Is Silent Hill’s artist hinting at a new PS5 game?

Sony finally revealed when it will, well, reveal more about the PS5. And now Masahiro Ito, the artist famous for his work on the Silent Hill franchise, may also be teasing something of his own. Ito retweeted the PS5 announcement tweet and while that seems quite innocent on its own, there are more factors to consider that possibly point to something more grand be it a PS5 game or a new Silent Hill.

Ito stated in January that he was “working on a title as a core member” and hoped it wouldn’t be canceled. P.T. was the playable teaser for Silent Hills and was canned by Konami as part of its scuffle with Kojima (who Ito also said in 2012 that he would work with again). Konami even deleted P.T. from the PlayStation Store, which, if this is a Silent Hill game, would explain Ito’s hope that it wouldn’t also be cancelled.

Is Silent Hill's artist hinting at a new PS5 game?

Silent Hill is not quite back, but it is in the process of clawing its way back out of the depths of whatever basement it was banished to. The iconic Pyramid Head, who Ito designed, was recently announced to be coming to asymmetrical horror game Dead By Daylight. Ito also retweeted those announcements. It’s a small step but one nonetheless.

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There were also rumors of a two new Silent Hill games. Leaker Dusk Golem, who has been accurate in the past and has even spoken about Ito’s recent retweet, stated that one game would be a Telltale-style game and the other would be a soft reboot and that at least one of them would be revealed this year. Other rumors pointed to Sony helping with Silent Hill in some capacity (and that same rumor alleges that Ito is indeed once again working on the franchise).

According to that rumor, SIE Japan Studio, the team responsible for the Siren series, will also help with development and Sony itself is trying to patch up Kojima and Konami’s sour relationship. One of the sources even claims that this new Silent Hill is going to make use of VR.

Konami responded to these rumors without outright dousing them. The company said the rumors are “not true” but then gave some by also saying that it wasn’t “completely closing the door on the franchise.” According to Konami, something is happening but “not in the way it is being reported.”

There is a lot going on here especially when combined with Kojima’s public desire to make a scary game and acclaimed horror artist Suehiro Maruo visiting Konami. However, even if some of these parts aren’t 100% true, with all of these corroborating rumors and circumstantial pieces of evidence, it sounds like Silent Hill won’t stay silent for long.