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FEATURED VOXPOP maca2kx Metal Gear Solid was a watershed moment in gaming for me. The graphics, at the time, were phenomenal; the story was winding and engaging; the gameplay was sharp and not above breaking the fourth wall when appropriate. It’s one of the few titles where the number of times I’ve...

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The Evil Within

The Evil Within
GENRE Action Horror 
DEVELOPER Tango Gameworks 
RP What do these ratings mean?
The Evil Within in a horror title created by Shinji Mikami, the man behind the Resident Evil series.


The Evil Within preview
Shiji Mikami is back with another spine-chilling, blood-curdling horror game that will unnerve you on every level.
Author: Alex_Osborn
The Evil Within preview
It's easy to say that you want the survival horror genre to return to its roots, so long as they're not strangling you with pure evil.
Author: Nick_Tan


QuakeCon 2014 for Swag Pack and General Attendees Now Open 04/16/14
If you haven't registered for QuakeCon yet, perhaps the Swag Pack will entice thee. (read more)

Editor's Corner: The Negativity for The Evil Within Is Annoying 04/15/14
All this premature criticism is giving me a migraine. Please Internet gods, take us all out of our misery. (read more)

This Gameplay Trailer for The Evil Within Will Haunt and Unnerve You 04/09/14
If you've got a hankering for a truly disturbing horror-filled experience, something tells me this one will be right up your alley. (read more)

Bethesda Christmas Card Teases 2014 Game Lineup 12/17/13
Is there a Fallout 4 hint in there somewhere? There's gotta be right? I'm gonna keep searching. (read more)

The Evil Within Creator Says Gamers Are Getting Harder To Scare 12/05/13
The horror genre isn't what it once was. Are developers lacking the mojo or are gamers just growing thicker skin? (read more)

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The Evil Within - the-evil-within_032 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_031 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_030 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_029 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_028 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_027 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_026 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_025 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_024 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_023 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_022 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_021 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_020 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_019 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_018 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_017 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_016 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_015 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_014 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_013 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_012 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_011 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_010 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_009 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_008 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_007 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_006 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_005 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_004 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_003 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_002 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_001


The Evil Within
The Evil Within 04/15/14
A PAX trailer.
The Evil Within
The Evil Within 04/09/14
PAX East Gameplay Trailer
The Evil Within
The Evil Within 09/30/13
Extended gameplay video.
The Evil Within
The Evil Within 04/23/13
The Evil Within teaser trailer.

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Also known as: Evil Within
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