Guacamelee Super Turbo Champion Edition free on Humble Bundle

How lucky we are as gamers! The kind folks over at Humble Bundle are giving away Guacamelee Super Turbo Champion Edition free with every newsletter subscription. Thanks, Humble Bundle!

From now until May 19 at 10AM Pacific time, everyone who signs up for the Humble Bundle newsletter will get a free copy of Guacamelee Super Turbo Champion Edition sent straight to their email. It’s that easy!

For those who haven’t experienced the madness of Guacamelee, now is as good a time as any to give it a go. The game was inspired by Mexican folklore and traditional culture and has a pleasant visual style that brings the atmosphere to life. The story begins with the cunning Carlos Calaca kidnapping El Presidente’s daughter with the intent to sacrifice her. Our protagonist, agave farmer Juan Aguacate, finds a legendary Luchador mask. Aguacate dons the mask and must discover his inner strength and become a true hero by foiling Calaca’s dastardly plan to merge the World of the Living and the World of the Dead.

The adventure is done in a Metroidvania-action-platformer style. Multiplayer is seamlessly integrated with drop-in/out co-op and same-screen playability. For the creative-minded among you, the Steam Workshop allows players to create and share customized character costumes. Guacamelee lives up to the hype and awards surrounding it, and now you have the chance to try it for yourself free of charge.

This is of course just one of many deals routinely offered by Humble Bundle. Their work raising money for charity and offering great deals and pay-what-you-will options on gaming bundles has earned them well-deserved praise. But be warned: if you go to the Humble Bundle website to get Guacamelee, you may get carried away with other bundles too. Keep an eye on your wallet. Sometimes the offers are just too good.