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Anthem Can’t Salvage Weapon | Why can’t I delete equipment?

Once you’ve found a blueprint for a weapon in Anthem, all you need is a handful of weapon parts to craft your own DIY bringer-of-doom. Salvaging weapons is the main method of obtaining these weapon parts for crafting, deconstructing various loot that you’ve picked up into these core ingredients. However, some players have encountered an Anthem Can’t Salvage Weapon issue when attempting this process, in which it seems the grey salvage button isn’t operational. Read on to find out how to solve this issue for any players asking why can’t I delete equipment?

Anthem Can’t Salvage Weapon | Why can’t I delete equipment?

Anthem Can't Salvage Weapons

Salvaging weapons is usually an easy process. In the Forge, you can view all of your weapons and items, and have the option to salvage them for parts. However, if the salvage button is greyed out on your screen, you won’t be able to recycle the weapon. This is because that weapon or item is currently equipped to one of your Javelins; so, if you want to salvage it, you’ll have to figure out which of your javelins currently has that item and unequip it. Once it’s unequipped from your Javelin loadout, it has been reported to take a few minutes for the game to process this change, but you should be able to salvage this weapon soon after.

If this doesn’t work, try creating a new loadout for your Javelin, which has been reported to free up all of your weapons and items for salvage. It’s also important to note that the default gear in the demo cannot be salvaged. Now that you’ve got those weapon parts, you can make the most of crafting to bypass Anthem‘s random rolls for perks or stats, especially since the loot drop rates were nerfed recently. Besides, weapon recycling is probably good for the environment, so everyone wins.