Box art - Valkyria Revolution

Valkyria Revolution – How to Issue Squad Orders

Despite embracing the action RPG genre, Valkyria Revolution hasn’t abandoned its strategy roots. As such, commanding and instructing your squad members is an important component of combat in the game, and requires that you manage and issue Squad Orders that suit the situation.

Squad members can be issued direct orders if you so choose, but formations are the simplest way to implement an overall strategy effectively. Members of your squad can approach situations on their own, in pairs, or as a full team per your instructions, and approaches will vary based on the enemies you find yourself up against. This is managed via the left shoulder button.

Micro vs. Macro Control

Orders can also be issued when you want a party member to attack a particular unit, or use a particular skill. The D-pad allows for direct manual control, though when you’re taking on larger foes where your entire team’s approach must be determined, manual micro-managing is unlikely to be your key to victory.

To instruct an individual character, simply access the menu by pressing triangle, navigate to the top-rightmost selection, and access it. From there, party members can be chosen and specific orders can be issued directly. Doing so is an important strategic mechanic, but again, micromanaging can have its disadvantages. Develop a balance between squad formations, direct orders, and individual control to lead your army to victory in each situations you face.