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The Simpsons: Road Rage


Enter these at the options menu. For all codes, hold the L and R triggers and

press the following four button sequence. You will hear a bell if correct or a

crow cackle if wrong.

Thanksgiving MargeBBXX

Christmas ApuBBXB

New Year KrustyBBXY

Halloween BartBBXA

Helicopter cameraXXXY

More camera viewsBBBB

Atomic busBBYA 

Wireframe objectsBBAA

Smithers in Burns CarBBYY

Soap-Box mini carBBYX

Cardboard charactersXXXX 

Horizontal split screenYYYY

Nighttime modeAAAA

Halloween Horrors:

Set your Game Cube's internal clock to October 31 to unlock Bart in a Frankenstein


Happy New Year:

Set your Game Cube's internal clock to January 1 to unlock Krusty in a tuxedo.

Thanksgiving Mode:

Set your Game Cube's internal clock to 3rd Thursday in November (Thanksgiving)

to unlock Marge in a new doo.

Merry Xmas:

Set your Game Cube's internal clock to December 25 to unlock Apu in a Santa


Hidden Car:

Beat all 10 Missions in mission mode to open "Homer: The Car Built For The Average

Man" Just Click on Homer's picture in the car selection screen.

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