iPhone Screen Blacks Out: How to Fix the Common iOS 11.4 Bug

More and more users have pointed out that their iPhone screen blacks out since the iOS 11.4 update when doing something as commonplace as watching a YouTube video or movie in landscape mode. This may seem like a gyroscope problem or even a defective screen to some, but the issue really does seem to be software related. Let’s fix the iOS 11.4 bug.

Plenty of iPhone users refrain from updating their devices at all. We spend months getting used to a particular iOS build, and the idea of change is still a scary prospect. For those who are tempted by new things or otherwise buckle to the pressure Apple forces on iPhone users with constant update notices, they’re now finding out that their iPhone screen blacks out at the most inopportune times.

If you’ve come here looking for a fix for when your iPhone screen blacks out, we think we might just have an answer for you. These issues have flared up all over the place this week, and while there’s no easy “update” fix for the problem, solving it is pretty straight-forward.

The reason your iPhone screen blacks out when watching video after the new update seems to have something to do with the light/proximity sensor located on the top left of your iPhone screen.

To test this idea for yourself, simply turn on a video and hold your iPhone in landscape like you normally would. Take note of where your palm overlaps with the top of your phone when you do. If your screen comes back on when you lift that hand away, it’s probably because you’re covering the same sensor that turns off your display when you’re in a phone call with the device against your ear. It does this to both save power and to eliminate the chance of pressing more on-screen buttons during a phone, but it seems like iOS 11.4 has accidentally caused this “feature” to spill over into unwanted territory. You might hear others suggest it’s the front camera being blocked. We can’t guarantee this isn’t the case, but note that the sensor is located very close to the camera.

How to Fix if Your iPhone Screen Blacks Out

So how to do you fix things when your iPhone screen blacks out? A hard reset. That’s it. Simply hold your Volume Down and Power buttons together until your phone reboots and you should be good to go. Simple!