OnePlus 6T Notch Size Potentially Leaked

The OnePlus 6T notch size could blow all other popular flagships out of the water if a recent leak from a Weibo user is to be believed. More and more phones are jumping on the notch bandwagon to increase screen size without a body larger. And, if this leak is to be believed, the OnePlus 6T notch looks set to borrow heavily from the Chinese brands through its “teardrop” notch. This is a rare feature not seen in many areas of the world.

As reported by EOTO.Tech, the OnePlus 6T notch is looking mighty different to the chunkier notch seen in both the original OnePlus 6 and plenty other big-name smartphones from the likes of LG, Google, and Apple.

OnePlus finally revealed and released their latest flagship, the OnePlus 6, back in May after what felt like a year of teasing and carefully orchestrated leaks. And there’s even a chance that the China-based company was behind these leaks.

These leaks also suggest two things: that the OnePlus 6T notch will mirror that of the Oppo F9, a phone you’ll struggle to buy without importing, and that it’ll be one of the first phones in North America to sport a fingerprint sensor underneath its display.

If the leaks prove true, then the notch on the latest OnePlus device will be one of the smallest available on a phone officially available in the country. It would even be beating Apple to the punch. Although this could change if it doesn’t announce a drastically reduced iPhone XS notch size at its reveal event next week on September 12.

Looking at the box doesn’t divulge much in the way of OnePlus 6T specs, so we’ll either have to wait for more elaborate leaks, or an official reveal. If OnePlus sticks to the schedule seen last year, expect the OnePlus 6T to be made official by mid-November.