Keri Honea

I've been a writer since I was five, but I came to the gaming realm a little late--post college. However, I've well made up for that ever since I took over my husband's PlayStation 2. I've been writing about and reviewing games since 2005, and can currently be found writing for Playstation LifeStyle and Strategy Guide Reviews on a regular basis.

I'm a professional writer and aspiring yoga teacher by day, but a I'm a game-loving, comic-reading, fantasy book-obsessing geek 24-hours a day.

    ReCore Review

    Slapdash. Of all of the Xbox One exclusives to release in 2016, one of the larger titles to not receive much fanfare or really hype from gamers has been ReCore. The game always looked great…

    by Keri Honea
    September 12th, 2016