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Can you play The Division 2 solo?

The Division 2 has a vast, dangerous city for players to explore. Even better, it has a sprawling PvP mode full of gunfights and new gear to acquire. With that said, is it a good game to play alone? Can you play The Division 2 solo? Or are you required to team up with another player online? This guide will give you all the details.

The Division 2 | Can you play solo?

can you play the division 2 solo single player

Yes, you can play The Division 2 solo. The entire main campaign can be enjoyed single-player, and you can even complete all of the endgame missions solo. However, if you want to play Convict PvP or enter the Dark Zone, you’ll need to join online multiplayer.

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With all that said, The Division 2 was designed with multiplayer action in mind. You can play the main campaign solo, but you can also work through it in co-op with up to three other players. Whichever option you choose, you’ll get to enjoy the story without concern that other players will come into your game and start getting aggressive. You’ll still have to stay online, though: The Division 2 requires a persistent internet connection.

After the campaign has concluded, The Division 2 keeps the party alive with a smattering of multiplayer content. Convict is the place to go for competitive action, with both Domination and the 4v4 Skirmish mode. But some would argue that the true heart of The Division 2 lies in the Dark Zone. Three Dark Zones are available, providing PvEvP gameplay spread across dangerous quarantined portions of the city. You’ll have teammates, but your entire squad will be open to attack from both AI opponents and other player-controlled forces.

You can play The Division 2 solo, at least as far as the main campaign is concerned. If you just don’t like online multiplayer, you’ll still be able to enjoy the game. But it’s almost certainly more fun playing with others, especially as a way to prepare yourself for the challenges that await in the Dark Zones.