Ryan Bates

I'm currently based out of Las Vegas, NV (no I don't gamble all the time or live in a hotel on the strip) but I'm a So Cal kid through and through. I'm a Nintendiehard -- I stand by my man -- but I'm a fan of games no matter what the console, including Steam. RPGs, fighting, and action/adventure are my fortes. Give me a great story and characters any day. Call of Duty? I guess, if that's your thing. Classic Final Fantasy and Zelda? Now you're cookin' with gas!

When I'm not gaming, I like culinary adventures, moviegoing, and the Intert00bz. Ask me about my favorite web shows! I can get down on some anime, my favorite sports are boxing and baseball, and I can even get in tune with that parapsychological vibe, even though it's well-known and well-documented I'm kinda a pansy with horror stuff. (I think they get a kick out of assigning me those games for review.)

I'm also single and available, but sorry gamer girls, I play with joysticks.

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