Quake Champions’ Closed Beta Begins April 6th

If you haven't heard, Quake is returning – in the form of Quake Champions, that is. The game was revealed at E3 2016, and since then we've had the chance to try it at this year's PAX East. For me the game was an unexpected delight, and as such I was happy to learn that id Software has spilled the beans on when we can expect the upcoming part-throwback part-reboot to enter closed beta.

The beta info comes via the game's official Twitter account, where it was announced simply that Quake Champions will enter closed beta on April 6th. The beta itself will begin with "an initial group of testers," with more to be added over time presumably based on load, feedback, and how things are generally going. Despite being live prior to the beta start-date announcement, signups still appear to be active, so if you're interested in giving Champions a shot it may be worth heading over and submitting your email address.

As evidenced by its name, Quake Champions utilizes the "champion" motif popular in multiplayer and fantasy titles of late, emphasizing unique playable characters with memorable or distinguishable personality and visual traits that catch the player's attention. Alongside this, classic Quake mayhem is intact, with consistent weapon availability across characters and a clear "pickup-and-play" attitude permeating the entire experience. Our thoughts? Quake is still fun.

Quake Champions lacks a formal released date at the moment, so don't hesitate to at least attempt closed beta access if the game has caught your eye. If you miss the boat there's also a trailer (seen above), and who knows, perhaps more pre-release opportunities will be available before launch.