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Cheat Mode:
Start the game with the mgsi.exe -cheatenable command line. Then, press one of these keys during game play.

Key     Effect      
[F2]    Restore energy.  
[F4]    Unlimited ammunition, only at certain points.   
[F5]    Return to normal view from observe mode.  
[F6]    Observe mode; camera can be moved throughout level.  
[F7]    Immediately restart level with all items already collected.   
[F8]    Toggle alternate graphics textures.  
[F9]    Toggle alternate graphics textures. 
[F11]   Toggle alternate graphics textures.  
[F12]   Toggle alternate graphics textures.  


Fighting Mantis, the Alternate Way:
When the Colonel calls you (while you're fighting Psycho Mantis) about switching controller ports, don't do it. He will then call you and tell you to shoot the statues in the corners of the room.

See through Mantis' eyes:
While fighting Mantis, push the first person view button (Triangle). Now you are looking through Mantis' eyes instead of Snake's. This is a useful way to find Mantis while he's invisible.

Easy Metal Gear Rex:
After Ninja has died -When Liquid has turned and is searching for you, equip your PSG-1 (sniper rifle). Get far enough back that you can aim at his head. It will kill him in about 6 shots. Be sure to throw out a chaff grenade. Then run after each shot, or he will see you.

Easier Revolver:
When you blow up all the walls needed to get to the room where you find Revolver Ocelot, go back and get more C-4. When the fight begins run straight to the wall to the left. Place one C-4 ON THE WALL. If it's on the floor too far it will trigger the explosions and kill Baker. Now, chase Revolver around until he runs right up to the C-4. Detonate. BOOM. Takes off a lot of his power. Repeat this pattern two or three times and he's dead.

Easier Raven:
The first time you fight this crazy tank-drivin' Alaskan, the easiest way to take him down is to throw a chaff grenade, then run in close. Chuck a "real" grenade at him, then switch back to the chaff grenades, throw it, and do it all over again. Easy and simple.

Easier Raven #2:
Get as far away from him as you possibly can, then take out your Nikita rocket launcher. Shoot and, using your map, sneak up (with the rocket) behind him. When he starts running, just whip out your Claymore mines, and set them in his path. He'll soon be dead.

Easier Ninja:
When fighting the ninja throw a chaff grenade and he will freeze letting you hit him. Once you hit him he falls to his knees and he won't get up until the yellow dust from the chaff grenade has all fallen. Repeat the process till the ninja is dead.

It's a Nikita Ms. Wolf:
When fighting Sniper Wolf in the snowfield, go to the far left where she can't hit you and stay standing. From here you can use the Nikita's guided missiles to take her out. You must send the missiles up over the banks on the side first so that the missiles have enough time to adapt to the ground height. Easy way of killing her.

Pee on the Box!:
Just after trekking through the Caves for the first time, and before you and Meryl enter the Underground Passage to Comm. Tower A, stand facing Meryl with the wolf dogs yapping nearby. Slap Meryl roundly in the face. Meryl whistles and the dogs attack you for such an action. However, if you place a Cardboard Box over you immediately after slapping Meryl, the wolf dog puppy investigates the box. Cocking its leg against the side of it, a stream of wolf dog urine splashes you and the box. You now smell of the wolf dogs, and the hounds now leave you alone on subsequent trips through their lair as long as you're wearing the box they peed on. Sheesh.

But I Don't Want the Wolf to Pee on Me:
Wait until Otacon visits you in your cell after your torture session. He'll give you Sniper Wolf's handkerchief, which, as you'll note, "smells faintly of her". Walk through the wolves' den with the handkerchief equipped, and the wolves will let you past with no hassles at all.

Catching the Flu:
Sneezing every minute can attract guards. Combat this with medicine, but to achieve a sneezing fit every time, fail in Revolver's torture room and come into close contact with Sasaki in order for the cold to be transferred. It helps if you are rescued by the Ninja for maximum exposure to the Sasaki flu.

Meryl in her Undies:
In the Women's Restroom where you meet up with Meryl prior to the Psycho Mantis confrontation, follow Meryl straight in and move up to the top stall within five seconds. Meryl will not have time to properly change, and spends the first part of the conversation without her combat pants on. Woohoo.

Meryl in her Undies 2:
When you go into the duct system to save the Darpa chief, look down at Meryl and go back out of the duct system. Then, go back in the duct system and look down at her again and she will be doing sit-ups. Then, go out of the duct system again and go back in. She will be doing leg presses. Go back out of the duct system yet again and the process will repeat. Only now she will be in her panties. Was it really worth it?

Shy Meryl:
When walking around with Meryl, keep staring at her in first-person mode. Meryl starts blushing, turning embarrassed and tapping her gun to her leg. Keep looking at her, and she turns more and more red, whispering embarrassed little questions. How cute.

Cardboard box uses:
Tired of those long walks between the armory and every other part of the game? Well, here's what to do. Once you have a cardboard box, you can ship yourself to different locations from any transport truck in the game. Just get in the truck near the edge, put on your box and wait. Eventually a guard will come by and ship you out.

Cardboard Box A: Get shipped to Heliport, works in Nuke Depot and Snowfield trucks.
Cardboard Box B: Get shipped to Nuke Depot, works in Heliport and Snowfield trucks.
Cardboard Box C: Get shipped to Snowfield, works in Heliport and Nuke Depot trucks.

You're coming With Me:
When you grip a guard by the neck you can open doors with him. Just move him so that he is facing the door and walk into it. The door should open. You have to grip the guard by the neck first.

Animal Rights:
Shooting crows and rats will make Roy and Naomi upset. They'll contact you through the Codec and tell you how mean you are. Hehe!

Secret Ghost Pictures:
After you get the Camera, take pictures of the following locations to see hidden ghost figures of the development team. To view them, select the 'Album' option at the main menu.

The Snide Mei Ling:
If you contact Mei Ling on the codec and after she says "what can I do for you snake?" you choose DO NOT SAVE and then repeat this about 9-10 times she sticks her tongue out at you.



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