Gobble Up The Humble Bandai Namco Bundle [Update: Last Day!]

[Update] There's only one day left for you to score the Humble Bandai Namco Bundle, which has already sold over 122,000 copies. Two games, Star Trek and Beware Planet Earth!, have been added to the second tier, where you can pay more than the average of $6.74 to unlock (at the time of this writing). Methinks that the Pac-Man Championship DX+ All You Can Eat Edition Bundle is worth the $1.00 at least.

[Original] Eight days remain for the Humble Bandai Namco Bundle, which scrapes together seven titles that you can purchase for just $10. A portion of your proceeds, as you see fit, will go to Save the Children which supports children's rights and provides relief in developing controls.

For a mere dollar, you'll receive Steam keys for DeadCore, Platformines, and Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ All You Can Eat Edition Bundle. This $15 Pac-Man bundle comes with eight pieces of DLC that includes extra courses, skins, and background music tracks.

Pay more than the average of $6.60 (at the time of this writing), and you'll also receive Ridge Racer Unbounded Bundle Complete, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Premium Edition (severely underrated), and Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition. As per usual, you may want to wait for all the games to be revealed at this tier, as more games will be coming soon, though I think this bundle's value is already fantastic.

If you donate $10 or more, you'll get everything above plus Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, itself a $20 value. All told, it's not a bad haul if you don't have it already.