Dead by Daylight’s Silent Hill DLC gives Pyramid Head ‘a fat ass’

Dead by Daylight recently revealed its Silent Hill DLC, with the series’ Heather Mason and infamous enemy Pyramid Head making their way into the horror game. However, far from being scared of him, players are feeling a lot of other emotions about the hulking villain.

Shortly after the new Dead by Daylight DLC went live, players began to notice that the game’s lighting… accentuated some of his key features. By this we men, players have confirmed that Dead by Daylight has given Pyramid Head a “fat ass.”

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The discovery prompted numerous tweets, all roundly praising the design choice. Since the DLC went live, players have alternated between celebrating his apparent “thiccness,” while simultaneously being disturbed by their attraction to a giant murderous monster with a metallic cone for a head.

Players also noticed that Dead by Daylight‘s dim lighting was also highlighting elements of Pyramid Head’s design, bouncing off the character’s buttons and making them distractingly prominent while they were trying to escape. It’s basically the horror equivalent of Ned Flanders feeling like he’s wearing nothing at all.

Stupid sexy Pyramid Head.

The new Dead by Daylight and Silent Hill crossover was debuted as part of the game’s Chapter 16 update. Along with featuring the addition of Pyramid Head and Heather, it also added original skins for the two characters, and tracks lifted from the Silent Hill series.