New Silent Hill game rumors ‘not true,’ Konami says

The new Silent Hill game rumors that have been floating around for the last several months have been denied by Konami, dashing any hopes for a brand new survival horror adventure. It’s not all bad news for the Silent Hill franchise, but fans are sure to be disappointed.

A Konami rep speaking to Rely on Horror (via @Nibellion) — a website that has previously reported on Silent Hill rumors — has outright denied that there is any new game in the works.

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“We’re aware of all the rumors and reports but can confirm that they are not true,” the representative said.

New Silent Hill game rumors picked up steam after the franchise’s longtime artist Masahiro Ito joined Kojima Productions. Further speculation was only fueled by rumors that there were not one, but two games in the Silent Hill franchise in production.

While the denial of a new game is certainly disappointing, Konami left the door open for something new in the future.

“It’s not to say we are completely closing the door on the franchise, just not in the way it is being reported.”