Warframe Hammer Shot Mod: What Does It Do?

There are many useful weapon mods for Warframe to give players a tactical advantage in combat, or just to buff weapons, and the Warframe Hammer Shot mod is one of the oldest and most serviceable. It’s pretty useful, but like everything in Warframe its benefits don’t always make themselves obvious.

It ups both Critical Damage and Status Chance, but how is this most useful? What are the Hammer Shot’s stats, and where is the best place to get it? We’re here to tell you everything you need to know.

What is Warframe Hammer Shot and where is it?

The Hammer Shot is a critical damage mod, specifically for rifles in the game. It has four ranks and stats:

  • Rank 0: Critical Multiplier +15% Status Chance +10% Cost 6
  • Rank 1: Critical Multiplier +30% Status Chance +20% Cost 7
  • Rank 2: Critical Multiplier +45% Status Chance +30% Cost 8
  • Rank 3: Critical Multiplier +60% Status Chance +40% Cost 9

Where can you get the Hammer Shot mod? It can be picked up as a Nightmare Mode reward, and on an Alert Nightmare Mission. It’s counted as Rare, but in all honesty, you’ll probably pick them up quite quickly. Then just get to ranking it up!

How is the Warframe Hammer Shot mod useful?

Hammer Shot is still occasionally dismissed by the wider Warframe community. However, it’s a significantly better mod than Rifle Aptitude, which maxs out at 15% Status Chance. Most importantly, it can be combined and stacked with other Critical Damage mods such as Rifle Aptitude, creating a Status Chance up to a maximum possible of 295%, depending on how well you mix and match.

It also gets dismissed a lot because the Vital Sense mod does Critical Damage way higher, up to 120%, but that doesn’t increase Status Chance at all. Importantly, Hammer Shot can be easily combined with Vital Sense to create a Critical Damage multiplier of up to 180%, which is significant. As a Nightmare mod though, we admit it could do with being updated and buffed further. It’s a good all-round mod, especially if you’re just starting out, but not one you’ll want to stick with throughout the entire game.