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The first FPS in history where looking at your friends’ screens isn’t cheating; it’s a requirement.

Natural Doctrine Review
This actually might be "your dad's" Japanese TRPG, and for those with a hankering for it, that can be a very good thing.
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For the last time, Aqua, NO I will not go out with you! (Yes, yes I will, actually.)

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Microsoft's Xbox One console continues an Xbox Live revolution started over a decade ago. Here's hoping Summer of Arcade makes it to the platform next year.

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I Don't Want to, but I Have To...
By oblivion437
Posted on 10/20/14
Well, Gamergate has spilled over into the mainstream media and the coverage appears to be nearly uniformly dreadful. Take " What is Gamergate, and What Does It Say About Gender In Video Games? " by David Konnow as an example.  It appears that the writer has done little to no...


EyePet & Friends

EyePet & Friends
GENRE Simulation 
EyePet is back and this time he’s got company: 2 pets, 2 controllers and 1 augmented reality right in your living-room with the all new EyePet & Friends. EyePet & Friends is a continuation of the innovative EyePet franchise which enables kids and their family to experience the magic of a virtual Pet in the real world! It combines new technologies and gameplay, and takes both camera-based games and the Pet genre to a whole new level.


EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_022 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_021 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_020 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_019 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_018 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_017 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_016 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_015 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_014 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_013 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_012 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_011 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_010 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_009 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_008 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_007 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_006 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_005 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_004 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_003 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_002 EyePet & Friends - eyepet-and-friends_001


EyePet & Friends
EyePet & Friends 08/17/11
Gamescom EyePet & Friends trailer.
EyePet & Friends
EyePet & Friends 06/14/11
EyePet & Friends trailer.

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Also known as: EyePet and Friends
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