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Comcast Black Ops 4 Beta Code: How do I get My Xfinity Beta Key?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is out next month, and there’s a beta for the new Blackout battle royale mode running right now. One of the ways you can get a Blackout beta code is by being a Comcast customer who has signed up to their Xfinity Internet service. But how do you get your Comcast Black Ops 4 Beta Code? If you’ve got it, great, but where and how do you redeem it? We’re here to help.

Comcast Black Ops 4 Beta Code: How to get your Xfinity Beta Key

First of all, if you already received your Black Ops 4 beta code and used it to play the previous beta last month, you don’t need a new key. It’s the same code, and should be the same beta. If you haven’t received a code though, and you’re signed up to Comcast Xfinity, head to the website here and click ‘Request Beta Code’. You’ll have to sign in to your Xfinity account, but once you do you can request the code. It will get sent to the email you provided, and then you can get on with the messy business of redeeming it.

How To Redeem Your Xfinity Beta Key and Play the Blackout Beta

For full details on how to redeem a Black Ops 4 beta code, head to our guide page here. Basically, once you’ve received your beta code from Comcast, head to the Call of Duty Xfinity beta site. Login using your account details for Xbox Live, Playstation Network or You can login with Steam too, but as the Black Ops 4 Blackout beta isn’t on Steam you’ll need one of the other three. Follow the instructions and put in the beta key you received when requested.

After this, the Black Ops 4 beta should be added to your account. Load up your console or and it should be available, although bear in mind only the PS4 version is running right now (Xbox One and PC begin this Friday, September 14). If you don’t see it, check under either Library/Purchased on PSN or My Games & Apps/Ready To Install on Xbox Live. Then you’re ready to go!