Rumor: Two Silent Hill games in the works, Resident Evil 8 delayed

A mixed bag of rumors was posted this evening concerning two of the biggest horror game franchises. Horror games have reason to be cautiously optimistic as the Silent Hill franchise may be getting a soft reboot with two new titles. However, the immediate future for the Resident Evil series after RE3 remake might be a bit depressing. It’s rumored that work on Resident Evil 8 was restarted late last year and that it will be several years before the game is released.

These rumors come from ResetEra member Dusk Golem. Of course, these are to be taken with a grain of salt. Still, Dusk Golem has previously revealed leaks about Resident Evil 2 remake and Resident Evil 3 remake that turned out to be true.

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According to the leak, The Silent Hill games have been in the works for roughly two years. One is set as a soft-reboot of the franchise, with the other being a narrative adventure companion game in the vein of Until Dawn/Telltale Games. Dusk Golem goes on to say that he believes there’s a high chance at least one of the games may be revealed this year.

The leak also claims that Resident Evil 8 was in development in 2016 as RE7 was close to launching. However, work on that stalled when the team on RE8 was moved to work on RE7 DLC and RE2 remake. Dusk Golem claims that all the previous work on the title was scrapped six to seven months ago and restarted. So, with the current version of the game only a half-year in development, we shouldn’t expect it for a few years. Additionally, they state that Resident Evil 3 will be the last remake we see for a few years. However, remakes of some games in a similar vein (hopefully Dino Crisis) are currently in production.

However, according to the rumor, Resident Evil fans will get a bit of respite. They state that another Resident Evil game is in development that will probably release in 2021, but that it isn’t a main series title or remake.

Again, these rumors might be totally off point, but the leaker does have a reasonable success record.