Spider-Man Turf Wars DLC Suits – Spider-Clan and More Revealed

On November 20, Marvel’s Spider-Man will receive its second of three DLC add-ons. Entitled Turf Wars, this will put the wall-crawler in direct conflict with Hammerhead, a gangster with a steel plate attached to his skull. Alongside new missions and enemies to fight, you’ll be able to unlock three new suits to use throughout the game. Check out which of Spider-Man’s many looks you’ll be sporting in this new content with our look at the Spider-Man Turf Wars DLC Suits.

Similar to the first DLC, The Heist, there are three DLC suits to unlock. In The Heist, one of the suits unlocks after the first mission, the second unlocks after finishing all the story missions, and the third unlocks after beating all the side missions. While not confirmed, it’s a good bet that the Spider-Man Turf War DLC Suits will follow in the same pattern.

Spider-Man Turf Wars DLC Suits – Spider-Armor MK1

Introduced in a single issue of the comics back in 1993, the original incarnation of the Spider-Armor protected Spidey from the New Enforcers and their high caliber firearms. It’s the only version of the Spider-Armor not already represented in the game. While it only appeared once in the source material, it’s been a common addition to Spider-Man games over the years. First appearing in Neversoft’s classic Spider-Man, it’s also appeared in Edge of TimeMarvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and Shattered Dimensions.

While the suit originally sported a lighter color in the comics, it was always meant to be silver. In Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s more realistic New York, it makes sense that the reflective armor looks darker. Thankfully, one of the other Spider-Armor suits in the game comes with a Bulletproof suit power. With this upgrade, you can play with the Spider-Armor MK1 just as it was originally intended.

Spider-Man Turf Wars DLC Suits – Spider-Clan

Like some of the other Marvel’s Spider-Man suits, the Spider-Clan suit depicts a character other than Peter Parker. Or at least, it’s not the Pete we know and love. Set in the Marvel Mangaverse, this Peter Parker is a member of the Spider-Clan ninjas.  Fighting against an evil clan of Venom warriors who killed his Uncle, this Peter Parker gains organic webbing and fights alongside Spider-Woman, who is Mary Jane Watson.

The Spider-Clan costume is of a style similar to the old-school comics costume you unlock near the end of the game. In the update posted to the PlayStation Blog, Game Director Ryan Smith commented on the popularity of the cartoon suits for Photo Mode users. While these types of suits do stick out a bit during normal gameplay, they make for striking screenshot that I’m sure we’ll all be seeing across social media soon.

Spider-Man Turf Wars DLC Suits – Iron Spider Armor

Spider-Man Turf Wars DLC Suits Iron Spider

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be confused by this red and gold ensemble pretending to be the Iron Spider armor. However, the movie’s incarnation of the suit (which is already in Marvel’s Spider-Man) is much different from the comics interpretation. Introduced during the famous Civil War storyline when Peter Parker joined Iron Man’s fight against Captain America’s anti-registration forces, the Iron Spider has tons of powers. It allows Pete to glide across the city, go into camouflage and utilize metal arm stingers.

Of course, in Marvel’s Spider-Man, the Iron Spider is just a costume change. However, the most notable addition to the Iron Spider suit is available in the game already. This is the four “waldoes”, metal arms that emerge from the suits back. In the game, the waldoes are a suit power that enhances your attacks for a short while. While it was nice to have the metal arms during the main playthrough, it’s not enough. Completing the set with the true Iron Spider look will make many comic fans delighted.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Turf Wars releases on November 20 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. It will expand on The Heist by adding enemy bases back into the mix alongside a few hours of story missions. You’ll be fighting more Maggia goons, but they’re now packing laser weapons and heavy artillery from Sable International. There are new crimes as well, and maybe a few surprises similar to the Screwball challenges in The Heist.