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The Evil Within

The Evil Within
GENRE Action Horror 
DEVELOPER Tango Gameworks 
RELEASE DATE 10/21/2014
RP What do these ratings mean?
The Evil Within in a horror title created by Shinji Mikami, the man behind the Resident Evil series.


The Evil Within preview
The father of survival horror proves to us again that he can bring the terror in his latest nightmare-enducing creation.
Author: Jessica_Vazquez
The Evil Within preview
Never mind whatever happened at PAX East. The Evil Within is well on its way to terrifying the hell out of everyone.
Author: Nick_Tan
The Evil Within preview
Shiji Mikami is back with another spine-chilling, blood-curdling horror game that will unnerve you on every level.
Author: Alex_Osborn
The Evil Within preview
It's easy to say that you want the survival horror genre to return to its roots, so long as they're not strangling you with pure evil.
Author: Nick_Tan


The Evil Within Release Date Pushed Forward 07/18/14
Horror fans can look forward to getting spooked a littler earlier in October than originally expected. (read more)

Bethesda Hosting Blood Drive Inspired by The Evil Within 07/08/14
In collaboration with The American Red Cross, Bethesda is looking to do a little good for the world. (read more)

The Most Anticipated Games of E3 2014 06/06/14
GameRevolution has plenty of interest to spare for E3 2014, but only thirteen so far have solidly captured our attention. (read more)

The Evil Within Pushed to October 21, Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed 05/27/14
It seems like the day for delays. Bethesda's new horror title has been given two more months for polish. (read more)

QuakeCon 2014 for Swag Pack and General Attendees Now Open 04/16/14
If you haven't registered for QuakeCon yet, perhaps the Swag Pack will entice thee. (read more)

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The Evil Within - the-evil-within_039 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_038 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_037 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_036 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_035 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_034 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_033 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_032 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_031 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_030 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_029 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_028 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_027 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_026 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_025 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_024 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_023 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_022 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_021 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_020 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_019 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_018 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_017 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_016 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_015 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_014 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_013 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_012 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_011 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_010 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_009 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_008 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_007 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_006 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_005 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_004 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_003 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_002 The Evil Within - the-evil-within_001


The Evil Within
The Evil Within 05/28/14
Terrified trailer.
The Evil Within
The Evil Within 04/15/14
A PAX trailer.
The Evil Within
The Evil Within 04/09/14
PAX East Gameplay Trailer
The Evil Within
The Evil Within 09/30/13
Extended gameplay video.
The Evil Within
The Evil Within 04/23/13
The Evil Within teaser trailer.

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Also known as: Evil Within
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