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Modern Warfare Alpha Extension | When does the alpha end?

If you’ve been having fun with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare alpha on PS4 this weekend, you might be hoping to see the demo get an extension, with developer Infinity Ward pushing the end time back another day or so. Those in the U.K. would no doubt appreciate being able to spend their Bank Holiday continuing to play the alpha. We’ve seen Call of Duty pre-release tests extended in the past, so it’s not unreasonable to expect the Modern Warfare alpha to also be given that extra bit of time, especially with some of the fun-hampering problems players have been facing. Here’s all you need to know about a possible Modern Warfare alpha extension and the confirmed end time.

Is the Modern Warfare alpha being extended?

Modern Warfare Alpha Extension

While the Modern Warfare alpha started early, releasing almost a full day ahead of the announced start date, that’s the only “extension” players will be getting. Now that it has come to an end, booting up the alpha and attempting to connect only results in the above screen popping up. It’s no longer possible to play the Gunfight and Gunfight: OSP modes.

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Brits enjoying the Bank Holiday off work will have to find something else to play, unfortunately! The next opportunity to play Modern Warfare will be the beta, scheduled to begin on September 12 for PS4 players will early access.

When does the Modern Warfare alpha end?

Modern Warfare Alpha Extension

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare alpha end time has been confirmed to be August 25, at an estimated 18:00 ET/15:00 PT. If it’s August 25 and you can no longer connect to a match in the alpha, you’ll know that it’s now fully concluded.

Though you might be frustrated by this sudden end, it’s time to prepare for the beta, beginning September 12 for PS4 players.