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I had no idea there was that much silicon in Japan. But it only makes the balance that much more impressive, doesn't it?
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I Don't Want to, but I Have To...
By oblivion437
Posted on 10/20/14
Well, Gamergate has spilled over into the mainstream media and the coverage appears to be nearly uniformly dreadful. Take " What is Gamergate, and What Does It Say About Gender In Video Games? " by David Konnow as an example.  It appears that the writer has done little to no...



GENRE Action / Platformer 
PUBLISHER Namco Bandai 
Platformines is a unique 2D platformer packed with exploration, RPG and shooter elements, set in a vast 16-bit underground world. In their quest to rebuild their spaceship, players will embark on a journey to discover the mysteries of a gigantic complex of mines. Deadly enemies, traps and treasures are just a few to mention from what players will encounter while trying to escape from the hostile world. Customise your character, master all difficulty levels and literally jump to the top of the leaderboards to prove your skills!


Platformines - platformines_024 Platformines - platformines_023 Platformines - platformines_022 Platformines - platformines_021 Platformines - platformines_020 Platformines - platformines_019 Platformines - platformines_018 Platformines - platformines_017 Platformines - platformines_016 Platformines - platformines_015 Platformines - platformines_014 Platformines - platformines_013 Platformines - platformines_012 Platformines - platformines_011 Platformines - platformines_010 Platformines - platformines_009 Platformines - platformines_008 Platformines - platformines_007 Platformines - platformines_006 Platformines - platformines_005 Platformines - platformines_004 Platformines - platformines_003 Platformines - platformines_002 Platformines - platformines_001


Platformines 03/20/14
Platformines teaser trailer.

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