Box art - Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood


Today, for the first time ever, Naoki Yoshida revealed the major job changes coming in FFXIV: Stormblood. Below you will find a summary of the major things you should know.

Note that some of the notes describe what was seen during the Letter from the Producer Live XXXVI, which you can watch here.


  • Has new offensive options.

Black Mage

  • Enochian is not active right away.
  • Activates with astral fire or umbral ice only.
  • as long as you dont use AF/UI enochian stays up.
  • guages change as your class levels up.
  • Enochian has its own element within the blackmage guage.
  • 4.0 will implement blizzard 4 and the Umbral Heart mechanic.
  • Blizzard IV will give Umbral Hearts. You can have up to 3 of them.
  • Blizzard 4 no longer refreshes enochain – switching from fire to ice or ice to fire refreshes it.
  • 3 Umbral heart stacks from casting bliz 4.
  • Transposing reset enochian.
  • keeping enochian up for 30 seconds let you cast “Foul”.
  • foul does not stack.
  • White mage can pull
  • healer role action “Rescue” lets you pull target player to your position.
  • cannot be used without enmity.
  • Mega boss Snail Fate boss spawned.
  • BLM uses thunder 4.
  • WHM used quake.


  • Largely the same.
  • If you use Mirage Dive, you gain new skills.


  • Heat gauge becomes a big element of your attack skills.
  • No more gunmage.


  • chakra used to fuel stronger attacks
  • riddle of the earth – Refreshes greased lightning duration.
  • Monk attack animations have been revamped some.
  • monk combat hasnt changed much
  • more elements to the class,
  • Has party buff skill.


  • No major changes.
  • Allows Mudra to persist through each cast for three casts, allowing 3 Ninjutsu to be cast during each step of combo.


  • Has as single target Holy.
  • Has a new AoE move.

Red Mage

  • Ninja needs ninki first
  • Redmage learns “chain spell”
  • When casting a spell, the next spell is instantaneous.
  • Use a short spell, then follow it up with a longer spell instantly.
  • Uses aero spells to increase “White mana”
  • Uses fire spells to increase “Black mana”
  • Focus on balancing the two aspects to maintain high dps, focusing on one leads to bad dps.
  • Spell blade skill is driven between balancing the two
  • ninja ninki skill was the toad summoning.
  • critical hits on chain spells decrease the casting time of next spell of the same category.
  • focus on creating chains to make your spells go faster and faster.


  • Samurai has unique sprint.
  • Not much was actually said about sam. please watch the archive video.


  • Defiance and deliverance have different job gauges.
  • Stances are also still kept as icons.
  • (inner beast in creepy foxclon voice)
  • New fuel is “inner beast” like the attack.
  • inner beast guage is depleted by certian attacks. does not deplete entire guage.
  • Warrior punching skill
  • Maim/Skull sunder give 10 inner beast, Eye/Block give 20, for 30 per rotation.
  • When gauge is full blinks red.
  • Fel cleave X6 confirmed.
  • Eyes glow red during inner beast full

White Mage

  • Becoming a pure healer.
  • Lilies either shortens recast, or fuels other actions.