Quake Champions

Quake Champions Adds Capture the Flag and a Battle Pass

As previously announced earlier this month, December has brought a battle pass to Quake Champions. The twitchy arena shooter will replace its loot box-based progression system with the Battle Pass, a standard brought into vogue by games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. For one purchase every three months, players will be able to level up their pass to get exclusive cosmetic rewards and currency to unlock new characters.

Players can pay for the pass with in-game gold or real money, and players returning to the game may find that they already have enough currency for the first season’s pass. Any players with loot boxes still in their inventory will still open, and the Shard currency will automatically convert into loot boxes when you load up the game.

If you need something to do while you build up your battle pass, Quake Champions also saw the addition of the classic Capture the Flag mode today. This team-based competition has you seeking out a flag in the enemy base while your opponents try to do the same. While it’s fallen out of favor in the most popular shooters, it’s still a staple in games like Halo and Titanfall that are inspired by genre classic. It has a classic ruleset, so your flag has to be at home to score. Teams compete over two distinct rounds, switching sides at halftime to keep things fair.

Quake‘s iteration of the mode comes with Citadel, a new map inspired by Quake Live‘s Stonekeep. It also supports Burial Chamber, Church of Azathoth, Lockbox, and Tempest Shrine, so there’s plenty of variety. The map is touted as the “most symmetrical” to be added to the game yet, which is good considering that Quake Champions is an arena shooter. While the game may still be struggling to find acceptance among the greater Quake community, here’s hoping that a few more updates like this can turn its fortunes around.

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