Tim Sweeney says PS5 SSD has ‘much higher’ performance than PC

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney seems rather taken with the PlayStation 5, so much so that he believes the PS5 SSD will have “much higher” overall performance than anything on a PC.

The issue was raised on Twitter with one user inquiring about statements Tim Sweeney previously made regarding storage speed. While Tim Sweeney had words of praise for the PS5 console during the Unreal Engine 5 reveal, it also raised several technical questions.

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Specifically, @logokas compared the PlayStation 5 SSD’s speed of 9 GB/s versus the speed of the Liqid Element LQD4500 PCIe AIC Composable Storage SSD, a high-powered PC gaming storage solution that offers a much higher speed of 24 GB/s.

While a comparison of the numbers is indeed higher — 266.66% higher, by our count — Sweeney believes that there’s more to the story than just raw data. By bypassing CPU decompression and driver abstraction overhead, he feels that this will provide “overall performance much higher than PC.”

While the LQD4500 SSD is certainly available for purchase, Sony are the only ones with its hands on production PS5s. The debate of whether the PS5 SSD or a PC SSD are faster is sure to be lively, but it’s all theory — we won’t know for sure until benchmarkers get their hands on both.