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Wish List for Fallout 4
By oblivion437
Posted on 11/24/14
So I promised that list and here it is.  It's late and it's not as thorough as I'd hoped.  I also wish I had images handy to illustrate every point where helpful.  So, in no particular order - a subjective set of desired features for Fallout 4: Things to...


Metal Assault

Metal Assault
This 2D scrolling shooter is a stylistic throwback to frenzied run-and-gun games. Metal Assault skillfully pleases both casual nostalgic players and hardcore online gamers alike with cutting edge MMO game modes. Take a break from fighting friends, NPCs, and waves of zombies to jump into action-filled missions in the expansive, fast-paced story mode of Metal Assault.


Metal Assault - metal-assault_021 Metal Assault - metal-assault_020 Metal Assault - metal-assault_019 Metal Assault - metal-assault_018 Metal Assault - metal-assault_017 Metal Assault - metal-assault_016 Metal Assault - metal-assault_015 Metal Assault - metal-assault_014 Metal Assault - metal-assault_013 Metal Assault - metal-assault_012 Metal Assault - metal-assault_011 Metal Assault - metal-assault_010 Metal Assault - metal-assault_009 Metal Assault - metal-assault_008 Metal Assault - metal-assault_007 Metal Assault - metal-assault_006 Metal Assault - metal-assault_005 Metal Assault - metal-assault_004 Metal Assault - metal-assault_003 Metal Assault - metal-assault_002 Metal Assault - metal-assault_001


Metal Assault
Metal Assault 04/01/11
Group PvP video.
Metal Assault
Metal Assault 03/22/11
Game mods trailer.
Metal Assault
Metal Assault 03/11/11
Metal Assault artillery trailer.
Metal Assault
Metal Assault 03/02/11
Heroes trailer.
Metal Assault
Metal Assault 03/01/11
Vehicles trailer.

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