Greg Damiano

So I have high standards for games... sue me! I like smart narratives, style tied to substance, lots of multiplayer and long walks on the beach; I'm FOR public cons like PAX, game devs in the schools, and more trust in game ratings. All I can say is, love yer games, thanks for reading!

    1 vs. 100 Preview

    We choose to agree with the mob. What do Game Revolutionaries do on Friday nights? Nick Tan, Geoff Hunt, and I took a break from our everyday escapades of boozin’, partyin’, and waterin' the money…

    by Greg Damiano
    June 19th, 2009

    Spore Comic Book Creator Review

    It’s garbage, ‘nuff said. P.S. Maybe the lag isn’t the worst part. The only way I got this comic onto the website was to take pictures of them on my desktop, and then bring them…

    by Greg Damiano
    January 24th, 2009