sam’s hand via the Cargo menu.
  • Pick it up off the ground with R2 or L2.

To pick up cargo off the ground, you’ll have to get near it and press and hold R2 (for Sam’s right hand) or L2 (for Sam’s left hand). As long as the button is held down, Sam will hold the package in his hand.

Now, to throw cargo in Death Stranding once you have a container in your hand, press Square. When you press the button, Sam will swing the package. At the apex of his swing, release R2 or L2, and Sam will let go of it and send it flying. Note, since Sam is right-handed, he can throw further if the package is held in his right hand. No, really. They modeled that.

In addition to just being plain fun, throwing packages can serve two actual gameplay purposes. You can chuck a container at an enemy as an improvised weapon. This will knock them off balance and leave them open for further attacks.

You can also throw hazardous cargo into tar pits to dispose of it. This comes up during the story, and kind of introduces the whole mechanic.