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Is there an Astro’s Playroom Xbox Series X release date?

Astro’s Playroom is getting a great reception on PS5. With the free-to-play platformer warming reviewers’ hearts, is the developer planning to release an Xbox port? Here are the details on Astro’s Playroom Xbox Series X and S versions.

Is Astro’s Playroom coming to Xbox Series X and S?

Astro's Playroom Xbox Series S

Quality 3D platformers are a rarity these days, at least outside of first-party Nintendo titles like Mario. Astro’s Playroom breaks the mold, however, proving to be an excellent addition to the PlayStation 5 launch line-up. Although the powerful Xbox Series X console lives up to its moniker, outside of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, the list of next-gen exclusives is sparse. Could Astro’s Playroom go multiplatform and help to even the odds, though?

Astro’s Playroom is not coming to Xbox Series X and S. There’s no Astro’s Playroom Xbox release date, and almost certainly never will be as the game is developed and published by PlayStation manufacturer Sony, and the company isn’t likely to support its direct competitor.

Moreover, Astro’s Playroom is a celebration of PlayStation history. Even if Sony was to change its stance and start releasing PS5 exclusives on Xbox Series X and S, Astro’s Playroom would very much feel out of place. It’d be similar to Nintendo releasing a Super Smash Bros. title on third-party platforms — cool, but also slightly alienating.

Xbox Series X and S owners with a 3D platforming itch to scratch and an active Xbox Game Pass subscription can probably find a suitable alternative amongst the catalog. Super Lucky’s Tale is a good option that springs to mind.

Should the exclusivity of Astro’s Playroom start to sway anybody’s console purchasing decision, Game Revolution’s PS5 review extensively covers all of the new hardware’s pros and cons. Of course, there are also more exclusive games to consider. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is another strong launch title.