New Hideo Kojima game rejected by publisher: ‘I’m feeling a bit annoyed’

A new Hideo Kojima game was rejected by a publisher, according to the Kojima Productions boss, despite the sales success of Death Stranding. According to Kojima, a “large game proposal” of his was turned down, which has left the legendary developer “feeling a bit annoyed.”

Regardless of Kojima’s pedigree and standing in the games industry, it seems the Metal Gear creator still isn’t safe from rejection. In an interview with Livedoor News (via SiliconEra), Kojima expressed how he had recently had one of his ideas turned down.

In the interview, Kojima talked about being in preparation for his next project, and that this project is still in the proposal stage. He then added that prior to his current unannounced project, he had recently faced rejection with another game pitch.

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“However, quite recently a large game proposal of mine was rejected, so I’m feeling a bit annoyed,” Kojima laughed. “Well, it’s something that happens often in this industry.”

Kojima also denied rumors that he was looking to buy the rights to Metal Gear and P.T. from his former company Konami. “Ah yeah, those are completely fake,” he said in the interview. “At the very least, I haven’t heard of this at all.”

Kojima also revealed that Death Stranding is categorically a sales success since launching last year. “We’ve already crossed the line where we’re not losing any money and, including the return of development costs, it’s a figure that I can say is a ‘success,’” he said. “We’ll be releasing the PC version of Death Stranding going forward, and we’ve secured as much profit as possible in preparation for what’s next, so don’t worry.”

Kojima hasn’t elaborated on what his next project is, though as it’s still in the proposal stage, it’s likely we won’t see any more information about it for some time. However, there has recently been speculation that his previous project Silent Hill could be receiving a new entry in the series, with rumors heating up that the game will be announced during the upcoming PS5 game reveal.