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Destiny 2 – How to Unlock Your Ship

With the launch of Destiny 2 on the horizon (as of publishing), you may be wondering how to unlock your first ship. Without your ship, you aren’t able to explore and go on adventures in so many of the new and exciting locales like Saturn’s moon Titan, the European Dead Zone, and more.

It also means you won’t be able to venture to the Crucible for some addicting and high octane online multiplayer PVP matches. So, regardless of whether you prefer to play the campaign alone or want to immediately jump into multiplayer and get your rank up, you will very quickly need a ship to do so.

Thankfully, it is a rather straightforward and simple endeavor to accomplish. Though, it does take considerably longer (depending on your skill) to unlock than in the first game, it is more than worth the effort. The earliest you can unlock it is at level two, and while you could technically unlock it later than that, we recommend doing so immediately.

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Destiny 2 – Unlocking Your First Ship

Destiny 2

The start of Destiny 2 has you going through three different tutorial missions that vary greatly in length. The first two will see you fighting to defend the Tower – main hub of the first Destiny – from the nasty Red Legion.

Once you have completed that beginning portion of the story, you will be faced with a third and final tutorial mission before Destiny 2 sets you loose to do whatever you would like.

We won’t spoil anything regarding it, but it does conclude with you traveling to the Farm, the new main hub area for socializing, purchasing new equipment, and the like.

Upon arriving, you will at least be level two, if not higher. From the moment you arrive at the Farm, you are able to unlock your first ship. This can be done by going up into the barn on your right, up the stairs immediately to the left, and approaching Suraya Hawthorne (seen above).

Destiny 2

Speaking with her will grant you with your first ship: Wanderwing. This is an old but nice enough looking jump-ship that has been refurbished. Unfortunately, it cannot be modified, but with it, you will now be able to travel the galaxy in style.