Epic CEO Tim Sweeney enters Bloomberg’s billionaires index, surpasses Gabe Newell

Fortnite’s massive success has made Epic Games into one of the most profitable developers in the entire gaming industry. And now thanks to that success, it has now put its founder and CEO Tim Sweeney in Bloomberg’s billionaires index for the first time.

Sweeney enters the list at number 195, with his estimated net worth being around $7.16 billion. Valve’s Gabe Newell made the list at number 368 with a net worth of around $4.48 billion. That would be down from his net worth peak of $7 billion back in July.

While Fortnite trounces games like PUBG in terms of revenue, NetEase CEO William Ding and Tencent co-founder Zhang Zhidong are far above both men, ranking in at number 74 and 79, respectively. But while they still have a higher net worth, both faced decreases in their net worth as the year progressed.

Sweeney’s big profits are, of course, a result of Fortnite’s massive popularity. The game broke all sales records on the iOS in December, grossing to nearly $69 million. Overall, Fortnite has earned around $455 million since its launch in March.

With Fortnite’s massive success, Epic Games launched a new store last month that’s looking to give Valve’s Steam store a run for its money. With Epic touting a 88/12 revenue split to developers, their plans for the store have been steadily gaining momentum since launch. The Walking Dead: The Final Season, for example, has been named an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Epic’s store is also releasing a new free game each week. Subnautica was the first title offered for free, with Super Meat Boy being the current free title offered. What Remains of Edith Finch will be the next free title starting on January 10.

The richest man on Earth is currently Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who is worth an insane $135 billion dollars. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, trails being at “only” being worth around 92 billion.