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REVIEWS The Last of Us Remastered Review
Sony and Naughty Dog have revisited the PlayStation 3 opus to bring an enhanced vision of the game to PlayStation 4, but should you return to Joel and Ellie’s story so soon?

God of War Collection (Vita) Review
God of War brings its PS2 heritage to Vita, and the results are more than a bit baffling.
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PREVIEWS UemeU Preview
Giving the power to the players to build the games they want to play, UemeU opens up the sandbox to a larger degree than previous games, with intuitive tools, cooperative building, and very few restrictions.
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Release date: 08/19/14

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Release date: 08/26/14

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Release date: 09/01/14

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Yet another disturbing trend in review reactions: people begging to consider imaginary content.

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Sacred 3, Disgaea 4, inFamous: First Light, Madden NFL 15—what will you Buy, what will you Try, and what needs to Die?
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Women from Naughty Dog, ArenaNet, Harmonix, and Gamespot unite to talk about what they want from games in terms of diversity.
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Call of Duty will never be the same
By oneshotstop
Posted on 07/28/14
       We've all been there. Everyone remembers that mission. You and your partner are climbing up the mountains in the snow, striving to pull some slick clandestine operation about getting some intel on a bad guy, or something similar (because let's face...



GENRE Arcade 
PUBLISHER Square Enix 
DEVELOPER Square Enix 
E What do these ratings mean?
SolaRola stars Wiz and Waz, the game’s blob-like gung-ho duo, tasked with bouncing across a number of challenging planets with the ultimate aim of saving the galaxy. SolaRola for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has been fully redeveloped to offer players brand new cartoon-style graphics and enjoyable, intuitive touch and tilt-based controls.


SolaRola - solarola_016 SolaRola - solarola_015 SolaRola - solarola_014 SolaRola - solarola_013 SolaRola - solarola_012 SolaRola - solarola_011 SolaRola - solarola_010 SolaRola - solarola_009 SolaRola - solarola_008 SolaRola - solarola_007 SolaRola - solarola_006 SolaRola - solarola_005 SolaRola - solarola_004 SolaRola - solarola_003 SolaRola - solarola_002 SolaRola - solarola_001


SolaRola 07/27/12
SolaRola official trailer.

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