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Breath of Fire IV Walkthrough


      ______|      ______                                               ______/
____________| ____________ _____________      ____     _____________ ________/_____
   ______ |    ______ _\   ________/     / __     ____   ____/    /__/    /
 | |  ____   | /    __ _| |             / /           | |      _| |__/   | |
 | |  ____| |  | |     _| |__| |            / /            | |     __| |_/    | |
 | |_____/ /|  | |_____/ /___| |____/|     / /______       | |    ___| /_____/ |
 |  _____ <_|  |  _____ <____|  ____ |     |  ______  |      | |   ____|  ______  |
 | |  ___ |  | |      ___| |   |     | |      | |      | |  _____| /       |
 | |  ____| |  | |      | |__| |_         | |      | |      | | ______| |      | |
 | |______/ /  | |      | | _| |_______   | |      | |      | |______/| |      | |
/__________/| /___    /___/___________ /___    /___    /_______//___    /___
      ______|                 ______                         ______/
    ________| _____________    ____________ ___________ __________/   _____________
   / ____ _|    ________/       ________/ ___   ___/    ______      ________/
  / / ___ |  | |              | |____         | |      | /____/    | |
 / /  ____   | |              | |_____        | |      | |___/  | |  | |
 | |  ____| |  | |____/|        | |____/|       | |     _| |__/__/ /   | |____/|
 | |  ____| |  |  ____ |        |  ____ |_      | |    __|  _____ <    |  ____ |
 | |  ____| |  | |    |        | |  __|__     | |   ___| |/        | |    |
    ____/ /  | |              | |   ______    | |  ____| |      | |  | |
   ____/ /|  | |              | |    _________| |______| |      | |  | |________
   ______/_| /___            /___    _____/__________/___    /___/___________
      ______|                            ______   ______/
 ___________|___________________________________ ______/___________________________

                           | Breath of Fire IV FAQ v0.6 |
                           | By Angelwingnl             |
                           |      |

Newest version available at

Any comments, suggestions, questions, ideas or contributions

This FAQ is best viewed in 1024x768 in WordPad, in the 
Courier New font. Apart from the ASCII art above, though, it
looks well on down to 640x480 as well.

=   Disclaimer                                                         =

Please distribute this FAQ to your heart's content.
Everything is okay, as long as you keep it in this original
form and don't make money from it directly or indirectly
(IE, don't sell it or give it as a "free" gift with anything
you ask money for). I would appreciate it if you told me you
are posting it on your site, but you don't have to.

Breath of Fire 4 is copyright by Capcom.

-- Sending in stuff --

If you send in any information which I use in my FAQ, I will
take the freedom of adding your name and e-mail address to
the credits section at the bottom of this guide. If for some
reason, you don't want your e-mail, name or either displayed
there, please tell me. I will use the name with which you
sign the mail, if there is none the user name of the e-mail
address. This means nicknames will come before real names.

Also please don't send in anything about later parts of the
game than the walkthrough covers. I will complete this
guide soon, so have the decency to wait until I'm there,
okay? This includes errors about which I will find out later
in the game myself. If I don't find out at the proper point
of the game, you may correct me.

=   Revision History                                                   =

The listed size is the size of the version when I submitted
it. The date is the date I submitted it.

--- v0.1(14k) ----------------------------------- none -----

- Started the guide, it's still very small. I don't even own
  the game yet, that's why this version was never published.
- Added some sections, most are still empty, but it is an
  oversight for me for what this FAQ is going to look like.
- Created ASCII art. I think it looks pretty nice for my
  first ASCII art ever.

--- v0.2(58k) ----------------------------------- 12/08/00 -

- Started actually putting stuff in the different sections.
- Started the walkthrough.
- Created tutorials for the various concepts of the game.

--- v0.3(107k) ---------------------------------- 12/11/00 -

- Continuing the whole walkthrough process.
- Filling in all those sections.

--- v0.4(158k) ---------------------------------- 12/13/00 -

- Added first Frequently Asked Question.
- Continuing on with the walkthrough, Chapter I finished
  (actually, I was almost done with that on the previous
- Revised the paragraph headings.

--- v0.5(172k) ---------------------------------- 12/14/00 -

- Revised the price guessing subgame in Sarai a bit.
- Added Assists to the Characters section. Not all are known
  to me yet, though.
- Added a hopefully well explaining example for Combo Magic.
  This concept is really simple, once you understand how it

- Added the smith section. It's still kind of scarce though.
- Added some techniques for catching fish.
- Added an ASCII for the compass (which seems to be
  confusing for some people). I *hope* I explained the
  concept of the Plains well now, because about 25% of the
  mail I have gotten until now is about the Plains...

--- v0.6(243k) ---------------------------------- 12/18/00 -

- Continuing the walkthrough...
- Started working on the Faerie Village section. I still
  need some time to complete the sheer amount of lists this
  section requires, though.
- Added Earth Ward in the Woods to the walkthrough, and the
  Wisdom Seed while I was at it :).

--- v0.7(314k) ---------------------------------- 12/24/00 -

- Continuing the walkthrough as ever; finished Chapter II.
- Completed the first  four Masters: Rwolf, Stoll, Una and
- Revised my theory on Elemental Combos, because it was

=   Contents                                                           =

To make searching through this guide easy for you, I've put
a code after each section. If you select the code (for 
instance, select s022 for the Weapon List) by dragging the
mouse pointer over it, and use Find (ctrl-F, or those
binoculars on the toolbar for WordPad), your text editor
will jump right to the respective section.

Don't select more than one space behind the code, or Find
won't default to the selected area. 

Getting Started ................ s00 
   Game Controls ............... s001 
   The Menu .................... s002 
   Combat ...................... s003 
   Characters .................. s004 
   Hints ....................... s005 
Walkthrough .................... s01 
   1.0 Awakening ............... c1.0 
    1.1 The Emperor Awakens .... c1.1 
    1.2 The Search For Parts ... c1.2 
    1.3 The Great Escape ....... c1.3 
    1.4 The Search For Elina ... c1.4 
    1.5 The Search Continues ... c1.5 
    1.6 The Empire ............. c1.6 
   2.0 The Endless ............. c2.0 
    2.1 Cray's Escape .......... c2.1
    2.2 The Wind Dragon ........ c2.2
    2.3 The Dragons ............ c2.3
   3.0 Streams ................. c3.0
    3.1 The World Tour ......... c3.1
    3.2 The Empire ............. c3.2
Item List ...................... s02 
   Item ........................ s021 
   Weapon ...................... s022 
   Armor ....................... s023 
   Option ...................... s024 
   Fishing Equipment ........... s025 
   Best Equipment .............. s026 
Finding Items .................. s03 
   Item ........................ s031  
   Weapon ...................... s032 
   Armor ....................... s033 
   Option ...................... s034 
   Fishing Equipment ........... s035 
Shop List ...................... s04 
   Regular Shops ............... s041 
   Manillo Shops ............... s042 
   Faerie Shops ................ s043 
   The Smith ................... s044 
Enemy List ..................... s05 
Skills ......................... s06 
   Learning Skills ............. s061 
   Learn List .................. s062 
   Use List .................... s063 
   All Skills .................. s064 
Leveling Up .................... s07 
   Innate Skills ............... s071 
   Level Up Stats .............. s072 
Master List .................... s08 
   Meeting Requirements ........ s081
Dragon Forms ................... s09 
   Ryu's Dragon Forms .......... s091 
   Fou-Lu's Dragon Forms ....... s092 
Fishing ........................ s10 
   Basics ...................... s101 
   Fishing Spots ............... s102 
   Fish List ................... s103 
Faerie Village ................. s11 
   Basics ...................... s111 
   Getting Started ............. s112 
   Item Shop ................... s113 
   Arms Shop ................... s114 
   Inn ......................... s115 
   Search ...................... s116 
   Troops ...................... s117 
   Music ....................... s118 
   Art ......................... s119 
   Aurum ....................... s11A 
   Games ....................... s11B 
   Bonds ....................... s11C 
   The Tree .................... s11D 
Miscellaneous .................. s12 
   Battle Basics ............... s121 
   Combo Magic ................. s122 
   Status Changes .............. s123 
   Item Magic .................. s124
Questions ...................... s13 
   Frequently Asked Questions .. s131 
Author's Notes ................. s14 
My Stats ....................... s15 
Credits ........................ s16 

=   Getting Started                                                s00 =

--- Game Controls ---------------------------------- s001 -

Note that the letters I used for the buttons are the same
as what I use throughout this FAQ. In short:
T: Triangle
X: Cross
S: Square
O: Round
Of course, L1, L2, R1, R2, Start, and Select are the buttons
labeled that way on the controller.

The buttons you use for different actions are customizable,
but they default like this:

On the normal screen:

T: Action
S: Menu
O: Run
X: Basic Action (talk, use)
L1/R1: Camera Angle
L2/R2: Change Character
Start: Pause
Select: Help

In a battle:

T: Cancel
S: Confirm
O: None
X: Confirm
L/R: Call up Charge and Escape options
Start: Pause
Select: Help

In the menu:

T: Cancel
S: Exit the menu
O: Switch between HP/AP/CP screen and Status screen
X: Confirm
L: -
R: -
Start: -
Select: Help

Various subgames may have their own set of controls, those
will be explained at their respective location in the FAQ.

--- The Menu --------------------------------------- s002 -

In the basic menu, you will see a row of options on the
left, and in the rest of the screen, the status of the
characters is shown. With the square button, you can swap
between showing Status or HP/AP/CP.

   This screen will allow you to scroll through all items
   you have aquired. You can also use them (Item section
   only). Use left/right on the D-Pad to switch between
   different sections.

   This is a listing of all the Skills you have learned.
   Some magical abilities can also be used from this screen
   (Healing or status removing). Use left/right on the D-Pad
   to switch between different sections.

   Here you can change what your characters are equiped
   with. When you are scrolling through available equipment,
   the changes made by the choice of equipment will be
   shown. Use left/right on the D-Pad to switch between
   team members.

   This will call up a very detailed description of the
   Status of the character, including all stats, current
   Master, his effect on your stats, and experience. There
   is also some interesting data to the right.

   This allows you to change the order of the characters.

   This allows you to change all basic settings of the game,
   which don't affect the gameplay itself. I always put text
   speed to the max, it's still slow, and you have to
   confirm to make the text go away, anyway.

   This allows you to choose a position and save your game
   in it.

--- Combat ----------------------------------------- s003 -

Battles are called up randomly when you walk over certain
areas. When you enter a battle, the color of the screen with
the curving figure will tell you who has the initiative.

Blue:  Normal
Red:   The enemy gets one turn in the start in which you may
       not move.
Green: You get one turn in the start, in which the enemy may
       not move.

You have several options to your disposal as you fight a
battle. They are:

Attack:   One attack will be made, the damage depends on
          your Power, and the number of Hits.
Special:  You can pick a Skill or Spell to use. These
          sometimes cost you AP.
Use Item: You can use an item from your inventory. Not all
          items can be used in battle.
Guard:    You defend, improving parry rate and decreasing
          taken damage. This also allows you to learn Skills
          used by the enemy.

Pressing and holding any of the L/R buttons will allow you
to call up the special menu. Here, you can pick:

Charge:   Your characters will keep using Attack until the
          battle ends. Press Triangle to cancel.
Escape:   You will attempt to run away. If you succeed, the
          fight is ended. If you fail, the enemies execute
          their attacks, and the fight continues.

--- Characters ------------------------------------- s004 -

I will add ratings for all the characters when I finish the
game. I don't have them yet now, because I feel I need to
have had some experience with all the characters before I
can compare them.

All characters have an innate element in this game, which
determines what elements they are strong/weak against.

--- Nina ---------------------------------------------------

Nina is, as always, the princess of Wyndia. She is not
really good at taking care of herself, as she is used to be
taken care of. She also cries a lot.

Jump. You can use it to get a better view of your

Nina is of the Wind element.

Used in back row: Cheer. Recovers HP for active members.

Nina is a better character than she was in BoF3. Her
physical attack is still very weak, but her defensive
strength is less under par than in BoF3. Her magic is also
more defensive than in BoF3, as she takes over the role of
main magical healer from Ryu.

--- Ryu ----------------------------------------------------

Ryu is, as in all previous BoFs, a guy who seems to have
lost his memory at first, but who really has never had any.
He will soon find out that he is not a human, but a dragon.
Because he starts out this game as an adult (BoF3 had too
much, but a little childhood storyline would've been
nice...), he isn't such a crybaby as he was in BoF3.

Slash. Use it to cut through things like bushes.

Ryu is of the Fire element.


He is still one of the most powerful characters in the game,
as he is a great all-rounder in statistics (He has to be,
because his difference in statistics is really determined by
the Dragon Form he is currently in, and his normal form
should have basic stats). He does have pretty high CP. He
has no more healing abilities like in BoF3, though, Nina
took them over. 

--- Ershin -------------------------------------------------

Ershin is a rather mysterious figure, as she wears armor
that fully covers her. She seems to be rather attached to
Ryu for some reason, and her style of speech is rather odd.



Just an attack from the back row.

She tends to miss more than others. She has good Defense and
HP though, and her Power is reasonable as well.

--- Cray ---------------------------------------------------

Cray is the chieftain of the Woren people. He is also an old
friend of Nina. He is always there to help Nina out.

Push. Use it to move heavy objects.

Cray is of the Earth element.


I think Cray is great. He has great Power, and good Defense
and HP as well. His Intelligence is low though. His Agility
is not so high either, but with the disappearance of EX
Turns, that is not so important anymore.

--- Scias --------------------------------------------------

Scias is a mercenary initially hired to look after the party
when Cray is being tried. He seems, however, not to be as
eager to stop you as his superiors are. He seems to be in
doubt as to what side he is on. As he thinks, he is very
quiet, and when he does speak, he stutters pretty bad.


Scias is of the Water element.

Used from front row: He shouts something like "You will feel
my blade!", and he becomes much stronger.

He is pretty much an allrounder. He has quite a powerful
attack, but his Wisdom is pretty good too. His swords are
weaker than Ryu's, but have +1 Hit more often.

--- Ursula -------------------------------------------------

Ursula is a general of the Empire. Initially, she travels
along with Ryu because she has orders to bring him back to
the Empire, and Ryu wants to head there.



She sometimes comes back with 1 HP after being killed.

Ursula is an allrounder like Scias. She is a little more a
Magic user though, and she has a good set of Innate Skills.
She misses a lot like Momo from BoF3, but she gets to attack
all enemies with some weapons, so she's very valuable
against large groups of enemies.

--- Fou-Lu -------------------------------------------------

Fou-Lu is the founder of the Empire. He has before his death
proclaimed to rise again from his grave. As his prophecy
becomes truth, however, the Empire is not happy to see him
back. Fou-Lu goes through a lot of trouble once he has
risen, as the Empire attempts to hunt him down.


Fou-Lu is of the Water element.

You can't put Fou-Lu in the back row. Go figure.

Fou-Lu doesn't get an evaluation, because he travels alone.

--- Hints ------------------------------------------ s005 -

- Always be on the lookout. Even though I carefully searched
  every area, it is very probable there is lots of stuff I
  missed. If you're overly kind, maybe you will even tell me
  what you found?

- Don't be a thief! If you slash people to take their money,
  your Game Points will decrease, which is bad.

- Always keep the Master requirements in the back of your
  head, so you can always try and meet some.

- For the above reason, always keep one of every item you
  find remaining. One of the Master will teach you more
  Skills as you have more items on you.

- Don't sell any fish. You are better off trading them for
  items. Even if you trade them for items first and then
  sell the items, your profit is higher.

- Ryu and Fou-Lu share Skills. this means that when either
  Ryu's party or Fou-Lu learns a Skill, the other won't need
  to learn it anymore.

- By using left and right on the D-Pad during battle, you
  can choose which character should move. You can also
  choose which character goes first with this.

- Hit trees with Ershin's Action, ram, to receive Apples or

- If someone is low on HP, and your healer is slower than
  the enemy (or you wish to heal in a Combo), put the low HP
  character in the back row for a turn.

- At the end of a battle, use the AP gathered with CP to
  heal. Might as well use them if you can't keep them!

- When you use Combo magic, use the stronger spell first if
  possible. That way, the stronger spell will determine the
  increased effect. For the same reason, when trying to get
  many hits, use the most hits magic first.

- Also try using a powerful Skill first, and then following
  it up with an Affect All Skill. All the targets will
  receive the increased effect.

=   Walkthrough                                                    s01 =

Just a note: The locations with a ? before their name are
locations of which are labeled "?". For lack of a real name,
I thought them up.

For easier finding back where you are, I labeled the small
headings with a code. To find where you were in the
walkthrough, just enter the section code in Find, and your
text editor will jump right to the required section. There
is no table of contents for these codes, so you'll just have
to remember the code yourself :).

Because you can rotate the camera in this game, I couldn't
give you directions like go left, because what is left
differs per angle. Therefore, I use the terms north, west,
east, and south. Just to make sure nobody gets confused by
this, here is an ASCII of the four directions, with the
game's compass' pins.

                          Red pin
                         W - + - E
                         White pin

Note that the compass always points in diagonal directions.

%% Awakening                                         c1.0 %%

Crash                                                   p001
Item: King's Sword

As the game begins, Princess Nina is riding a sand boat with
Cray. It appears that they are searching for Nina's sister
Elina. Suddenly, a dragon appears (looks more like a
sandworm to me...), and their ship wrecks. As they try to
repair the damage, Cray finds they will need parts. Cray
stays behind to guard the boat, and Nina goes of in search
of the nearest town, Sarai, to the south. Cray also hands
Nina the King's Sword.

You are now in control of Nina. Exit the area to the south.

World Map                                               p002

Now you will find yourself on the world map. Head south to a
site labeled "!".

!(Crater)                                               p003

Heading on, Nina will find a merchant's cart. As Nina Walks
further, she slips and falls down into the crater. A dragon,
which is invisible to Nina, observes her. Then, the Dragon
shows itself to her, and flies off. After the Dragon is
gone, Nina finds Ryu lying there naked. She seems quite
embarrassed by this (kind of like Ryu in BoF3 when Deis was
freed), and Ryu quickly dresses himself with some clothes
left by the merchant. Ryu has no clue as to who he is. Nina
gives Ryu the King's Sword, and lets Ryu come with her.

World Map                                               p004
Enemies: Eye Goo, Mage Goo, Cap, Scorpion

When you walk over the World Map, random locations will pop
up , where you will find a random item, and you will
encounter enemies.  You could also learning some Skills from
the encounters here. For more details on learning Skills,
check section 05/06. I suggest having Ryu learn Rest from an
Eye Goo, so he can Combo it with Nina's Heal, and Burn from
a Mage Goo, to Combo with Sever.

When you are ready, head further south to arrive at the

Cliff                                                   p005
Item: Ammonia
Enemies: Eye Goo, Cap

Just follow the path up to the bridge. Once you cross the
bridge, take the hidden right path and follow it to an
Ammonia. Take it and go back to the intersection, where you
shouldkeep heading west. Once you jumped over the ledge, you
will find another. Here, Nina will fall down, and Ryu jumps
after her. Ryu finds out that Nina can fly (and that he
can't) the hard way. After the comical sequence, just head
in the cave, where Ryu and Nina will rest. The game will now
switch to Fou-Lu, Ryu's evil counterpart.

%% The Emperor Awakens                               c1.1 %%

?(Fou-Lu's Tomb)                                        p006
Enemies: Zaurus
Boss: Kahm
Items: Ambrosia

Note that Fou-Lu will have any skills Ryu has, too.

You are now in control of Fou-Lu. Go back past where you
came from and get the Ambrosia to the north. Just follow
the path outside, and go up, and jump over the blocks. Keep
going until you get a sequence. After the sequence head on
west to the World Map.

World Map                                               p007

You can only go to one place. So just go there.

?(Woods)                                                p008
Enemies: Zaurus
Boss: Kahm

Take the southern path, and follow it until you meet
someone. It appears that not everyone is happy to see Fou-Lu
rise from his grave. Yohm was sent to assassinate you. To
aid him, Yohm summons the monster Kahm.
| HP: 15000-17500 Zenny: 0           Experience: 16000     |
|                                                          |
| Item: Ambrosia                                           |
| Skill: Flaming Fist                                      |
|                                                          |
| Morph into the Astral Dragon right away. Keep using      |
| Frost Strike until it dies. This should be pretty easy.  |

After the battle, Yohm will not leave Fou-Lu alone. He
orders his soldiers to fire burning arrows at Fou-Lu. As you
escape, just follow the path. A tree will fall over, forcing
you to take the other path. At the intersection, head north
and take the SuperVitamin. Head back and take the west path.
At the bridge Yohm will reappear, and explain why he thinks
he's very smart. He will then attack Fou-Lu, causing him to
fall off the bridge. So much for a glorious "Renaissance".
Now the game will switch back to Ryu and Nina.

Cliff                                                   p009

Ryu's Dragon Powers have been awakened by the rebirth of
Fou-Lu. This means that Ryu now has access to his first
Dragon Form, the Aura. Anyway, just head outside, back to
the World Map.

World Map                                               p010
Enemies: Cap, Eye Goo, Mage Goo, Scorpion
Item: Aurum

Underway, you will find a ? area. Get the Aurum from here,
and take the side exit from this area to find the first
fishing spot. You can't fish yet, you need fishing
equipment. Just head into Sarai.

%% The Search For Parts                              c1.2 %%

Sarai                                                   p011
Item: Lead Ball, Panacea, Ginseng

Once here, Nina will insist you split up, unless you pick
the third option, which will make her let you help her, and
she will stay with you. The wacko girl here will explain
various basic concepts to you, and the merchants will act as
stores. When you are ready to go on, head to the left side
of town, to the tavern. Talk to the frog man, and he will
offer to sell you the Lead Ball. Buy it. After that, talk to
the eating guy at the bar. Buy him some food. Now it's time
for the first subgame.

For this subgame, you have to fill up his Happy bar before
either the Drink or the Food bar fills up. To achieve this,
just buy him food, then a drink, then food again, and keep
alternating until he is satisfied. He will give you a
Panacea, and hint you that you should head for the Inn. If
you make a meager score here, you will only get an Antidote,

Talk to the weird looking fellow just outside the Inn. You
have to guess how much you need to pay for the information
(what's up with al these guys wanting to play games while
you are on a mission?)). If you need more money, he will
tell you. Anyway, the amount is 123 Zenny. When you start
the bidding, and the guy will tell you how much you are off.
You will get four tries. Failure will give you your money
back, while succes will make you pay the guess. Once you
win, the man will tell you to go outside, and find the next
person there.

Note that the item you get is different as the reached
amount is different. This is what you get:
123 Z:       Ginseng
124 - 128 Z: Healing Herb
129+ Z:      nothing

World Map 5                                             p012
Outside, head to a Random Location.

?(Oasis)                                                p013

Just talk to the fellow sitting here for the password. Now
it's time to head back into the village.

Sarai                                                   p014

Go back to the tavern, and talk to the barkeeper. Search the
cabinet for 40 Z, then go through the passageway behind the
barkeeper. After the sequence here, you have to go to the
Valley to search for parts. The series of subgames is not
over yet...

World Map                                               p015
Head south to the Valley.

Valley                                                  p016
Items: Croc Tear x8, Brass Helm, Digging game items
Enemies: Mage Goo, Scorpion, Eye Goo, Cap

As you enter this area, head on to the log. Cross it, and
take the 8 Croc Tears behind the sail there. Slightly to the
south, turn the wheel to the right and go down to get the
200 Z from the chest. Now go back up to turn the wheel all
the way to the left(turn it twice), and you can head on. Go
east and go in the ship, and go up the ladder in the front.
Take the Brass Helm. Go back down and operate the winch. Go
outside, and step on the anchor, and it will automatically
go back up(?). Head north to a hut. Head in there to find an
old geezer, who loans you a dog and a shovel for 50 Z. You
have to use these to find the parts for the sand boat.

The digging subgame, stuff to find:
Note that the rudder is really the position to the lower
right of it. So count from there.

Flattop: Sorry, can't remember... Maybe try the dog after
picking up all the others?
One step to the right of the small blanket: Sage's Staff
Two steps to the lower right from the rudder: Ship Parts
Two steps to the lower left from next to the barrel(also to
the lower left): Magic Shard
Up and left 3 steps from where you start: Glass Shard
Right from the rudder: Glass Shard
One step to the lower right of the rudder: Molotov

After all that, just head back to Sarai.

Sarai                                                   p017  
Boss: Joh

Back in Sarai, head to the tavern. Here Nina will face even
more trouble. She has to battle Joh.
| HP: 1250-1500   Zenny: 0           Experience: 100       |
|                                                          |
| Item: Aurum                                              |
| Skill: Burn*                                             |
|                                                          |
| Just use the Sever spell a couple of times and it will   |
| die. Heal when needed. This is still not very tough.     |

After you win, Ryu will leap in to help Nina. In the
process, he will break the King's Sword, which will
consequently become the Broken Sword.

%% The Great Escape                                  c1.3 %%

World Map 7                                             p018

Head east toward the Cliff, which is no longer a ? area, but
which has been changed into a ! area. This means something
more or less important is happening there.

!(Cliff)                                                p019

There is nothing to do here, you just see some sequence
concerning patrolling Imperial soldiers. A merchant will help
you out, and tell you about the alternative path, which leads
through Chamba. Afterwards, just exit the area.

World Map                                               p020

Back on the World Map, a new path will open up. Follow it to
reach Chamba.

Chamba                                                  p021
Item: Life Sandals, Panacea x2

Head straight into the house where you start and take the
Life Sandals. Up the stairs here, there is a house to the
right. It has a merchant and an Inn. At least buy the Bowie
Knife for Ryu. Get the 2 Panacea's from the cabinet here.

Just head for the northeast, and talk to the old smith. He
will talk about hexes. Now a large group enters the town.
They will be all over the town. Head into the house to the
west. Talk to the guy next to the pot. He is Tahb, the boss
of the purifiers. Tell him you'll wait (when you're ready).

After some talking, you'll need to find a worker willing to
guide you through the hex. After having talked to all of the
purifiers, you'll find they are not too willing at all. Head
back to the house where Tahb was, and he'll be waiting at
the entrance (if not, you didn't talk to all of them).

In the middle of your conversation, a purifier will drop in.
Apparently, her name is Ershin. Her talking style is...
weird, but convincing. When you are ready, head west into
the hexed area.

Hex Area                                                p022
Enemies: Zombie, Ghost, Gasser
Boss: Skulfish
Items: Healing Herb x3, Molotov, Waistcloth

Cross the bridge to the roof, then head south. Take the
eastmost path first, and follow it to a chest containing 3
Healing Herbs. Go back, and take the alternate path south.
Go on through the house and west. Take the ladder up. Go
east at the first intersection. Go across the big plank, and
down the small one. Cross another plank, go up the roof, and
take the 300 Zenny in the chest here. Go on to the west.
Inside, drop down, and Ershin will suggest splitting up.
Press select to switch between them.

Move Ershin down with the ladder. You will notice the crate
is in her way. Jump Ryu and Nina over the gap, and go back
to the crate you came down on. Stand on it.

Now switch back to Ershin. Move through under the crate, and
take the west path first. Take the Molotov here. Stand on
the crate (move Ryu and Nina off theirs first).

Now Ryu and Nina can cross their crate. Cross it. Take the
second east passage (the one after the crate), and take the
Waistcloth outside. Go back, go on south, and try to operate
the valve. Ershin will say you have to operate two valves at
the same time.

Take the east path as Ershin. Operate the valbe just before
the ladder. The mist will fade slightly, and your characters
will go on.

Follow the path over the roofs. on the bridge, you will hear
a strange sound. Go on. You will see some more scary stuff.
Go on through under the red flag, and Ershin suggests
running. Subgame time, hammer the O button, real simple. If
you fail, Ryu will drop down, but climb back up, but he will
have reduced HP and be poisoned for the upcoming battle.Now
you have to fight the Skulfish.

| HP: 1500-2000   Zenny: 291         Experience: 429 xp    |
|                                                          |
| Item: Antidote, Fish-head                                |
| Skill: Venom Breath                                      |
|                                                          |
| Use Aura with Ryu. Use Heal with Nina(The fish is        |
| undead, hence Heal magic hurts it.). I didn't even need  |
| to heal, but if you do, don't forget to.                 |

After the battle cure any poison Status you might have. Jump
at the orange piramid shape, and you will exit the Hex. In
the sandy area move two steps down, and you are back on the
World Map.

Head back to the Crash area.

Crash                                                   p023

As you can see, Cray, is real busy... being worried. Nina
will introduce you and Ershin to Cray. As you go to sleep,
Ryu will have a dream...

Dream                                                   p024
Enemies: Armor, ToxicFly
Item: Aurum x2

If you want, you can fight the Armors here until they drop
you a Raptor's Claw (yes, you get to keep items found here,
even though you're dreaming), a good weapon for Ershin. It
might take you a while, though.

You can use the diary to the east to save. Go west, and
follow the path. When you are at the two doors, enter the
first one to get the Aurum in the item bag. The second door
leads to an empty room. Head on east, and go up the stairs.
Head on through the door, the hallway, and another door.
Examine the cabinets here for another Aurum. Then walk to
the passage where the red curtain hangs. Someone will come
in. Cray suggests moving behind the curtain. You will see
that there is a small passage that allows you to go behind
the curtain. Do so, and walk to the north. The dream will
now be over.

%% The Search For Elina                              c1.4 %%

Crash                                                   p025

Everyone will be discussing the dream now. As Ryu wakes up,
Cray decides to go for it. You will end up back on the World

World Map                                               p026
Enemies: Eye Goo, Flue Goo, Cap, Red Cap, Bandit

If you want too, you can try fighting the Bandits until they
drop a Moon Sword, a powerful weapon for Ryu. It might take
some patience though.

You can now fish again, and enter all the towns. The blue
fish merchant in Sarai will now be the first Manillo shop.
Too bad you don't have any of the fish he wants yet! After
you are done with any business you might have, take the new
path leading west from Chamba, to Kurok.

Kurok                                                   p027
Enemies: Flue Goo, Mage Goo, Cap, Red Cap
Item: Deep Diver

Follow the path to the dog man with the bird. He is Rwolf.
Agree with him, people like it when you agree with them. He
will now become your first Master. If you get into battle
with at least 3 enemies, you can easily make a 5 hit Combo 
(If you haven't done so already). Just use some skill with
Cray first, then Burn with Ryu, and Sever with Nina. After
that, you can get Eddy from Rwolf.

You can also make a 10-hit Combo if you use Rock Blast and
then Burn on a group of 6 Caps. If you're lucky, the Caps
will survive the Rock Blast.

Passing Rwolf, take the northmost path. At the end of it,
you will find a chest containing a Deep Diver. Go back, go
down the small slope, and take the lower path west. Follow
the path until you reach the exit to this area. Head on to
the Dam.

Dam                                                     p028
Enemies: Puspool, Eye Goo, Mage Goo, Flue Goo
Items: Short Sword, Swisher, Vitamin x2, Swallow Eye x2

You will have a short conversation with the guy here. Now,
you're going to have to cross the dam. You are already at
the bottom of the first ladder. Head to the next and go
down. Go west and down yet another ladder. Go into the
hallway. Inside, go west (there is a man to the east, but he
has nothing intersting to say). Follow the path, talking to
the people underway if you want to, until you reach the
forced conversation. Talk to the guy with the tube. You'll
receive the Sluice Key. Go all the way back up, and go into
the door with the sign on it. Operate the switch in here.

Head up the ladder, and outside, up the next ladder. Go east
past the next ladder, and cross the sluice. Take the ladder
to the east first for a chest with a Short Sword. Now follow
the path inside. Operate the second sluice. Subgame time...

Just twirl around the D-Pad to make the wheel spin. You
should start slow and keep going faster. There's a small
tone sounded when you are going fast enough, as well as a !
over Ryu's head. Keep going for another while until Ryu
sweats. Nina doesn't want him to stink, so press O then. The
girl will give you a Swisher.

(-NSS- The girl says something about wanting to see what
happens if you keep going for a while before you start. She
also says the wheel will go smoother now you've helped her.
I'm not sure whether you always get the Swisher, only when
you perform well, or there are many different prizes to be

Go through the passage to the south, take the chest with 2
Vitamins to the west. Head back inside and up the ladder.
Follow the path back, and go over the second sluice. Go up
the ladder and take the 2 Swallow Eyes in the chest at the
end. Go back down and keep going eastward. As you go back
outside, talk to the man in the tower if you want, and go
on south. At the ladder leading up, first operate the
switch to the north, and cross the drawbridge. Give the key
back to the boss-type-guy, and the alarm will be sounded.
Cray is determined, however, and he wants to go on. Go back
over the drawbridge. 

Up the ladder here merely leads back to the guy standing
guard atop the tower, so there is no need to go there.

Operate the lift, and you will have to press X a couple of
times. After some sequence, you will be back on the World
Map. Go north.

!(coast)                                                p029  

There is some sequence, and then some fellow will ask you
money for his song. Give him 100 Z. Don't go cheap on him,
or he will sing nonsense about tadpoles and other generally
uninteresting stuff, and ask the same question again. So
unless you have an assignment about tadpoles, pick 100 Z.

He will sing for 10 seconds. That's all folks! Back on the
World Map, head on east to Kyria.

Kyria                                                   p030
Item: Belladonna

There are some traps in this town, but they are really
obvious so you can easily avoid them (not that they harm
you). The chest to the southeast of town contains three
monsters, chests named ????. I'm not sure of their stats,
but they dropped me an Ice Punch. The three houses here are,
from south to north: the mayor's house, the Inn, and a shed.
Just head over the bridge. Get caught in the trap on the
bridge. Once over the bridge, talk to the guy on the east
for a Belladonna. At the house to the south, examine the
dog house to fight a BeeTroop.

Walk into the southern hole, and you will fall down. Climb
the ladder into a house. Take the Fish-head from the
cabinet. Talk to the schizophrenic parrot. You are supposed
to translate what he says :). Try it, it's fun. If you don't
want to play yourself, here are the correct answers:

"We really have no time for this..."
"Not really"

Then just pick "Where's the mayor?".

Go out of the house. Fall into the northern hole this time.
Drop down, take the 400 Z, drop down again, and go back up.
Exit the village and head for the Woods.

Woods                                                   p031
Enemies: Cap, Red Cap, Flue Goo, Fungoid
Boss: Maman
Item: Apple, PointedStick, Earth Ward, Aura Ring,
      Healing Herb x4, Wisdom Seed

Head on into the woods, and talk to the guy near the apple
tree. He'll tell you about the mayor, and give you an Apple.
Head north past the fellow, and go east. In the new area,
head east and skip the pitfall, head south instead. Go up
north to the chest hanging as a trap. Activate the trap to
get the PointedStick. Go south, and south
of the bridge, walk south through the trees here, and you
will come to a small area with a chest containing a
Earth Ward. Head back, down the slope, up the slope to the
east, and head past the pitfalland fall down the pitfall
there. Get the Aura Ring from the chest, jump down and curl
around the path to find the ladder back up through the well.
Go up the northern slope near the well. Go on past the cage,
and drop down the pitfall just east of it. Take the four
Healing Herbs from the chest, jump down, and climb back out
of the well. Head up the northern slope again, but this time
head down the slope west of the cage. Follow the path into
the next area. Keep following the path, jumping over all the
gaps, to the first intersection. South is a small dead end,
so take the northern route. At the next intersection, take
the path to the west and get the Wisdom Seed. Head back and
take the northern path. You will get some sequence, and you
have to fight Maman.

| HP: 5000-7500   Zenny: 450         Experience: 1500      |
|                                                          |
| Item: Apple, Flame Punch                                 |
| Skill: Body Press                                        |
|                                                          |
| This is the first boss battle in which you will have     |
| than three characters. This means you can change who is  |
| in the back row. You should change the person in the     |
| back row every now and then, because they will heal      |
| Status and some AP (equal to CP). Anyway, this dude will |
| go down after some strong spells. Use Aura's Flame       |
| Strike, and some other Skills with the rest. Combo some  |
| skills, it's handy. When Nina is in the back row, she    |
| might use cheer, which heals 140 HP to all, which comes  |
| in very handy. Also try the Burn + SeverEddy Combo.     |

After that, you'll be back on the World Map. Head back to

Kyria                                                   p032

The mayor will tell you you can stay at the Inn. You
will see some Fou-Lu sequence, then you will be back to Ryu,
and Cray will fall down a pitfall. Head back up, save at the
Inn if you want. Go up the mountain path to the northwest
of Kyria.

Secret Passage                                          p033
Enemies: Army Bat, Puspool, Tadpole, Zombie, Cadaver
Item: Water Bomb, Ammonia

Walk east past the shallow water, and get the Water Bomb
from the chest. Go back, and head north over the water. At
the turn, head further east. Follow the path into the next
area. At the intersection, take the path north. Get the
Ammonia, head back, and take the path east this time. Go on
through the twirling passage, and into the next area.

Walk up the steps to the northwest. Go up another set of
steps to the north, and another to the west. Jump over the
gap, and get the 500 Z from the chest. Jump back over the
gap, and go back down the steps. Head north. Follow the path
into the next area. Follow the small pathway here to the
small chamber with the ladder. Head up the ladder. You will
now climb up out of the Synesta well.

%% The Search Continues                              c1.5 %%

Synesta                                                 p034

Okay, this place is a MAZE. Use Nina's Jump action to ease
things up a little. Luckily, the Item shop is easily
recognized by the fact that it's ran by a fish man (thank
Capcom for making all merchants look exactly the same!).The
house near the marketplace is ann Inn, and upstairs you will
find the Weapon Shop(also a fish merchant).

In order to continue the game, you should go into the
orphanage(the house near the well), and talk to the nun
there. Go back out, and you will see another nun chasing
Chino. Talk to the nun, then to Chino, and you have to play
catch with him (lot's of subgames in this game, huh?).

Chino runs just as fast as you, but you can gain a small bit
on him by making better curves. The real problem is, you
can't see very well with all the buildings in your way. You
have to cut him off somewhere, try Nina's Jump action to
find him more easily. The best place to catch him is on the
walkways at the higher levels, because you can see better
there. Try the balconies to the north and east of town, you
can easily hide behind a corner here, and use all the
corners to gain some terrain on Chino.

The nun will tell you about the visit of Elina. She doesn't
know where she went, though. Chino will come in, and tell
you he knows, but you have to play Hide and Seek with them.

The first kid is found... inside the orphanage. There are
actually two kids already in here, one is not playing, the
other is. Talk to them. The one playing will give you a hint
on where to find Rudd. Go out of the orphanage.

Inside the passage to the east balcony, you will find Rudd.
Talk to him. He'll tell you that Goete is at the gate.

Head west to the gate out of Synesta. You'll find Goete
there. He'll tell you Nahma is on the stairs.

Head up to the northeast, and up the first stairway. Go
further up the stairs to the south. As you reach the stairs
leading back down to the balcony, note that Nahma is on
them. Talk to her. She will tell you about Modo.

Head back up, over the bridge, and back down all the stairs.
Head east with the passage next to the stairs, and talk to
the frog boy here. He will tell you about Konoko.

Don't mind the directions, I've already counted them out.
Just head west, and into the Inn, Konoko is up the stairs

After all that, head back south, then east back to the
orphanage. Talk to the nun. Modo will say that Chino is
hiding in the cellars below. Now you have to go find Chino.
Head south some, up the stairs, further up to the east. Turn
around to the west, and talk to the guard here. He won't let
you go in. A woman carrying a pot with water will come from
the north. Talk to her. The guard will go buy water from
her. Now is your chance, head in there.

Cellars                                                 p035
Enemies: Roach, Mouse
Item: Ammonia, Protein, Raptor Claws

Just follow the path down. You'll come to a hall with doors.
In the first room, there is an Ammonia in the cabinet. The
second is empty. Follow the path further, down into the
large room. Cray can't push the barrels here, so walk over
the planks instead. Take the Protein from the cabinet behind
the bar. Go on, there still is no choice of direction. Take
the 80 Z from the cabinet underway. When you arrive at the
cells, you will see Chino is in the first one. You can't
open it, though. The other cell holds the Raptor Claws for
Ershin. Keep going, this dungeon is pretty linear huh?

Both of the cells upstairs will have a hole in the ground,
the second one shut with planks. Stand on the planks to fall
down to where Chino is. He will tell you about Elina.

Synesta                                                 p036
Boss: Kahn

You should now head for Marlok's place. It's opposite the
Inn. Talk to the big guy in front of it. Now you have to
fight Kahn.

| HP: 3500-5000   Zenny: 0           Experience: 1000      |
|                                                          |
| Item: Ginseng                                            |
| Skill: Shout, Focus*                                     |
|                                                          |
| Combo magic works nice, as always. He attacks very       |
| little, but when he does, he hits you hard. Make sure to |
| heal to full health after being hit! He has high defense |
| so you want to use magic more than physical Skills. If   |
| you use Aura, use Hwa, not Flame Strike.                 |

After the battle, Marlok will invite you in. He tells you to
go find some thief, and Nina has to help him do some chores.
From Marlok's house, go up the stairs and head to the south.
Talk to the man sitting up there. He will hint that you
should look outside the village. Spend almost all your Zenny
on equipment and items.

World Map                                               p037

A new path will open. Go into a Random Location on this
path. You will find the guy. He will run off. 

Hideout                                                 p038
Enemies: Mouse, Rat, Army Bat

After a small sequence back at Marlok's, you are back at
Ryu's crew. Go inside the cave, and you have to play yet
another subgame. Use Cray to block passages with the
barrels, and catch the thief (splitting up seems like an
easier solution to me, but maybe that's too much thinking
for them?). Watch out, he'll run past you quickly when the
passage is blocked. Tap X to prevent him from doing that.

After catching him, the thief will explain it was Marlok who
swindled the thief. When you are back in control, go back
into the Hideout. Talk to the thief. His name is Stoll, he
is a Master, who will teach you Steal at 80 items. You don't
have that many yet, but keep him in mind, Steal is a great
ability. Also, any characters not apprenticed to anyone
should be apprenticed to Stoll, because he gives NO
penalties. Just +1 agility.

Synesta                                                 p039

As you head back to Marlok's he will think you did a bad
job, and send you on a new errand. Go out of Synesta.
yet another new path will open up.

World Map                                               p040

Yet another new path will open up. Go into a Random Location
here. Read the sign in there, and you will open up a new
fishing spot. When done fishing, head for the Wharf.

Wharf                                                   p041
Enemies: Roach

Talk to the man behind the crates. He'll tell you to clean
up the storage room. Now you have to play... Sokoban (Does
ANYONE know that old game...?)! Just destroy the old, darker
barrels with Ershin, move the jars north, and the crates
south. The dark tiles around the signs are where the jars
and barrels go. If you screw any up, just destroy them with
*** My score: 1000 + 1500 Time Bonus = 2500 ***

After you complete that subgame, you'll get another Marlok &
Nina sequence that leaves little to the imagination (or a
lot, if you're a pervert). You have to do another subgame,

with the crane. You have to place crates on the blue marked
squares. Go for the light blue ones, those give double
*** My score: 1000(I screwed up on the light blue spots) ***

Marlok will show up. He will give you something for your
trouble, I believe it's variable. I got a Straw.

After some sequence, you will switch to Fou-Lu again.

Bunyan's Place                                          p042
Enemies: Snapfly
Boss: Khafu
Item: Protein x2

Fou-Lu will be all healed up now. Go outside. Fou-Lu will
talk to Bunyan shortly. Behind Bunyan's house there is a
chest which contains 2 Proteins, but I believe Ryu will come
here sometime too, and I think leaving them is a better

Head down the slopes into the next area. You will meet up
with your old pal Yohm. He summons a big bird-type-thing to
kill you. You have to fight Khafu.

| HP: 16000-19000 Zenny: 0           Experience: 22000     |
|                                                          |
| Item: Fire Ward, Ambrosia                                |
| Skill: EldrichFlame, Heal                                |
|                                                          |
| Change into the Astral Dragon. Use Frost Strike. This is |
| very easy.                                               |

After that, Yohm will tell Fou-Lu he commands many more
monsters, and another Khafu will show up. Fou-Lu tries to
escape, and he changes into a dragon, but he is shot down by
the bird. After a not so great landing, you will switch back
to Ryu.

%% The Empire                                        c1.6 %%

Kyoin                                                   p043  

Head north into the village. There are two shops here, and
an Inn. That's pretty much all. Head up the stairs and into
the tower. 

Causeway                                                p044
Enemies: Gonghead, Mouse, Armor
Boss: Ymechaf
Items: Healing Herb x3, Glass Domino, Ammonia x2

There is nothing down the stairs, so head into
the doorway. Go on to an elevator. Go in. To the east, there
are some doorways. Skip the first. Through the second,
search the cabinets for 3 Healing Herbs. Go back outside and
head on up the stairs. You'll come to a hall with two
doorways. The first holds a chest with a Glass Domino. The
path continues through the second. Keep going. You'll come
to another one of those square holed rooms, but this one has
a platform in the middle. The platform is an elevator, you
can use it to go to other floors. Head on through the
doorway to the east, and take the elevator up. You'll see
some sequence with lightning, and when you head forward, you
will meet the guy who summoned Joh before again. This time,
he will summon Ymechaf.

| HP: 5000-7500   Zenny: 0           Experience: 2000      |
|                                                          |
| Item: Aurum, Ice Punch                                   |
| Skill: Whirlwind, Cyclone, Sever                         |
|                                                          |
| You can throw Ymechaf off balance, which lowers his      |
| Defense severely for one of your attacks. I'm not sure   |
| but it seems to me that Comboing magic makes him go off  |
| off balance (2x is enough). Do watch out for his