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NEW RELEASES Farming Simulator 15
Release date: 05/01/15

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Farming Simulator 15

GENRE Simulation 
PUBLISHER Focus Home Interactive 
E Contains No Descriptors

What do these ratings mean?
Similar to its predecessor, in Farming Simulator 15 you to face the daily challenges of a modern farmer as you grow crops, sell produce, rear livestock and manage and develop your own farming complex in two immense open worlds. with a new Nordic setting!


Farming Simulator Gets Even More Real With Tractor Peripheral 12/17/14
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Farming Simulator 15
Farming Simulator 15 04/14/15
Consoles trailer.
Farming Simulator 15
Farming Simulator 15 10/28/14
Launch trailer.
Farming Simulator 15
Farming Simulator 15 10/15/14
A Day on the Farm video.
Farming Simulator 15
Farming Simulator 15 10/10/14
Trailer focusing on woodcutting.
Farming Simulator 15
Farming Simulator 15 08/08/14
Farming Simulator 15 reveal trailer.

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