Modder Uses SNES Classic To Transform CRT Into Portable Retro Gaming Hub

While many of us struggled to get rid of our bulky CRT TVs once the LCD generation rolled around, modders like Marcel J. de Haan turned to the old tech for their daunting electronics projects. The newly dubbed ‘Nintendo Snack Pack‘ is a small CRT television with more than just a SNES Classic built in.

If you think you’ve heard of Marcel before, you probably have. He’s the genius behind the Starforce Pi from a few years back. While that particular creation landed on Kickstarter for a limited run to hardcore retro gaming fans, the Nintendo Snack Pack is a one-off production Marcel pieced together over around five months.

But what’s inside this little 7-inch Sony television that makes it so special? Well, its size means it’s a somewhat portable retro gaming rig thanks to the large battery stowed away inside its thick chassis. Toss this into the back of your car and you can take the fun to a friend’s house pretty easily.

As for games, the Nintendo Snack Pack does more than you think. The foundation of the project comes from both the NES Classic and SNES Classic chips shoved inside it, but as any gamer worth their salt would know, the miniature classic consoles put out by Nintendo over the last few years can easily be modded to run games from other similar game consoles.

Better yet, the TV’s RCA inputs remain in-tact, meaning hooking up slightly more modern consoles like a PlayStation is very possible. Inputs on the front are reserved for controller connections to the built-in consoles.

You may not be able to buy one of these directly from Marcel himself, but his blog, which you can check out here, details the whole process and even lists the components used in case any electrical hobbyists want to make one for themselves. And yes, it’s still a functioning television. There’s some classic He-Man in the link.