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REVIEWS CounterSpy Review
Your operative is tasked with infiltrating both sides of nuclear war. Can CounterSpy finish the mission in time for your PSN credit?

Akiba's Trip Review
Here's a game where you must trip vampires of their clothes. Oh goodness...
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We're heading to PAX Prime! Are you looking to check out a few unique indie games while you're there? UPDATED: Nom Nom Galaxy

The Best Upcoming Racing Games of 2014
You've probably only heard of Sony's exclusive Driveclub and Microsoft's exclusive Forza Horizon 2, but don't forget about a few others.

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RIP Robin Williams (1951-2014)
By KevinS
Posted on 08/14/14
Robin Williams (1951-2014) Robin Williams was an absolutely exceptional comedian, talented actor, and holder of a special place in video game history: He was the first really famous gamer I know of. I’m sure there were others, but they kept a comparatively low profile, unlike one...

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PUBLISHER Activision Blizzard 
RELEASE DATE 09/09/2014
T Contains Animated Blood, Violence

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Bungie's first post-Halo project aims to be one of the most ambitious sci-fi experiences the industry has ever seen.


Destiny preview
Is the new Bungie title the halo that tops off the next-gen's angelic destiny? The devil's in the details.
Author: ryanbates
Destiny preview
Bungie revolutionized the first-person shooter genre back in 2001 with Halo, and it's undoubtedly primed and ready to do so again with Destiny.
Author: Alex_Osborn


Bungie Ordered to Return Marty O'Donnell Stock After Firing 08/20/14
The composer behind the Halo video game franchise soundtrack had been fired without explanation earlier this year. This will still leave some asking questions. (read more)

Explore Venus in This All-New Gameplay Trailer for Destiny 08/18/14
Psyched for Bungie's genre-revolutionizing first-person shooter? We're less than a month away from launch! (read more)

[Update: Mars Trailer] Destiny DLC Will Have "Its Own Story", Combines Groups With Players From Retail Release 08/15/14
Offering hands-on opportunities at gamescom 2014, Bungie developers say there's a reason DLC comes early for Destiny players. (read more)

Editor's Corner: It Is Your Destiny to Pay For Things Before You Get Them 08/12/14
Life sucks. Or, I think someone once said "Life's an itch... you better hurry up and scratch it." (read more)

This Destiny Beta Infographic Touts Some Impressive Stats 08/04/14
Something tells me Bungie's shared-world shooter is gonna sell a lot of copies when it launches in September. (read more)

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Destiny 08/19/14
Venus gameplay trailer.
Destiny 08/18/14
Destiny Mars gameplay trailer.
Destiny 08/15/14
Destiny gamescom 2014 trailer.
Destiny 07/22/14
Official Destiny - Vanguard Armory Pre-Order Bonus trailer.
Destiny 07/07/14
Official Beta trailer.

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