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Destiny 2 Faction Token Farm Revealed – Earn 6 Tokens Every Minute

A super useful Destiny 2 Faction Token farm location has been revealed, allowing players to farm 6 Tokens every minute, which will gain them access to a whole bunch of gear from their respective Faction Leaders.

The Faction Token farm is located on IO, requiring players to do little more than shoot six crates that each contain a Token before reloading the area. The process, as described on Reddit, allows players to significantly boost their level with their Destiny 2 Faction, causing them to rise up the ranks of Dead Orbit, Future War Cult or New Monarchy.

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You can get to the Destiny 2 Faction Token farm using the following steps:

  1. Open your Director.
  2. Go to IO.
  3. Spawn at the Lost Oasis.
  4. Go to the Lost Sector directly to your left.
  5. Shoot the six crates around the area.
  6. Load up the Lost Oasis again, and rinse and repeat.

After following these instructions you’ll be rewarded with a plethora of Faction Tokens. The location of each of the Faction Token chests can be viewed in the below video, thanks to YouTuber Gigz:

(H/T Reddit)