iPhone 11 Notch – Will the iPhone 11 Have a Notch?

iPhone fans are debating whether a smaller iPhone 11 notch will show up this year. Given the press Apple generated with what was seen as the first phone with a display notch last year, there’s a good chance the company will ride the notch wave for a while longer.

Last year’s release of the iPhone X brought with it the introduction of the screen “notch”. Just like the slow demise of the traditional headphone jack, the notch was seen as a technological leap by smartphone designers. A way to make the screen space bigger without making the phone bigger. The design has its ups and downs, but skeptics are still wondering whether newer iPhones will adopt the trend or decide against it.

iPhone 11 Notch – Will the iPhone 11 Have a Notch?

Apple’s last line of iPhones made things a little confusing for buyers. The company announced both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X (10) at the same time in a move that flummoxed people just as much as Microsoft did by jumping from Windows 8 to 10. Apple’s stance on the matter was that the iPhone X was a big technological leap to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone. The iPhone 8 probably could have shipped with the notched display that made headlines, but that would have taken some attention away from the iPhone X.

But with no major anniversary in tow, what can we expect for the iPhone brand this time around? Staying solely on the topic of what we expect to be the iPhone 11, the biggest question isn’t whether Apple will bring back the fingerprint scanner absent from last year’s model, but whether the notch will come or go.

Based on the latest round of rumors as we head into announcement season, it’s still the high production values of a video from techtuber Marques Brownlee that offers the most compelling argument for and against some key iPhone 11 hardware specs.

The content creator managed to go hands-on with what is believed to be the full range of iPhones Apple is expected to launch this year. The phones are simply dummy shells, but that’s all we need when we’re talking about the iPhone 11 notch. Check out the video and you’ll see that the iPhone 11 notch looks just about the same size as the iPhone X. Don’t be surprised to see some new tech hiding down there, but it doesn’t look like Apple has managed to shrink its the iPhone 11 notch down to something a little shorter this year.

Apple typically announces new iPhones at an event in early September each year, meaning we’re getting very close to the big day. Will each iPhone on display sport the notch? We’re inclined to say “Yes.” And maybe, just maybe, don’t expect it to actually be called the iPhone 11.