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FEATURED VOXPOP oblivion437 Update: I was unfortunately not aware of Shamus Young's severe criticism of Fallout 3 available here to link in the original piece and I regret that.  It dovetails rather nicely with what I've written and it's much better executed than my piece.  I strongly recommend anyone...


Revolution Ace

GENRE Action 
PUBLISHER Laser Guided Games 
Revolution Ace is a top-down shooter with classic gameplay, modern accessibility, and unique multiplayer where you fight a wide variety of air, land, and sea enemies with a customizable loadout of more than 20 weapons. Players level up to unlock more weapon slots and perks that add additional passive bonuses like piercing and shield stealing.


Revolution Ace - revolution-ace_011 Revolution Ace - revolution-ace_010 Revolution Ace - revolution-ace_009 Revolution Ace - revolution-ace_008 Revolution Ace - revolution-ace_007 Revolution Ace - revolution-ace_006 Revolution Ace - revolution-ace_005 Revolution Ace - revolution-ace_004 Revolution Ace - revolution-ace_003 Revolution Ace - revolution-ace_002 Revolution Ace - revolution-ace_001


Revolution Ace
Revolution Ace 03/13/14
Coop gameplay video.
Revolution Ace
Revolution Ace 02/13/14
Revolution Ace trailer.

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