South Park N64 Cheats

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South Park 64


Master Cheat:
Enter BOBBYBIRD at the cheat menu to activate all cheats.

All characters in multi-player :
Enter OMGTKKYB at the cheat menu.

All Weapons:
Enter FATKNACKER at the cheat menu.

Unlimited Ammo:
Enter FATTERKNACKER at the cheat menu.

Enter the password ASSMAN at the cheat menu.

Level Select:
Enter the password THEEARTHMOVED at the cheat menu.

Skinny Mode:
Enter the password VEGGIEHEAVEN at the cheat menu.

Big Head Mode:
Enter the password MEGGANOGGIN at the cheat menu.

Pen and Ink Mode:
Enter the password PLANEARIUM at the cheat menu.

View Credits:
Enter SCREWYOUGUYS at the cheat menu.

Bonus Characters:
Enter each code in the cheat menu...

cheatingisbad - Mr. Mackey
elvislives - Bar Brady 
outrage - Big Gay Al 
hawking - Ned 
slapupmeal - Starvin Marvin
phaert - Phillip 
raft- Terrance 
dorothysfriend - Mr. Garrison 
lovemachine - Chef 
checkataco - Wendy 
fishnchips - Pip 
kickme - Ike 
allwoman - Mrs. Cartman 
goodscience - Mephisto 
staringfrog - Jimbo 
majestic - Alien 


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