Box art - Metroid Prime: Hunters

Metroid Prime: Hunters FAQ/Walkthrough

MM MM  MM MM  EE            TTT     RR    RR  OO    OO     III     DD    DD
MM  MMMM  MM  EEEEEEEEE     TTT     RR    RR  OO    OO     III     DD    DD
MM   MM   MM  EEEEEEEEE     TTT     RRRRRRR   OO    OO     III     DD    DD
MM        MM  EE            TTT     RR RRR    OO    OO     III     DD    DD

PP    PP  RR    RR     III     MM MM  MM MM  EE
PPPP      RR RRR       III     MM        MM  EE
PP        RR    RR  IIIIIIIIi  MM        MM  EEEEEEEEE

HH    HH  UU    UU  NNNN  NN     TTT     EE         RR    RR  SSS
HH    HH  UU    UU  NN   NNN     TTT     EE         RR RRR          SSS
HH    HH  UUUUUUUU  NN    NN     TTT     EEEEEEEEE  RR   RR   SS      SS

Metroid Prime Hunters General FAQ/Walkthrough written by Yoshi992
ASCII Art hand drawn (typed?) by Yoshi992

Boring ASCII intro, I know. But cut me some slack, this is my first FAQ. So 
notify me if you see any room for improvement. Or if you would like to make
a cool one for me to post in my walkthrough, send it to me via e-mail 
( and I will give you credit.

~~~NOTE: By reading this FAQ, you understand that it contains spoilers of the 
game plot and events; you understand that they may come without warning; and if
you still wish to read this, you concede that you don't care. If you read this
and a critical event is spoiled for you, I'm sorry, but that's your own fault.
I warned you. OK, now that we've got that out of the way... let's begin.

Version History
Version 0.99 - Added a whole bunch of user hints. Too busy to do much else :P

Version 0.98 - Added Unlockables. Finished printable checklist version of

Version 0.95 - Finished Adventure Mode, ready to start Logbook. Help with
Wireless still needed from other users.

Version 0.9 - Finished most of Adventure Mode.

Version 0.85 - Finished half of the Adventure Mode and Expansions. Will start
Logbook soon.

Version 0.8 - Finally started Adventure Mode and Expansions.

Version 0.75 - As more information was discovered right before the game 
release, I added the new info: the hunters and multiplayer modes.

Version 0.5 - Made the basic outline for my FAQ before the game came out.

Table of Contents
Version History
Table of Contents
Game Story [WT.Str]
Characters [WT.Char]
    Samus [Char.SA]
    Trace [Char.TR]
    Noxus [Char.NO]
    Weavel [Char.WE]
    Spire [Char.SP]
    Kanden [Char.KA]
    Sylux [Char.SY]
Weapons [WT.Weap]
    Missile Launcher [Weap.SA]
    Imperialist [Weap.TR]
    Judicator [Weap.NO]
    Battlehammer [Weap.WE]
    Magmaul [Weap.SP]
    Volt Driver [Weap.KA]
    Shock Coil [Weap.SY] 
    Omega Cannon [Weap.OC]
Alt Forms [WT.Alt]
    Morph Ball [Alt.SA]
    Triskelion [Alt.TR]
    Vhoscythe [Alt.NO]
    Halfturret [Alt.WE]
    Dialanche [Alt.SP]
    Stinglarva [Alt.KA]
    Lockjaw [Alt.SY]
Controls/HUD [WT.Ctrl]
Walkthrough [WT.Game]
1. Celestial Archives First Visit [Game.CA1]
 A. Cartograph Artifact [CA1.Car]
 B. First Fight With Kanden [CA1.Kan]
 C. Attameter Artifact [CA1.Att]
 D. Binary Subscripture [CA1.Bin]
 E. Celestial Archives First Boss [CA1.Boss]
 F. Escape- 8:00 [CA1.Esc]

2. Alinos First Visit [Game.AL1]
 A. Cartograph Artifact [AL1.Car]
 B. First Fight With Spire [AL1.Spi]
 C. Attameter Artifact [AL1.Att]
 D. Binary Subscripture [AL1.Bin]
 E. Alinos First Boss [AL1.Boss]
 F. Escape- 4:30 [AL1.Esc]
 G. First Fight With Weavel [AL1.Wea]

3. Vesper Defense Outpost First Visit [Game.VDO1]
 A. Attameter Artifact [VDO1.Att]
 B. The Battlehammer [VDO1.Btl]
 C. Binary Subscripture [VDO1.Bin]
 D. First Fight With Sylux [VDO1.Syl]
 E. Cartograph Artifact [VDO1.Car]
 F. VDO First Boss [VDO1.Boss]
 G. Escape- 3:00 [VDO1.Esc]

4. Arcterra First Visit [Game.AR1]
 A. First Fight With Noxus [AR1.Nox]
 B. Attameter Artifact [AR1.Att]
 C. The Judicator [AR1.Jud]
 D. Cartograph Artifact [AR1.Car]
 E. Binary Subscripture [AR1.Bin]
 F. Arcterra First Boss [AR1.Boss]
 G. Escape- 7:00 [AR1.Esc]
 H. First Fight With Trace [AR1.Tra]

5. Celestial Archives Second Visit [Game.CA2]
 A. The Volt Driver [CA2.Vlt]
 B. Cartograph Artifact [CA2.Car]
 C. Attameter Artifact [CA2.Att]
 D. The Shock Coil [CA2.Shk]
 E. Binary Subscripture [CA2.Bin]
 F. Celestial Archives Second Boss [CA2.Boss]
 G. Escape- 8:30 [CA2.Esc]

6. Alinos Second Visit [Game.AL2]
 A. The Magmaul [AL2.Mag]
 B. Cartograph Artifact [AL2.Car]
 C. Attameter Artifact [AL2.Att]
 D. Binary Subscripture [AL2.Bin]
 E. Alinos Second Boss [AL2.Boss]
 F. Escape- 5:00 [AL2.Esc]

7. Arcterra Second Visit [Game.AR2]
 A. The Imperialist [AR2.Imp]
 B. Binary Subscripture [AR2.Bin]
 C. Attameter Artifact [AR2.Att]
 D. Cartograph Artifact [AR2.Car]
 E. Arcterra Second Boss [AR2.Boss]
 F. Escape- 4:00 [AR2.Esc]

8. Vesper Defense Outpost Second Visit [Game.VDO2]
 A. Cartograph Artifact [VDO2.Car]
 B. Attameter Artifact [VDO2.Att]
 C. Binary Subscripture [VDO2.Bin]
 D. Vesper Defense Outpost Second Boss [VDO2.Boss]
 E. Escape- 3:00 [VDO2.Esc]

9. Alinos Third Visit [Game.AL3]

10. Final Destination: Oubliette [Game.OU]
 A. Final Boss [OU.Boss]
 B. Final Boss Phase 2 *OPTIONAL* [OU.Bos2]
 C. The Omega Cannon *OPTIONAL* [OU.Omg]
Expansions [WT.EXP]
  Missile Expansions [EXP.ME]
  Energy Tanks [EXP.ET]
  Universal Ammo Expansions [EXP.UA]
Logbook [WT.LB]
  Printable Checklist [LB.CK]
  Full Version [LB.FL]
    Lore [LB.Lore]
    Bioforms [LB.Bio]
    Objects [LB.Obj]
    Equipment [LB.Eq]
Multiplayer [WT.Mult]

1. Modes [Mult.MD]
 A. Battle [MD.BA]
 B. Survival [MD.SU]
 C. Prime Hunter [MD.PH]
 D. Defender [MD.DE]
 E. Bounty [MD.BO]
 F. Capture [MD.CA]
 G. Nodes [MD.NO]

2. Arenas [Mult.AR]

3. Powerups [Mult.PU]
 A. Energy Ball [PU.EB]
 B. Missiles [PU.MI]
 C. Universal Ammo [PU.UA]
 D. Affinity Weapon [PU.AW]
 E. Double Damage [PU.DD]
 F. Cloak [PU.CL]
 G. Deathalt [PU.DA]
 H. Octolith [PU.OC]

4. Game Setup [Mult.Set]

5. End of Game [Mult.End]
Wireless/Wi-Fi [WT.Wifi]
  Hunter License [Wifi.HL]
Tips and Tricks [WT.TNT]
Unlockables [WT.UL]
FAQ [WT.Freq]
Legal Info [WT.LI]
Conclusion [WT.End]
Game Story [WT.Str]
In the single player mode, Samus has received a telepathic message originating
from the Alimbic Cluster, a group of planets lorded over by a hostile race of 
superadvanced aliens, similar to the Chozo, called the Alimbics. Or rather, 
the planets used to be ruled by the Alimbics. Like the Chozo, the Alimbics 
vanished in the depths of space. No one knows how or why, but one truth is 
clear: there is something happening in the Alimbic Cluster. 

The message reads: "The secret to ultimate power lies in the Alimbic Cluster."
The Galactic Federation, for whom Samus works, is of course interested in this
power; so since Samus is their best warrior, they contract her to explore the 
cluster, find the artifacts, and above all, protect them from falling into the
wrong hands. The Federation's paranoia is not without base. Looming over her 
shoulder are the shadows of others who have heard the message... others who are
interested in that power for themselves... and Samus may have to fight for her
life to get the ultimate power of the Alimbics.

Characters [WT.Char]
During Samus' travels to the Alimbic Cluster, she finds out that there are many
more than her who search for the ultimate power. Six other bounty hunters will
contest with her for the sacred Octoliths. These bounty hunters are each 
unique, and deadly in their own ways.

~~~NOTE: In multiplayer, each character is capable of wielding any weapon. When
it says weapon of choice, that means that character is more proficient with
that weapon than any other weapon, and has an advantage with it that no other
hunter has.

~~~NOTE: Each Hunter, excluding Samus, Kanden, and Spire can only be unlocked
by defeating that Hunter in either Single Player or multiplayer (as in, if you
play against another person who has unlocked that Hunter and plays as that
Hunter against you).

Name: Samus Aran [Char.SA]

Origin: K-2L

Samus is the main protagonist of the entire Metroid series. But you probably
knew that by now. If not, you either shouldn't be playing or this is your first
Metroid game, in which case congratulations, you have introduced yourself to
one of the coolest, deadliest, and sexiest game franchises in history. Anyway,
Samus is contracted by the Galactic Federation to find the source of the 
message and the power described in it. She has a well-rounded arsenal of 
weapons and forms, and she is the only character playable in single player 
mode, so I hope you like her.

Weapon of Choice: Missile Launcher

Morph Form: Morph Ball

Name: Trace [Char.TR]

Origin: Kriken Empire

Trace is a Kriken, a vile race of insectlike beings who want nothing more than 
to rule the galaxy. When a Kriken reaches a certain age, they are exiled off
the planet, until they search the galaxy and find a planet suitable for Kriken
invasion, domination, and occupation. Trace is currently on that mission, and
he was one of those who received the telepathic message. So he now hunts for 
the artifacts to gain both political power within the Kriken Empire (after all,
if a Kriken gets a life of fortune for finding one planet to invade, think what
power lies in wait for the discovery of an entire planetary system) and
personal power from the artifacts themselves.

Weapon of Choice: Imperialist

Morph Form: Triskelion

Name: Noxus [Char.NO]

Origin: Vho

Noxus is a Vhozon, originating from the icy planet Vho. The Vhozon are a proud
and reclusive race who believe in justice and righteousness. Noxus is a zealot
and a representative of that race and its values. Noxus' objectives are similar
to  Samus' in that they both seek to keep the power out of the hands of those
who would use it for their own destructive purposes.

Weapon of Choice: Judicator

Morph Form: Vhoscythe

Name: Weavel [Char.WE]

Origin: Unknown

Weavel is a former Space Pirate general who was mortally wounded by Samus in 
one of her many battles. The extent of the damage was so great that only his
brain and spinal cord could be preserved. They were surgically removed and 
placed within an experimental mechanical suit. Weavel now lives as a cyborg 
bounty hunter, traveling the universe and accomplishing his goals; however,

no one is certain whether those goals would serve the Space Pirates or Weavel's 
own sadistic needs...

Weapon of Choice: Battlehammer

Morph Form: Halfturret

Name: Spire [Char.SP]

Origin: Mondreus

Spire is a very strange bounty hunter. He is a Diamont, supposedly the last
remaining member. The Diamont were an ancient and powerful race of organisms
whose bodies were composed of an organic rock substance. Spire does not know
why or how his people disappeared, but he has become a bounty hunter, and
seeks the artifacts, in order to determine the fate of his race. One of the 
cool, although rather unimportant, things about Spire is that he is resistant
to lava damage. So choose him if you are fighting on Alinos Gateway or Council

Weapon of Choice: Magmaul

Morph Form: Dialanche

Name: Kanden [Char.KA]

Origin: A Sinister Laboratory

The ugly big green guy known as Kanden is a supersoldier. A long time ago, a 
team of scientists made an attempt to build a superwarrior, one that was 
invulnerable, immortal, superstrong, blah blah blah. Kanden was their test 
subject. His body reacted perfectly to the treatments... his mind did not. The
neural combat encoding sequences completely destroyed his conscience and 
sanity, which means he broke out of the lab, leaving no survivors, and became
the ultimate bounty hunter, killing without remorse.

Weapon of Choice: Volt Driver

Morph Form: Stinglarva

Name: Sylux [Char.SY]

Origin: Cylosis

Sylux is the most mysterious of all the bounty hunters. We don't know a whole
lot about him. What we do know is that he harbors a deep hatred of the Galactic 
Federation; and he especially hates their champion, Samus Aran. All of his
weapons, his armor, and his Lockjaw are stolen Federation technology.

Weapon of Choice: Shock Coil

Morph Form: Lockjaw


Weapons [WT.Weap]
Thanks to Deathborn 668 for helping me with the damage amounts and being my
test dummy. BTW, these damage amounts may not be consistent with what you find
in your game because the conditions of the attack may be different.

~~~NOTE: With a Headshot, with the Exception of the Imperialist and the Omega
Cannon, the damage done is 150% that of the normal damage.

Name of Weapon: Power Beam [Weap.PW]

Weapon Affinity: None

Doors it Opens: White

    Regular: Fires a small, weak, but fast shot with quick firing rate. 
    Standard weapon for all hunters.
      Damage: 6
    Charged: More damage. Can suck in powerups in Adventure Mode.
      Damage: 36

    Regular: None
    Charged: None
Name of Weapon: Missile Launcher [Weap.SA]

Weapon Affinity: Samus Aran

Doors it Opens: White, Brown

    Regular: Fires a ballistic missile at high speed straight forward,
    exploding on contact. Explosion does splash damage.
      Damage: 32
    Charged: More damage.
      Damage: 48

    Regular: Fires a ballistic missile at high speed straight forward,
    exploding on contact. Explosion does splash damage.
      Damage: 32
    Charged: More damage, and the Missile homes in on targets.
      Damage: 48

  Note: All hunters have the Missiles, but only Samus has Affinity to it.
Name of Weapon: Imperialist [Weap.TR]

Weapon Affinity: Trace

Doors it Opens: White, Red

    Regular: Fires a high-energy laser sniper bullet. Hold R or Select or
    double-tap the Imperialist icon on the touch screen to activate a
    long-range sight.
      Damage: When zoomed in, headshot is an instant kill, normal shot is 72.
      When zoomed out, headshot is 100, normal shot is 36.
    Charged: None

    Regular: Fires a high-energy laser sniper bullet. Hold R or Select or
    double-tap the Imperialist icon on the touch screen to activate a
    long-range sight.
      Damage: When zoomed in, headshot is an instant kill, normal shot is 72.
      When zoomed out, headshot is 100, normal shot is 36.
    Charged: None

  Note: Trace is invisible while wielding this weapon.
Name of Weapon: Judicator [Weap.NO]

Weapon Affinity: Noxus

Doors it Opens: White, Purple

    Regular: Fires an icy projectile which bounces off the walls.
      Damage: 24
    Charged: Fires three bouncy shots.
      Damage: 24 per shot, maximum 72

    Regular: Fires an icy projectile which bounces off the walls.
      Damage: 24
    Charged: Fires a wide but short-ranged blast of ice which flash-freezes any
    enemy hunter in the vicinity.
      Damage: 12
Name of Weapon: Battlehammer [Weap.WE]

Weapon Affinity: Weavel

Doors it Opens: White, Green

    Regular: Fires a tiny but heavy nuclear bomb. Since the nuclear projectile
    is so heavy, the trajectory curves like a mortar.
      Damage: 12
    Charged: None

    Regular: Fires a tiny but heavy nuclear bomb. Since the nuclear projectile
    is so heavy, the trajectory curves like a mortar.
      Damage: 18
    Charged: None

  Note: When Weavel wields this weapon, the explosion is larger and can knock
  enemies away.
Name of Weapon: Magmaul [Weap.SP]

Weapon Affinity: Spire

Doors it Opens: White, Orange

    Regular: Fires a grenade-like sphere of fire which bounces on the floor.
      Damage: 32
    Charged: Larger explosion, more damage.
      Damage: 56

    Regular: Fires a grenade-like sphere of fire which bounces on the floor.
      Damage: 32
    Charged: Larger explosion, more damage. Ignites enemies.
      Damage: 49 + 3 damage per second over 6 seconds
Name of Weapon: Volt Driver [Weap.KA]

Weapon Affinity: Kanden

Doors it Opens: White, Yellow

    Regular: Fires a really fast electric shot.
      Damage: 14
    Charged: Slower-moving, larger shot that can distort vision. Explosion can
    hit multiple enemies.
      Damage: 56

    Regular: Fires a really fast electric shot.
      Damage: 14
    Charged: Slower-moving, larger shot that can distort vision and has homing
    ability. Explosion can hit multiple enemies.
      Damage: 56
Name of Weapon: Shock Coil [Weap.SY]

Weapon Affinity: Sylux

Doors it Opens: White, Blue (even though there are no blue doors)

    Regular: Fires an electrical blast of energy which does continuous 
    damage while in use.
      Damage: Depends on how long you stay aimed at your target without 
      missing. The longer you are locked on, the more energy is drained per
    Charged: None

    Regular: Fires an electrical blast of energy which does continuous damage
    while in use. Drains energy from target.
      Damage: Depends on how long you stay aimed at your target without 
      missing. The longer you are locked on, the more energy is drained per
    Charged: None
Name of Weapon: Omega Cannon [Weap.OC]

Weapon Affinity: None

Doors it Opens: N/A

    Regular: Fires a slow but superpowerful explosive which will instantly
    kill any hunter that is not behind cover, including yourself.
      Damage: Infinite (in Multiplayer Mode)
              1/14 of Gorea's energy (in Adventure Mode)
    Charged: None

    Regular: None
    Charged: None

Alt Forms [WT.Alt]
Again, thanks to Deathborn 668 for helping me with the damage.

Name of Alt: Morph Ball [Alt.SA]

Classic Metroid item. The very first one Samus ever got, actually. Roll into
a compact metal ball and roll under low ceilings and other passageways, as well
as lay bombs and gain a quick and short boost of speed. Samus' bombs can also
jump her into the air.

Attack: Morph Ball Bombs
  Damage: 16

Special: Boost Ball (charge with R or swipe stylus across Touch Screen)
  Boost Damage: 20

Movement: Free (Can go any direction at will, camera angle changes 

Name of Alt: Triskelion [Alt.TR]

This is Trace's Kriken answer to the Morph Ball. Trace morphs into a small,
spiderlike red device called a Triskelion. No idea why it's called that, 
considering what a triskelion is, but the Triskelion has the ability to cover
ground rapidly, jump at enemies to damage them, and is almost completely 

Attack: Jump Strike
  Damage: 50

Special: Stand still, wait a few seconds, and the Triskelion becomes invisible.

Movement: Linear (Can only change direction and camera angle with the stylus)

Name of Alt: Vhoscythe [Alt.NO]

This is Noxus' version of the Morph Ball. Noxus curls up and becomes a spinning
top. The cold atmosphere of Vhozon required that the Vho find a way to stay 
warm, so as not to freeze to death. Thus, the Vhoscythe is designed both to 
keep the Vho using it warm and to damage enemies who get too close. Noxus
attacks by swinging a blade around when an enemy gets close. Think Beyblade and
you'll get the picture.

Attack: Spin Attack (Has a slow response time, takes about a second to use)
  Damage: 42

Special: None

Movement: Free

Name of Alt: Halfturret [Alt.WE]

This is a strange variation on the Morph Ball. Weavel's top half physically 
separates from his lower half. His top half can "run" around on its arms and
attack enemies using the energy blade on his arm, while his bottom half remains
stationary and becomes a turret which can shoot at enemies in the immediate 

Another hitch is that when the turret is initially created, it takes half of
your current energy for itself. Any health you pick up is shared with the
turret's energy supply. Likewise, any damage the turret incurs is shared with
your top half's energy. Any damage your top half takes, it takes in full. If
you return to biped form, any energy the turret still has is returned to your
supply. If the turret is destroyed, you can still return to biped form.

Attack: Halfturret Slice
  Damage: 36

Special: Turret can attack separately from the body.
  Turret Attack Damage: 12 per shot

Movement: Linear

Name of Alt: Dialanche [Alt.SP]

Spire's variation on the Morph Ball is a stone ball with orange crystal spikes
sticking out of its glowing interior. These spikes allow Spire to climb up 
walls. Spire's attack in Dialanche form is his rocky outer shell detaching to
form two rocks which spin in circles around him, exposing his magma-like core. 
Anyone caught in the radius of the rocks takes damage.

Attack: Fire Blade
  Damage: anywhere from 8 to 64

Special: Dialanche can slowly travel up walls.

Movement: Free

Name of Alt: Stinglarva [Alt.KA]

Kanden's take on the Morph Ball is the weirdest of them all. He turns into a
bug. In his Stinglarva form, Kanden can shoot off the end of his tail, which 
will home in on nearby targets and detonate. If there aren't any, it will wait
around for a few seconds for one to come along or it will detonate anyway. The
explosion of the larva bombs can also jump the Stinglarva into the air.

Attack: Larva Bomb
  Damage: 20

Special: None

Movement: Free

Name of Alt: Lockjaw [Alt.SY]

Sylux's Alt form isn't as weird as Kanden's, but it has the weirdest shape.
It's actually a top secret Galactic Federation hovercraft prototype, which
Sylux stole. Sylux attacks with the Lockjaw by dropping electrically charged
mines on the ground. The first two mines placed, as long as they are within
proximity of each other, will create an electric tripwire between them, which
will shock anyone who walks over it. If they are not close to each other, they 
will immediately detonate. Anyway, as soon as a third one is placed, all three
(assuming, again, that they are close to each other) create a big electric 
triangle, which immediately collapses inward if anyone is caught inside. If
someone is, he or she gets major damage. The explosion of the bombs can also 
jump Sylux into the air.

The electric bombs will explode after a period of about 25 seconds, even if 
there is nothing around to trigger them.

Attack: Electric Bombs
  Damage: 10 for a single bomb. 40 for tripping over a tripwire. 180 for being
  shocked inside a triangle.

Special: None

Movement: Free/Linear (Doesn't require a direction change with the stylus, but
the camera won't automatically change its angle)

Controls/HUD [WT.Ctrl]


~~~Stylus Mode~~~ (Right Hand)
D-Pad = Move forward, back, and side to side while facing the same direction
L-Button = Fire, hold to charge your gun/Morph Ball Bombs
R-Button = Boost Ball
X-Y-A-B Buttons = Jump
Touch Screen = Move stylus around to aim gun/Swipe quickly to boost/Change 
  weapons/Change visors/Alt form/Double tap to jump

~~~Stylus Mode~~~ (Left Hand)
D-Pad = Jump
L-Button = Boost Ball
R-Button = Fire, hold to charge your gun/Morph Ball Bombs
X-Y-A-B Buttons = Move forward, back, and side to side while facing the same
Touch Screen = Move stylus around to aim gun/Swipe quickly to boost/Change 
  weapons/Change visors/Alt form/Double tap to jump

~~~Dual Mode~~~ (Right Hand)
D-Pad = Move forward, back, and side to side while facing the same direction
L-Button = Fire, hold to charge your gun/Morph Ball Bombs
R-Button = Jump/Boost Ball
X-Y-A-B Buttons = Aim gun
Touch Screen = Change weapons/Change visors/Alt form/Double tap to jump

~~~Dual Mode~~~ (Left Hand)
D-Pad = Jump
L-Button = Jump/Boost Ball
R-Button = Fire, hold to charge your gun/Morph Ball Bombs
X-Y-A-B Buttons = Move forward, back, and side to side while facing the same
Touch Screen = Change weapons/Change visors/Alt form/Double tap to jump


The HUD is very similar to the Metroid Prime HUD, but obviously a lot of the
icons and stuff have gone to the bottom screen. So, I now attempt to draw an
ASCII graphic of Samus' Single Player HUD. Avert thine eyes.

~~~NOTE: I use @ where small circles are meant to be. It's too hard to make any
sort of good small ASCII circle. At least for me.

-----------------------------      *1. Energy left in current tank, as a number
|       1. XX Energy        |      *2. Energy left in current tank, as a bar
|      2. |||||||||        =|      3. Full energy tanks left in reserve
|      3. [][][][]         =|      4. Targeting reticule
|                      5.  =|      5. Ammo left in current weapon, as a bar
|         4. @             =|      6. Ammo left in current weapon, as a number
|                    6. XX =|      7. Currently selected weapon's symbol
|                   7. |^| =|
----------------------------- *In multiplayer, all the other Hunters have 
                              their energy number and bar on the side of the 
                              screen, rather than the top
-----------------------------      1. Switch to Power Beam
|         @  |^|  XX    @  |      2. Switch to Missiles
|        1.  2.   3.    `-- |      3. Switch to Currently Selected Sub-weapon
|                        4. |      4. Select a Sub-weapon
|             /            |      5. Radar
|          5. @             |      6. Switch between Combat and Scan Visors
|                           |      7. Switch between Morph Ball and Biped forms
|          6. @      7. @   |
----------------------------- *In left-handed mode, the button positions are
                              horizontally inverted
Walkthrough [WT.Game]
Welcome to the Single Player! In Adventure Mode, Samus will embark on her quest
to save the galaxy and investigate the mysterious message transmitted from the
Alimbic cluster. Start by selecting "Adventure Mode" from the Main Menu. Choose
to start a new game by selecting one of the empty slots. The introduction will

  ---Mission File 79109---
  "The secret to ultimate power lies in the Alimbic Cluster."

  ---Data Confirmation---
  This repeating neural thread, originating from an uncharted region of the 
  Tetra Galaxy known as the Alimbic Cluster, was recently intercepted and 
  translated by Federation empaths.

  ---Rogue Contract---
  1. Discover the meaning behind this mysterious telepathic message.

  2. If the "ultimate power" can be secured, ensure Federation control.

  3. If the power cannot be secured, ensure that it remains secret or destroy 

  ---Potential Complications---
  This operation must remain covert. The Tetra Galaxy is outside of Federation-
  controlled space, and the Alimbic Cluster is a wild and uncharted region.

  While we have kept our communications classified, we know other entities have
  intercepted the thread.

  The lure of ultimate power will be irresistible to many. Disposition of rival
  interests is presumed hostile.

  Uploading known coordinates...

Your first destination will be the abandoned space station called the Celestial
Archives. Since it is the only destination on your map, land your ship there.

Celestial Archives [Game.CA1]
>>Celestial Gateway<<
|Equipment- Hunter Gunship
|Object- Celestial Archives
|Object- Portal
|Object- Green Force Field
|Object- Door
|Lore- Alimbic Prophecy 01

Start by turning on your Scan Visor; it's the only thing to do in this room.
For the Green Force Field, go into Morph Ball and roll under the platform the
ship is on. You will see a Green Force Field which can only be opened by a
weapon you don't yet have. If you try to shoot it, the little robot guarding it
will shoot back. Anyway, go through to the next room.

>>Helm Room<<
|Object- Synergy Processor
|Object- Synergy Drive
|Object- Starboard Helm
|Object- Port Helm
|Object- Sealed Door
|[!]- Switch

The Helm Room is composed of two smaller rooms, the larger of which is the one
you just entered. There are many things to scan in here, so when you've done
that, enter the second half by scanning the gold switch next to the door.

|Bioform- Psycho Bit v1.0

Upon entering the second half of this room, the door will immediately shut and
lock behind you. You will now be assaulted by four weak but annoying creatures
called Psycho Bits. Hopefully you did well against them, because you will be
fighting LOTS of these over the course of this game. Once you have beaten them,
exit through the upper door.

>>Meditation Room<<
|Equipment- Small Energy
|Equipment- Medium Energy
|Object- Alimbic Panel
|Object- Navigational Chart

The first half of this room is a long hallway filled with crates. The smaller 
ones can be destroyed with a few Power Beam shots. They will give up either
Small Energy if you took little or no damage, and maybe Medium Energy if you
took a lot. If you didn't get a chance to scan a Medium Energy, don't worry.
Later in the game, you'll have plenty of chances. So after you've filled up
your energy, continue on down the hallway. Jump over the larger crates, which
are invulnerable to all your weapons.

|Bioform- Petrasyl
|Equipment- Small Missile Pack
|Object- Synergy Strut
|Object- Brown Blast Shield
|Object- Tetra Trade Map

Continue on into the larger area down below. There you will find a small
floating creature called a Petrasyl. It is harmless, as long as you stay out of
its way. You can kill it with two Power Beam shots. And if you are crazy enough
to walk into it, you'll get minor damage. Killing it will earn you a Small
Missile Pack. It will respawn infinitely, so if you somehow miss the door, no
fear. By the way, make sure you scan the Brown Door before you shoot a missile
at it, as this is the ONLY Brown Door in the game. Now go through to the main
hub of the Archives: the Data Shrines.

>>Data Shrine 01<<
|Object: Artifact Shield
|Object: Science Hub
|Object: Alimbic Artifacts
|Object: Shield Key
|Object: Cartograph Artifact

Start by turning to your left. Go down that passageway, because there is
absolutely nothing on your right. You will be attacked by a group of Psycho
Bits, so kill those and move on. As you move forward, you will receive a 
transmission from your gunship. It reads:

  Warning! Confirmed arrival of unidentified vessel at Celestial Archives.
  Extreme caution is advised.

DON'T PANIC. You are in no danger at the moment. Continue on through the door
on the right. You will enter a large room with a big crystal thingy in the
middle. This is an Artifact Shield, and it protects (what else) an Artifact.
The Artifact Shield can only be shut down by collecting a Shield Key.

Scan the Artifact Shield to start the battle. You will battle three waves of
about seven Psycho Bits each. Many of them drop Small Energy, so use the Charge
Beam to suck those in as you kill them. After they are all dead, grab the
Shield Key that appears. The Artifact Shield will drop and you can collect the
Cartograph Artifact! [CA1.Car]

The doors will then unlock, so exit the room through the door flanked by blue
pillars (in case you lost your sense of direction during the battle).
Immediately to your left, a small group of (yep) Psycho Bits will attack you.
Sick of them yet? You still have hundreds more to fight. *laughs evilly* 
Ahem... sorry. Had to do that :)

|Bioform- Lesser Ithrak
|Equipment- Energy Tank

So kill the Bits and move on. Up ahead, you'll notice a Small Energy under the
platform. Roll into your Morph Ball and go under there, past the Small Energy,
to claim your first ENERGY TANK [ET.1]! Note that you can't actually scan
it, you can only collect it and it will be added to your Logbook automatically.
Roll back out and head toward the nearby door. You will be ambushed by a Lesser
Ithrak. These are more annoying than Psycho Bits, but much rarer. Anyway, kill
the Ithrak (I find missiles to be the fastest way), which probably will drop a
Medium Energy (see, I told you there would be another chance). Go through the 
now-unlocked door.

>>Fan Room Alpha<<
|Object- Cooling Fans

Just jump up the series of platforms to the top. Not terribly exciting.

>>Data Shrine 02<<
|Object- Green Blast Shield
|Object- Alimbic Joist
|Bioform- Kanden
|Equipment- Missile Expansion

I know what you're thinking. Another Data Shrine? Yep, another one. Just head
off to the right, and up ahead... who's that? Why it's your old friend Kanden.
Make sure to scan him now, because he won't move until you get really close, 
and its just easier to get it done now. As soon as you approach, he will turn 
into the Stinglarva and slide away through the tunnel. 

Now, follow him. Go through to the end of the tunnel, but stay in Morph Ball,
and continue forward. There will be another tunnel, marked by a Medium Energy
(if you missed the other chances so far, this one is impossible to miss). Go
through it to the end to claim your first MISSILE EXPANSION [ME.1]. Roll out
of this tunnel and return to biped form. A ways back, there is a door which
leads to Fan Room Beta. Enter it, killing the Bits along the way (hint: it's 
the only one that isn't green).

>>Fan Room Beta<<
|Object- Tetra Galaxy

Gunship transmission:

  Pilot of docked ship identified as bounty hunter Kanden. Your warp signature
  was traced. Assume hostile intent.

Way to tell us what we already knew :P

This Fan Room is nearly identical to the other, but this one is filled with
Petrasyls. Before you climb up to the top, get the Tetra Galaxy scan by
scanning the bottom window. Then make your way up to...

>>Data Shrine 03<<
|Bioform- Stinglarva
|Object- Anthropological Hub
|Object- Political Hub
|Object- Attameter Artifact
|Equipment- Large Missile Pack

Oh great, a THIRD Data Shrine? Yes, that's right. Don't worry, it's the last
one. Anyway, on the right as you enter the room are some crates if you need
them. You shouldn't, considering all the innocent Petrasyls you just killed.
So head around to the left and go through the only door on the right. As soon
as you do, the door will lock and you will fight...

MINI-BOSS: Kanden [CA1.Kan]

Kanden is pretty easy for a first boss. Mini-boss really. He will initially go
into his Stinglarva form, so immediately scan him now and you won't forget
later. Anyway, as long as you stay near the door, he won't get too close. If he
does, his Larva Bombs will home in and explode on you. Just keep shooting with
the Power Beam until he morphs into biped form and heads for the center

At this point, he will be standing in the center, not moving, so he makes an
easy target for a missile or two. In turn, he will be shooting charged shots
from his Volt Driver, which will scramble your vision for a few seconds. The
shot is slow, but it has a slight homing effect, so be wary. It's not the end
of the world if you get hit by one or two shots. If you do take major damage,
there are crates scattered around the room. Eventually, he will return to
Stinglarva form and start laying bombs again. He may or may not avoid you this

Kanden really doesn't stray much from this pattern of attack, except when he
travels in Stinglarva form to the ledges on either end of the catwalk, and then

changes into biped form and shoots you from there, strafing left and right.
Just keep shooting and dodging, and this guy will go down quick.

Now that Kanden's gone, you can take time to scan everything in this room. From
the crates, you may or may not have gotten a Large Missile Pack. Don't worry,
you'll get more chances. Grab the Shield Key and go through the Morph Ball door
flanked by blue pillars, where you'll pick up the Attameter Artifact. [CA1.Att]

|Bioform- Alimbic Turret v1.0

Now leave the room through the blue-pillar door (might as well just start
calling it that) on your immediate right. You will enter a hallway which has a
couple of weak enemies called Alimbic Turrets. They will make a funny noise,
then fire a few bullets at you which are easily dodged. Scan them, then kill
them with a few shots from the Power Beam. This will unlock the door, so (of
course) go through it.

>>Synergy Core<<
|Object- Lift Controls
|Object- Portal
|Object- Yellow Force Field
|[!]- Switch

All right. So. We got our first fight out of the way, so take a deep breath.
Now hold it. Now wait. Have you passed out yet? OK, you can release it. Right
in front of you is an unpowered portal, so if you didn't scan that back in the
first room, do it now. Now scan the switch right next to it. Now scan the
portal again. This time, the scan has the same name, but different information.
I'll tell you now: These portals are your friends. They are the closest things
you will get to a Save Station. Enter it, and you will be teleported back to
the Celestial Gateway. Save at your ship, then reenter the portal (the one left
of the door, from the ship's point of view). Now jump up the platforms to the
Yellow Force Field. Don't forget to scan that. Keep jumping until you get to
the top one, and go through the door down the corridor.

|Object- Binary Subscripture
|Object- Stronghold Portal
|[!]- SE Power Conduit
|[!]- NE Power Conduit
|[!]- SW Power Conduit
|[!]- NW Power Conduit

In this room, you should first scan the four power conduits in each of the four
corners. Do that before you shoot them. Now shoot them. Now collect the Shield
Key. Now get the artifact. [CA1.Bin] Now go jump in a lake. (Sorry, had to
check whether you were really reading this.) After collecting the Binary
Subscripture, you will receive a "Portal Activated" message:

  Long-range thermomagnetic-resonance scanners indicate remote and inaccessible
  chambers. Use the portal to access the inaccessible.

After you have all three artifacts, a portal will be activated which leads to
the boss of this forsaken place. That is your next destination. Go through the
blue-pillar door (I'm so sick of saying that), and into the room where the
Stronghold Portal awaits. You really can't miss it. Really. So use it.

>>Stronghold Void<<
|Lore- Stronghold Void
|Object- Stronghold Door

Once you enter the room, turn on your scan visor. The Stronghold Void lore will
be right in front of you. Just get it now. Continue along the single path,
opening the large doors (you'd think one would need a more powerful weapon to
open them). As soon as you open the second one, you will meet the boss of
Celestial Archives.

|Bioform- Cretaphid v1
|Lore- Biodefense Chamber A
|Object- Octolith

BOSS: Cretaphid v1 [CA1.Boss]

Oh wow. A giant wooden pole. Whatever will we do? Suicide must be our only
option. Well, maybe not ours, but Cretaphid's. This thing is really easy.

See all those red and blue dots on its surface? Those are its weak spots. Hit
the blue dots with a few Power Beam shots to shut them off. You cannot shut off
the red dots, unfortunately, which will be shooting fiery lasers in a line.
Luckily, the whole thing rotates in sections, so you can just walk around
Cretaphid in the same direction that the lasers are rotating, and you won't get 
hit. Anyway, once you have shut off all the blue dots, a crystal will appear
out of the top of the pole. Shoot it with missiles to damage Cretaphid.
Unfortunately, the crystal will only be vulnerable for a few seconds, so unload
while you can. At the same time, strafe around to avoid the projectiles it
shoots at you. After it reenters the pole, the dots will reactivate and you
will have to shut them down again.

If the crystal releases a wave of light and the pole starts blinking, that
means that the next time the crystal reenters the pole and the dots reactivate,
the lasers will be one level closer to the ground, making it that much more
difficult to avoid damage. If you do get hurt, sometimes the blue dots will
give you Small Energy.

So repeat this cycle until the big wooden pole, um, dies. (How does a wooden
pole die? Or live, for that matter?)

Once Cretaphid v1 is dead, a large shiny crystal will be hovering in the middle
of the room. Well, go collect it! Congratulations, you have your first
Octolith! At this point, your gunship will send a transmission:

  Octoliths may be the key to the ultimate power alluded to in the telepathic

Once you have it, you can go around collecting the Small Energy in the room if
you need it. Now one last thing, before you leave. Turn on your Scan Visor and
look near the door. Almost missed that, didn't we? So now our business here is
done. Now go. Get out. Git off my property, you little punks!

On your way out, your gunship will send another transmission:

  Security protocol initiated. Evacuate immediately!

That's right, an escape sequence. A Metroid game just wouldn't be complete
without one. Don't whine, it's been in every Metroid game for as long as I can
remember. So, you have eight minutes to find your way out through all the Data
Shrines. Yep. Don't worry, it's a lot easier than you think.

>>Synergy Core<<

As soon as you step into the room where you got the Binary Subscripture, the
doors will lock and you will be ambushed by several Bits. Kill them all to

In the next area, just drop down to the bottom. Of course, the portal is
offline again. You didn't think it would be that easy, did you? So just keep
going through the doorway.

>>Data Shrine 03<<

Go immediately off to your right and through the door. In the center, just hug
the right wall and go through the first door you come to. Now turn left, and
head for the door to Fan Room Beta. Your progress will be slowed by (surprise)
more Bits. Kill them to unlock the door.

>>Fan Room Beta<<

The door you need to exit by is directly under you.

>>Data Shrine 02<<

Go to the right and stop once you jump off the platform. Roll into Morph Ball
and go through the Morph Ball tunnel right next to you. Kill the Lesser Ithrak
that appears almost immediately after you reach the end, then continue down the
hallway toward the door, where you will be attacked by another Ithrak and a
pair of Alimbic Turrets. Kill them all to open the door.

>>Fan Room Alpha<<

Again, the door is directly under you.

>>Data Shrine 01<<

As soon as you walk through the door, a Lesser Ithrak will fall from the
ceiling. Kill it, then move left. Go through the first door on your right, and
in the middle of the room you will be attacked by a bunch of Bits, including a
new green kind (it's not a new scan, so don't bother). These will shoot more
powerful Battlehammer shots, so kill them first. They almost always drop Medium
Energy, so use those to keep fresh. After killing them all, exit through the
door without blue pillars (^_^) and go left. Kill the Bits and exit through the
door on the right.

>>Meditation Room<<

OK, now this room is absolutely filled with Petrasyls. Ignore them or kill
them, but either way start heading for the passageway in the top right. All the
item crates have respawned, so heal as necessary, then enter the Helm Room for
your final hurdle.

>>Helm Room<<

OK, nothing to see in this first half of the room. These are not the droids
you're looking for. Move along.

|Bioform- Guardian

In the second half, though... it's a different story. You will be attacked by 3
new and rather nasty enemies called Guardians. These robotic warriors are
equipped with all different kinds of weapons, but luckily, these guys only have
the Power Beam. So you can use anything you have against them. The Guardians 
are programmed to act almost identically to the bounty hunters you will fight,
so advanced attacking and dodging techniques (like the ones in the fight with
Kanden, above) apply. Once they're dead, make your way back to your ship and 
save. Now take a sigh of relief.

Congratulations, you've just beaten your first area! Even though you'll be here
again later. 

Scan Percentage: 14%
Octoliths: 12%

Your ship will again scan the Alimbic Cluster, and this time, your destination
will be the fiery planet Alinos. So let's set sail.

Alinos [Game.AL1]

The molten planet Alinos is one of the most dangerous-most of its surface is
covered in magma. Luckily for you, you will be straying through the areas of
the planet where there is solid ground-most of the time.

>>Alinos Gateway<<
|Lore- Alimbic Datashade 01
|Lore- Alimbic Datashade 02
|Lore- Alimbic Prophecy 02
|Object- Alinos
|Object- Magma Station

The room you land in is a large open magma field. But don't worry, there are
plenty of spots with solid ground to stay out of the deadly liquid. Start by
scanning Alinos, right in front of you, and the Magma Station, right behind the
platform your ship is on (easy to miss if you're not looking for it).
Head towards the door, but stop when you're on the strip of land opposite your
ship. To the left is an item, and to the right are some Datashades. Go left,
and jump up the rubble you see. Then morph and roll into the Morph Ball tunnel.
Bomb your way up the short passageway to get a MISSILE EXPANSION [ME.2]. Then
go right and through the door.

>>Echo Hall<<
|Bioform- Zoomer
|Lore- History 01
|Object- Exposed Rebar
|Equipment- Large Energy

Go down the hallway, shooting the plants as necessary (you can't scan them) for
energy. Kill the Zoomers in the room and enter the Morph Ball Tunnel.

In the maze, take a right, then a left, then another left. You should end up in
a small room with three Zoomers. Kill them all for the Shield Key to unlock the
door to the second half of the maze. Roll back up the same way you came, then
take a left, then just go straight down the winding passageway. You'll soon
come to the door. Open it, then roll to the end and go right. There's your
second ENERGY TANK [ET.2]. Turn back (there's nothing else down that way) and
take the other passage. 

|[!]- Sealed Force Field

At the end of it, bomb your way into the tunnel marked by blue pillars and roll
through to the second open area of Echo Hall. Return to biped and collect the
Cartograph Artifact. [AL1.Car] (The reason to return to biped is also to scan
the nearby Sealed Force Field, which is easy to miss.) Go through the tunnel
with blue pillars and into the final room of Echo Hall.

|Bioform- War Wasp

Here you will be ambushed by three annoying War Wasps. Kill them all and go
through the door.

>>High Ground<<

The first part of this room is filled with Zoomers. Kill them to open the
nearby door and go through.

Second part, same thing.

|Object- Purple Force Field
|Object- Flow Regulator
|Lore- Interment Chamber
|Object- Magma Vent

In the third area, there will be a Purple Force Field right up ahead. Scan that
and the Flow Regulator and Interment Chamber nearby, then go to the left. In
this big open circular area, scan the floor for the Magma Vent, then look up.
You may notice that this circular room is open. So go jump up there.

|Lore- Battle Sarcophagus
|Lore- Science Sarcophagus
|Object- Alimbic Scripture
|Bioform- Spire
|Bioform- Blastcap

MINI-BOSS: Spire [AL1.Spi]

As soon as you jump out of the room, you will be attacked by Spire (wow, what
bad aim he has). He will be up on a high ledge that you will not be able to
reach. Return fire with Missiles or the Power Beam until he flees through the
door. The game will direct your attention to another nearby door. But first,
go up the ramp not near the Artifact Shield, and go right to get a MISSILE
EXPANSION. [ME.3] Now take that door by walking up the ramp and heading left.
Watch out for the rather obvious Blastcap.

>>Elder Passage<<
|Bioform- Voldrum
|Bioform- Dialanche
|[!]- Switch

After heading through the door, turn right. You will find yourself trapped by
a force field. A nearby blue generator (not a scan) will continuously spawn a
creature called a Voldrum, an annoying bug thingy that likes to jump a you.
Kill the generator first, then the Voldrum. Another generator will appear, so
do the same. After all Voldrums and generators are dead, Spire will begin
firing from the ledge above you. Fire back with whatever missiles you have
left. After a couple hits, he will fall down and roll into his Dialanche form.
Scan it, then start attacking with anything you have left. It doesn't do too
much damage, so just shoot it and eventually Spire will morph back and bust
through the force field (WTF). Before you follow him, scan the nearby switch to
collect the Shield Key and the Attameter Artifact. [AL1.Att] NOW follow him.

>>High Ground<<

Notice how the music changed as soon as you walked in? That means it's now a
duel to the death. 

Spire will now start charging his Magmaul and setting you on fire, so watch out
for that. If you're low on energy, there are a few scattered plants you can
shoot for Small Energy. Besides that, shoot Spire with Missiles if you have any
left. If not, I would pummel him with Power Beam shots when he's in biped form,
and Morph Ball Bombs when he gets up close to you or when he's in Dialanche
form. Either way, keep blasting him until he gives up the ghost-and the Shield
Key for the Binary Subscripture. [AL1.Bin]

~~~NOTE: If you do die to Spire, you will drop one of your precious Octoliths
and Spire will claim it. You can get it back in a later fight.

Collect it and jump up the series of platforms which just appeared. There will
now be several Psycho Bit generators lining the walls, but if you're quick and
jump up the platforms right away, you can ignore them entirely. Go through the
door with blue pillars (surprised?).

>>Elder Passage<<

There are two portals in here: one to your ship, and the other to the boss.
Obviously, take the one to your ship and save, then return and enter the
Stronghold Portal.

>>Stronghold Void<<

You know what to do. Go through the hallway to the second door, and prepare for
a fight as soon as it opens.

|Lore- Biodefense Chamber B
|Bioform- Slench 1A
|Bioform- Slench 1B
|Bioform- Energy Blaster

BOSS: Slench 1A/1B [AL1.Boss]

Man, this guy is annoying. Basically, Slench is a giant eyeball attached to the
wall by three tentacles. While Slench is attached to the wall, he is
invincible. So guess what? That's right, shoot the tentacles to dislodge him.

The tentacles are powering these devices called Energy Blasters. They will be
firing at you as long as a tentacle is attached to one. So not only do you
dislodge Slench by shooting the tentacles, you deactivate the Blaster. The only
problem is that the tentacles are only stunned for a short time, so you have to
shoot them all down in rapid succession, before they reattach.

Meanwhile, Slench will be shooting these tiny, slow-moving projectiles which
sometimes drop energy or missiles when destroyed. These are easily dodged.

Once they are all detached, Slench 1B (while he's dislodged from the wall, it's
a different scan) will begin moving aroudn the room in a random pattern, all
the while firing weak blasts of energy at you. His weak spot is his pupil. So
unload missiles into his pupil while strafing to dodge his shots. After a
while, he will either reattach because he wants to or because you shot him a
lot (you'll know when you shot him a lot because he will release a flash of
light, just like Cretaphid's crystal). Detach him again, and repeat.

One more thing: when Slench does release that ring of light, the next time he
is detached, his attacks will be quicker, more aggressive, and he will be

moving around quicker. It will be much more difficult to hit him, so make every
shot count. The best way is to wait until he is really close before firing.

After he dies, the Octolith will appear in the center of the room. Don't
collect it. (I wonder how many people will take that statement seriously?) You
will receive a telepathic message which reads:

  ...The cannon holds the power...

Ready for your escape sequence? This time, you have 4 minutes and 30 seconds.
Good luck.

>>Elder Passage<<

Immediately head toward High Ground, going whichever way you want.

>>High Ground<<

Fall toward the big hole in the ground and take the passageway not blocked by a
Yellow Force Field. Go all the way around and through to Echo Hall.

>>Echo Hall<<

Luckily, this time there is only one War Wasp to bug you. Kill it or ignore it,
but either way roll into the Morph Ball Tunnel and into the room where you got
your first artifact here. You will be ambushed by...

MINI-BOSS: Weavel [AL1.Wea]

Weavel will immediately begin shooting painful Battlehammer shots at you. Keep
strafing while you return fire with Missiles. Soon, he will approach the center
of the room and go into his Halfturret form. Shoot the torso, because Weavel
will take much more damage that way. Continue strafing, because the turret will
be shooting at you and the torso wants to turn you into confetti. After a few
shots, Weavel's torso will flee down a tunnel previously blocked off by a Force
Field. You can continue shooting at his turret until it disappears. 

If necessary, there are a few crates in this room that you can shoot to refill
anything you're missing. Now follow him down the tunnel and into the room with
all the Zoomers. Finish him off with whatever you've got, and continue to
strafe to avoid his attacks.

~~~NOTE: If you do die to Weavel, you will drop one of your precious Octoliths
and Weavel will claim it. You can get it back in a later fight.

After he's gone, just go right up the passageway and into Alinos Gateway.

>>Alinos Gateway<<

If you've got almost no time left, then just run right through the magma. If
you've got almost no energy left, don't run through the magma. If you're low on
energy and time, for God's sake don't run through the magma!

Congratulations, you have your second Octolith!

Scan Percentage: 25%
Octoliths: 25%

Your next scan of the Alimbic Cluster will reveal two new planets. You can
choose either planet, but I'm going to do the smaller one first. The smaller of
the two is a small space station called the Vesper Defense Outpost. Prepare to
be frustrated.

Vesper Defense Outpost [Game.VDO1]

Ahh, Vesper. Breathe in the not-so-fresh and unoriginal air of another space
station. At least this one's way cooler.

>>VDO Gateway<<
|Lore- Alimbic Prophecy 03
|Object- VDO

Nothing much to do here. The door to the next room is behind the pillar dead in
front of you. The Prophecy is above that. Go on through.

>>Bioweaponry Lab<<
|Object- Spore Farm
|Object- Lab Equipment
|Object- Fuel Rod
|Object- Mixing Tanks
|Object- Clone Engine

The most noticeable thing about this room is the many, many Petrasyls flying
around the room in circles. If you're low on Energy or Missiles (but why in the
world would you be?), you can commit genocide and get a whole ton of stuff from
their deaths (what do you have against Petrasyls?). Anyway, scan everything and
continue on.

>>Weapons Complex<<
|Object- Frozen Fuel Line
|Bioform- Alimbic Turret v1.4
|Lore- Octolith Safeguard
|Lore- History 03
|Lore- History 04

The circular room you enter first has only one hallway to the left. Take it,
remembering to scan the Frozen Fuel Line on the ground. You will look up and
see a new kind of turret: the Alimbic Turret v1.4. This one shoots a rapid
succession of tiny bullets which are easily avoided. Kill it, and go into the
room on the right. When you do, two Psycho Bit generators will spawn and begin,
um, spawning Bits. Kill them all. Just make sure that when you kill the last of
them that you are not standing on the Force Field in the middle of the floor.

Stay around the outside. When the Force Field vanishes, there will be a pair of
Ithraks hanging from the ceiling of the room below. Shoot them while they are
still hanging, and not only will they die faster, but they don't pose any
threat. See, if you had been standing on the Field when it vanished, you would
have fallen down there and been ambushed. It's not a big deal if that does
happen, I mean come on, they're just lizards. When they're dead, a Shield Key
will spawn in the room. So go get it. And don't worry about the platform coming
down on top of you, it won't kill you. Or do anything, really. Now go back up.
Don't forget to scan the three lore in the corners of this room. You can also
now collect the Attameter Artifact. [VDO1.Att]

Now go back to where the Turret was. You should see a nearby Morph Ball tunnel.
Take it, of course.

>>Cortex CPU<<
|Object- Cortex Chamber
|Equipment- Battlehammer
|[!]- Spectral Lock 1-4

When you reach the ladder of platforms right near the end of the tunnel, bomb
up them and go through the passageway leading left. Watch out for the lasers,
even though they don't do much damage. Get the MISSILE EXPANSION [ME.4] by
Double Bomb Jumping. Afterward, go left across the rising and sinking platform
to a series of jump pads and lasers. Go up the jump pads; you will probably be
hit by one or more lasers. Unless you're almost dead, it doesn't matter.

Go through the tunnel. You will emerge in a small room with a brain in a glass
container (where have we see that before?). As soon as you enter the room, a
Green Force Field will appear over the entrance to the tunnel. There are four
Spectral Locks to scan here. Once you do, you can collect your first
Sub-weapon: the Battlehammer! [VDO1.Btl] Use your new tiny nuclear engine to
destroy the Green Field and return to the laser chamber.

Remember the rising and sinking platform you crossed earlier? Cross it again.
Go back up the passageway where you got the Missile Expansion, and into the
tunnel marked by blue pillars (though these look a little different).

>>Compression Chamber<<
|Equipment- Small UA Pack
|Lore- History 05-07
|Lore- Alimbic War 10
|[!]- Force Field Switch (x2)

In the first part of this room is an inactive Stronghold Portal, a couple of
Histories, and a pair of Green Force Fields. Break through them to initiate a
fight with an Alimbic Turret and some green-Bit generators. Kill them all, then
scan the History, War, and the two switches nearby. Then leave the room through
the same tunnel you entered.

>>Cortex CPU<<

Roll down to the bottom left corner to get into the Morph Ball tunnel, but
first you'll be attacked by a Quadtroid (no, they have no relation to a
Metroid). You can kill it with bombs for a Large Energy. Then roll into the

>>Compression Chamber<<
|Bioform- Psycho Bit v4.0
|Equipment- UA Expansion

|Lore- History 08
|Lore- Oubliette 08

Right as you enter the room, you will be attacked by a new kind of Psycho Bit,
one that shoots freezing blasts of plasma. Avoid the blasts, because you will
take considerable damage from being shot at continuously if you do get frozen.
Kill both generators, then roll through the hole in the pillar to collect your
first UA EXPANSION! [UA.1]

Next, roll through the openings in the wall where Force Fields used to be, then
kill the Lesser Ithrak which shows up. After it dies, a Shield Key will appear.
Collecting it will deactivate a nearby Force Field. Behind the Field is a
tunnel. Roll into it and go up the passageway via the jump pad.

You will find yourself in a high, enclosed room with the Binary Subscripture in
plain sight and free for the taking. [VDO1.Bin] So take it. As soon as you do,
a Guardian will appear on the ground below and begin shooting at you. Unlike
the ones in Celestial Archives, this one is armed with the Volt Driver. Use the
Battlehammer or Missiles to finish it. Now, return to Weapons Complex, through
any way you like.

>>Cortex CPU<<

Just keep rolling, just keep rolling, just keep rolling rolling rolling...

>>Weapons Complex<<
|Bioform- Crash Pillar
|Equipment- Large UA Pack
|Object- Red Blast Shield
|Lore- Alimbic Prophecy 07

Go right across the hallway back to the room with Psycho Bits. Make a left and
blast through the Green Force Field. Kill the Crash Pillar by shooting a
Missile at its underside when it jumps at you. When its dead, a lift will
activate. Ride it up and use the portal. (After you return to your ship and
save, use the jump pads to get back up to the portal.) Then go down the hallway
and you will find a large area with several Force Fields. Go to the opening on
the far right. As soon as you step into it, you will be spotted and attacked

|Bioform- Sylux
|Bioform- Lockjaw
|Object- Delano 7
|Object- Gestation Tanks

MINI-BOSS: Sylux [VDO1.Syl]

Sylux. Grr, he's annoying. Not hard, but annoying. Initially, he will jump and
strafe in biped form, shocking you with the Shock Coil (isn't that redundant?).
I would suggest returning fire with Missiles at close range or getting close
and bombing him. He will soon go into alt form and hover away.

When he flees in Lockjaw form, don't try to catch him. Unless you're really
good with the Boost Ball, just wait for him to get near you. Hit him with
Missiles or (more preferably) bombs. He may also change back into biped form
and shock you again. Repeat the cycle until he enters the large room in the
middle. Follow him into it.

He will now bring on a full assault of weapons, including his ship's
belly-mounted cannon. Don't forget to scan the ship. Anyways, I find in this
room, the most effective strategy is to follow him in Morph Ball and just keep
bombing him. The speed of the Morph Ball will allow you to evade the ship's
cannon, as well as most of Sylux's weapons. Repeat until dead. Or at least
escaping in his ship.

If need be, there are crates in the corners of this central room.

~~~NOTE: If you do die to Sylux, you will drop one of your precious Octoliths
and Sylux will claim it. You can get it back in a later fight.

Once he's gone, the Force Fields will be deactivated and the Shield Key will
appear. Get it, then go through the opening without the blue stripe on the wall
in the background. Scan the Gestation Tanks if you didn't already, then hang a
left. The opening through which the last artifact lies is on your right. So go
grab it. You now have the Cartograph Artifact. [VDO1.Car] Now you have all

So do you remember where the Stronghold Portal was? No? OK, let's play 20
questions. Is it in a cold room? No, ask a different question. Is it in a hot
room? Nope. Ask again. What? "Just shut up and tell me where it is already"?
That's not even a question! Oh fine, you win. Start heading off to the
Compression Chamber. Don't forget to use the portal on your way back.

So take the lift back down to the first floor of the Weapons Complex, and go
to the Morph Ball tunnel.

>>Cortex CPU<<

Go over to the rising and sinking platform and ride it up to the top, then go
right and up to the Morph Ball tunnel with the blue pillars again.

>>Compression Chamber<<

Be careful not to fall down to the first floor right after exiting the tunnel.
If you do fall down, use the Jump Pad that you used to get to the Cartograph to
get back up. Anyway, the Stronghold Portal is on the right.

>>Stronghold Void<<

Walk forward... through the door... through the other door...

(Do I really have to tell you?)

|Bioform- Cratephid v2

BOSS: Cretaphid v2 [VDO1.Boss]

This guy is seriously different from his first iteration. OK not that
different, but still more dangerous.

So in this round, Cretaphid has no lasers. Nope. But don't rejoice, because he
has green plasma balls that... follow you. He likes to create them in bulk, and
have them all rush you. When they do that, major damage can ensue. So shoot the
green plasma to stop them, even though they will detonate shortly anyway.

Again, his weak spots are the blue dots. This time around, when a dot turns
blue, a plasma ball is going to be created from it. So shoot it quickly. Your
one source of salvation should you be dying is that the blue dots are much more
likely to give you a Small Energy or a Small Missile than the first Cretaphid.
Anyway, keep shooting the dots until the crystal comes out.

When it does, shoot it with missiles while strafing to avoid its energy blasts.
When the crystal flashes, the next time it starts sending out plasma balls, it
will be sending out more than it did before. Repeat this pattern until he dies

And don't worry if you do get hit by a few plasma balls. Individually they're
nearly harmless, and they're easy to stop.

Once the wooden pole has been reduced to splinters, collect the Energy around
the room if necessary, then get your third Octolith. A telepathic message will
appear from the Alimbics:

  ...Do not trust your senses... they deceive you...

Hmm, ominous. Ready for your third escape sequence, which you have 3 minutes
for? Aw stop complaining, three minutes is plenty of time for this place.

>>Compression Chamber<<

As soon as you enter the room, you'll hear the Guardian fight music. Don't try
to fight the idiot. Just run. Take whichever tunnel you want to the Cortex CPU.

>>Cortex CPU<<

Just roll over to Weapons Complex...

>>Weapons Complex<<

Immediately head to the hallway on the right and through the door farther up.
Look familiar? Head through to the Petrasyl room.

>>Bioweaponry Lab<<

Kill the Petrasyls if they are in your way or if you need Energy.

>>VDO Gateway<<

Use one of the Jump Pads to get to your ship really quickly. If done right, the
whole sequence should have taken you only about one minute. Told you three was
more than enough.

You now have three Octoliths!

Scan Percentage: 37%
Octoliths: 37%

Now, on to your last planet, the icy Arcterra, which is not a space station!
*crowd gasps* Hope you love the Morph Ball, because you'll be using it plenty
in here.

Arcterra [Game.AR1]

This place is cool. Literally. It's not called "Arcterra" for nothing.

>>Arcterra Gateway<<
|Object- Arcterra
|Object- Alimbic Crest
|Lore- Alimbic Prophecy 04
|Bioform- Geemer
|Bioform- Shriekbat

Start by scanning the computer console next to your ship. Then scan the
prophecy above the doorway (OK it's not really a doorway 'cause there's no
door, stop being so picky). Then continue on down the path. You'll meet some
Geemers, which are tougher versions of Zoomers, and can't be killed with the
Power Beam. Move on, and scan the Alimbic Crest on the wall. When you get to
another platform sticking out of the wall, you can look up and see some
Shriekbats. They will divebomb you, killing themselves in the process. Now that
all the scans are taken care of, drop to the bottom and go through the door.

>>Sic Transit<<
|Bioform- Noxus
|Bioform- Vhoscythe
|Object- Alimbic Emblem
|Object- Orange Blast Shield
|Object- Purple Blast Shield
|Object- Damaged Bridge
|[!]- Proxy Lock (x6)

There is only one way to go. One passageway is blocked by a Force Field, so go
through the other and you'll find Noxus and Trace in the midst of a heated
battle. Unfortunately for you, Noxus will spot you and decide to go for you
instead of Trace.

MINI-BOSS: Noxus [AR1.Nox]

Why he decides to attack you when Trace was the one attacking him is beyond me.
By the time he gets to you, he will likely have a charged Judicator ready,
which will freeze you if you're too close. So keep your distance and hit him.
Just shoot missiles at him until he goes into his Vhoscythe, then go into your
Morph Ball and lay bombs in your wake. If he follows you, he'll get damaged. If
he doesn't you won't get damaged. Either way, you win.

Anyway, eventually you'll start fighting out in the open. Trace is still up on
the bridge, and he will target whichever of the two of you he feels like (or
whoever isn't behind cover). In order to avoid Trace's sniper shots, Noxus will
hide under the nearby ramp and fire Judicator shots from there. Keep firing
whatever you have at him and he'll go down quick.

~~~NOTE: If you do die to Noxus, you will drop one of your precious Octoliths
and Noxus will claim it. You can get it back in a later fight.

Once he's defeated, the Force Fields will dissipate, and you'll have to go on a
search for six Proxy Locks.

I found them in this order:

Proxy Lock 5: In the open area where you just fought Noxus, there is an Orange
Door behind a Force Field. Go into that area and there will be the Lock on the

Proxy Lock 6: Go back in the hallway that you came from. Go down the way that
you haven't been yet. Kill or ignore the Bits, then continue forward. Soon, on
the left, there will be an indentation with an Alimbic Turret v1.0 and the 6th

Proxy Lock 1: Continue down the hallway, and you'll soon reach a locked door.
Jump onto the platform next to the door and turn to the right. The 1st Lock
be up on the wall.

Proxy Lock 2, 3, and 4: Go up the winding pathway until you reach the bridge.
All three of the last locks are on the bridge's supports.

Once you have gotten all three locks, a door on the bottom floor will unlock.
Go through it and claim the Attameter Artifact. [AR1.Att]

Don't leave this little room just yet. See the grating up there? Roll under it
in Morph Ball form and ride the elevator up to the top. At the top, do a Bomb
Jump to get your third ENERGY TANK. [ET.3]

Now, remember that locked door you stood next to for Proxy Lock 1? It's now
unlocked, so go through it.

>>Ice Hive<<
|Object- Disabled Jump Pad
|Object- Vault Door
|Lore- Alimbic Pride 01
|Bioform- Barbed War Wasp
|[!]- Energy Router A-F
|[!]- Door Controller Unit

On your right is a small hallway which you should not walk down just yet, on
your left is a Purple Force Field, and straight ahead of you is... a pit. Walk
into the pit and fall down into the large central chamber. You will fall down
on top of a Disabled Jump Pad. This is one of your few chances to scan one, so
do it. After, you'll see a bunch of Energy Routers, all but one being blocked
by a Force Field. Scan the one that isn't to free the others, then scan the
others. Once you do, a current will run through some War Wasp nests and awaken
a nasty new breed called Barbed War Wasps. These can shoot stingers from far
away. And no, the nests themselves cannot be scanned.

In order to destroy these insects, you must destroy their nests. Two missiles
will do nicely. Then focus your efforts on the bugs themselves. Once they're
dead, you can scan the large door which the power lines are leading to, then
use the now-functional Jump Pad to get up to the door. Take the small hallway
which you should now walk down, and on the left in the computer terminal that
you saw in the cutscene after defeating the War Wasps. Scan it to open the big

|Bioform- Blue Barbed War Wasp
|Object- Witherite Shards
|Object- Ammolite Shards
|Object- Alimbic Insignia
|Equipment- Judicator
|[!]- Platform Controller

When you walk up the vault door, you will be attacked by a Blue Barbed War
Wasp, which, like the Psycho Bit v4.0, can freeze you. Destroy the nest first,
then kill the Wasp. Scan the nearby minerals, the Ammonite and Witherite Shards
(the Witherites are above you).

Go into the next room, through the opening nearby. You will be shown a cutscene
and the location of your next Sub-weapon. Go up the ramp and scan the large
swirly Alimbic Insignia on the wall. Then go up the rubble bridge to the other
side of this gap. Go to the right and you'll see a weird panning light on the
wall. Scan it and some platforms will activate.

Next to the light you just scanned is a Morph Ball tunnel. Roll into it and lay
a bomb. This can be difficult, so if you have Stylus Mode as your control
scheme, I would suggest using the Stylus for finer control of the Morph Ball.
Bomb onto the platform, then roll left (NOT TOO FAR) and bomb onto the platform
which is going up and down (TAKE YOUR TIME). Once it's at the top, roll right
and keep going until you get to another platform. This one will start moving
sideways until it reaches a wall. It will then start moving sideways in a
different direction, toward some other platforms. Roll across them all to the
opposite wall. Roll through the tunnel to the left until you fall down. You can
now get the Judicator! [AR1.Jud]

If you ever fall down or make a mistake, you must wait for the whole thing to
reset, then restart it all over, so be careful.

|Object- Ice Bridge
|Object- Heating System
|Lore- History 09-11
|[!]- Switch

Once you have your Ice Beam-esque weapon, blast through the nearest Purple
Field on the left. Scan the Ice Bridge that you walk across, then scan the
Histories surrounding the Stronghold Portal. Now go back to the Ice Bridge and
shoot the Purple Field nearby (you can't miss it). In that room, on the right
is a UA EXPANSION [UA.2] and on the left is a Turret 1.0. Kill it and a Shield
Key will appear. Scan the fan-like structure right above you (it's a heating
system, apparently), then go down and collect the Cartograph Artifact.
[AR1.Car] Don't worry about falling down to the area below it, you will come to
no harm. Just use the nearby Jump Pad to get back up.

Go through the small hallway right in front of you until you reach a portal.
Use it now. After you return, go down the nearby hallway filled with plants. On
your way down, you should see a Morph Ball tunnel on the left. Roll into it and
grab the MISSILE EXPANSION. [ME.5] Now roll off the ledge and destroy the
nearby Purple Field. Behind it is another UA EXPANSION. [UA.3]

Now take the Jump Pad back up to the door and return to Sic Transit.

>>Sic Transit<<

Your destination is to your immediate left. Jump up the platforms and go
through the previously inaccessible Purple Door.

>>Frost Labyrinth<<

This place is exactly as it sounds. A confusing maze. So follow my instructions

~~~NOTE: When I say to turn in a specific direction, it means at the next
junction where the path splits.

Make a right, then go up, then another right. You will see the Shield Key
floating in the air above a crack in the ice. Double Bomb Jump to reach it.

Now, instead of going for the door you just unlocked, go down, then down again.
Follow this passageway, then turn left. Go up, up again, and right. There will
be some enemies and some pillars to disorient you. To make it simpler, just
head for the top right corner of this room. You'll collect another ENERGY TANK.
[ET.4] Now go get the last Artifact.

The door flanked by blue pillars is now open, so roll on through and collect
the Binary Subscripture. [AR1.Bin] Now roll back to Sic Transit.

>>Sic Transit<<

Nothign to see here. Just go forward along the ledge and take your first, last,

and only door on the right.

>>Ice Hive<<

Go to the left through the plants in order to get to the Portal and save. Then
jump up on the nearby crystal sticking out of the wall and use it to get up to
the Stronghold Portal. If you can't, just go the long way around.

>>Stronghold Void<<

Cautiously forward...

|Bioform- Slench 2A
|Bioform- Slench 2B

BOSS: Slench 2A/2B [AR1.Boss]

Oh man, another Slench? Yes, another Slench. This one commands the power of
fire in its Energy Blasters. So, inversely, he is weak to cold (AKA your
Judicator). Avoid the Energy Blasters' shots and destroy the tentacles. Once
he is dislodged from the wall, he will begin firing rapid flaming shots at you
which can set you on fire. So strafe while shooting at his pupil. Be careful,
because you may find yourself wasting a lot more ammo than you think.

After he reattaches, whether he flashed or not, repeat the cycle. If you find
yourself running out of Energy or Ammo or whatever you need, stand near the
back of the room and shoot at the green energy balls he shoots at you (the ones
that move really slowly). They will usually give you UA Ammo, so just keep
shooting. And stay vigilant, because even at that range the Energy Blasters
have pretty good accuracy.

If he does flash, the next time he dislodges from the wall, he will float
around faster and be much harder to hit. At this point, only shoot at him when
he's really close to you or you think you're really good at aiming.

Once the annoying flying eyeball has been reduced to vitreous humor, collect
your Octolith! Another message will arrive:

  ...Our people are gone, yet we remain...

Really. OK, so let's get out of here. You have seven minutes, which may seem
more generous than it actually is.

So just keep going, you should know the way.

>>Ice Hive<<

Through the hallway of plants, and through the door.

>>Sic Transit<<

Go forward into the hallway with the Force Field, and go through the opening to
the left of the Field. You'll enter the open area opposite where you fought
Noxus. Go up the nearby ramp and a Guardian will appear... and immediately
cease to exist at the hands of a laser sniper. Yep, you guessed it, it's...

|Bioform- Trace
|Bioform- Triskelion

MINI-BOSS: Trace [AR1.Tra]

Of all the inopportune times... whatever. So, he'll be shooting at you from the
ledge which previously you took to get to the Frost Labyrinth. Keep moving, and
most of his shots will miss. Fire missiles at him and he'll soon drop down and
go into Triskelion form. As long as you stay away from this annoying jumping
bug, you won't take too much damage. If he does get close, just keep jumping.
It's the easiest way to avoid his attack.

He probably will eventually go back into biped and start sniping at you again.
Shoot him with whatever you want, and he'll start switching randomly between
biped and Triskelion. Just keep firing and he'll go down eventually, as will
the nearby Force Fields.

And make sure you ALWAYS know where he is, because otherwise he will turn
invisible and make problems for you.

~~~NOTE: If you do die to Trace, you will drop one of your precious Octoliths
and Trace will claim it. You can get it back in a later fight.

Now go through the doorway leading to the Arcterra Gateway.

>>Arcterra Gateway<<

Climb up the set of stairs formed by the boxes, then you will be ambushed by a
trio of Guardians. Again. I think you know the drill. If not, I find the
Missiles and the Judicator to be most effective. Try to be really aggressive,
because you don't have much time.

Once they're dead, jump up the set of stairs again, and just follow the
platforms and ledges (and Geemers) up to your ship. Congratulations, you have
secured another Octolith!

Scan Percentage: 49%
Octoliths: 50%

From here on, we will be revisiting each planet we've already been to for a
second Octolith. I'm going to walk through them all in the same order that I
did the first time.

~~~NOTE: From here on, you can tell which bounty hunters are where by moving
the crosshairs over a planet. It will list which hunters are currently there,
and how many of your Octoliths they have. If there are none, you won't meet any
on that planet. If there are some, they may attack you randomly in the larger

Celestial Archives [Game.CA2]

So, the second time around here. But this will be far from easy.

>>Celestial Gateway<<

Remember the Green Force Field directly under your ship? You can destroy that
now. Go down into the hole and collect a UA EXPANSION. [UA.4] Now go to the
portal that brings you to the Synergy Core.

>>Synergy Core<<

Go to the Data Shrine 03.

>>Data Shrine 03<<

Here you may be attacked by Guardians or a hunter. So kill whatever appears and
move on to Fan Room Beta.

>>Fan Room Beta<<

Door right below you.

>>Data Shrine 02<<
|Equipment- Volt Driver
|Object- Medical Hub
|Object- Literary Hub

Now that you have the Battlehammer, you can open some of them Green doors. Do
so. You'll be attacked by either a hunter or some Guardians armed with the Volt
Driver. Kill them, then collect another UA EXPANSION [UA.5] right in the middle
of the room. Then jump up the blue-pillar platform to the blue-pillar tunnel
and collect your Volt Driver! [CA2.Vlt]

Now, return to Synergy Core.

>>Fan Room Beta<<

Nothing to see here, just go up to DS 03. (lol DS)

>>Data Shrine 03<<

Go 'round to Fan Room Alpha. You may again be attacked by Guardians or a

>>Synergy Core<<
|Object- Yellow Blast Shield
|Lore- Alimbic Prophecy 05

Save, then jump up and destroy the Yellow Force Field. Down the hallway is an
elevator. Ride it up. You'll find a Jump Pad which will bring you to a Yellow
Door and Alimbic Prophecy 05. Now go through the door.

You'll find a solitary portal. Take it.

>>Transfer Lock<<
|Object- Docking Bay L1
|Object- Docking Bay L2
|Object- Docking Bay L3

This place has another UA EXPANSION [UA.6] on the bottom floor, so go grab it
and go through one of the Force Fields.

|Bioform- Psycho Bit v2.0
|Object- Photon Stabilizer
|[!]- Switch
|[!]- Portal Controller

Ready for some heavy action? Alright, so right away you will be attacked by
Psycho Bits and Voldrums, with generators. Obviously, destory the generators
first. As soon as that's done, destroy the Guardians which appear immediately
after that. I would suggest staying near the bottom floor, for more maneuvering
room. Once they're dead, scan the beam of light between sections of the bridge
in the air for the Photon Stabilizer. Now go to the back of the room. You will
encounter a new Psycho Bit, version 2.0 (why the heck do you fight version 4.0
before 2.0?). These are armed with the Volt Driver, and will distort your
vision. Kill the generators and the Bits. With each generator you destroy, a
cutscene will direct your attention to a projectile-sensitive switch nearby.
Shoot them to activate more projectile switches. Finally, shoot those to
activate a portal which can only be reached by crossing the photon bridge.

>>Docking Bay<<
|Lore- Final Wish
|Lore- Alimbic Order 01-04

As soon as you step out, you will be assaulted by another Volt Driver Guardian.
Do what you have to do to destroy it; it should be routine by now. Collect the
Shield Key, then scan the two Alimbic Orders on either end of the platform
you're on, and the Final Wish on the end of the bridge. Then jump on the lowest
moving platform, which will bring you to another Alimbic Order and the
Cartograph Artifact. [CA2.Car]

Now return to the mainland and get on top of the bridge. At the end of it are
four different moving platforms. Get on the second from the left and ride it
over to another UA EXPANSION. [UA.7] You will also find the last Alimbic Order
on this island. Ride back and take the first one on your right (facing toward
the island where the Artifact was). It will bring you to a portal which leads
to the Incubation Vaults.

>>Incubation Vault 02<<
|Bioform- Electro Voldrum
|Object- Blue Force Field
|Equipment- Shock Coil

The first thing you'll notice is the Crash Pillar in the middle of the room.
Kill it, then some green Bits and generators will appear on the wall. Dispose
of them, and then some new enemies, Electro Voldrums, which shoot (again)
charged Volt Driver shots, will appear along with generators. Plus a Guardian
or two in the mix. When they're all finally dead, scan the Blue Force Field and
your lovely Shock Coil behind it.

Now, there are three portals in this room. One is next to the Blue Field, but
the one you need to take is right near the wall directly opposite the Field.
Take that one.

>>Incubation Vault 03<<
|Object- Incubation Tank B
|Object- Portal Control

The first thing you see is a MISSILE EXPANSION. [ME.6] Grab it, scan the
Incubation Tank and Portal Control, below, then return to Vault 02.

>>Incubation Vault 02<<

Now take the portal right next to the Blue Field to Incubation Vault 01.

>>Incubation Vault 01<<
|Object- Incubation Tank A

You will be teleported to another catwalk, where you will be shot at by
Guardians with Missiles. Kill them both to open the Force Field and reveal the
Shield Key nearby. Try not to fall down, so that you don't have to return to
the Docking Bay and go back through Vault 02 to get back here. So get the Key,
and then get the Attameter Artifact. [CA2.Att] Next, in the middle of the
catwalk in Vault 02 is another portal. Take that back to Vault 02.

>>Incubation Vault 02<<

Go forward, then take a right into the side room. Drop down to claim your Shock
Coil! [CA2.Shk]

Now that you have the proper equipment to destroy Blue Force Fields, do so to
the one in front of you. Then return to Vault 03 through the portal opposite
where the Blue Field used to be.

>>Incubation Vault 03<<

Stay on the catwalk and head toward the Blue Field guarding the side room.
Break it, then drop down. Destroy the other Blue Field, but then take the near
portal to your next destination.

>>Tetra Vista<<
|Object- Gravity Stabilizer
|Object- Shield Generator

Be EXTREMELY careful here, as a single misstep will kill you instantly. Don't
worry, it's not too bad. The game's checkpoint system means that if you die
here, you die for real.  Just kidding. If you fall, you will restart
at the beginning of the room. You will also have to rescan everything.

Finally, watch out for the Bit 2.0's that will harass you on your way. They
don't appear to respawn infinitely, so take your time in killing them all, and
watch and plan every jump you make.

>>New Arrival Registration<<
|Bioform- Quadtroid

In the first short hallway, you will be locked in with three Quadtroids. These
small creatures are weak and go down with just a couple missiles. If they do
attach, use Bombs to detach them. Once all three are dead, the doors unlock.

|[!]- Switch

In the second part (or parts), you will again be in the void of space. You are
at the base of a tall cylindrical structure. There is a small ledge that you
are walking on, are further down around it is a much-needed portal. Scan the
switch and use it, then breathe a sigh of relief. Now return, and watch out for
the Bit 2.0's that appear. Jump on the vertically mobile platform. It will lead
to a row of three, so jump on the end one and ride it even higher. It will in
turn lead to another, which is within jumping distance of a ledge which goes to
a second cylinder. Yes, another one.

|Lore- Gorea 06-09

Jump on the platform to your left, which will lead to another closer to the
middle of the cylinder. Jump form that one to the room straight ahead. Around
the Artifact Shield are four Gorea scans. Scan them all for a Shield Key to
appear. Grab the Shield Key, and then the Binary Subscripture. [CA2.Bin]

|Bioform- Greater Ithrak

As soon as you grab it, you will hear a roar. Look on the ceiling and you will
see a Greater Ithrak. As long as you're not close to the exit, it won't fall
down. You can scan it and fire on it from here, but its only weakness is its
tail. So either shoot it or let it fall, but when it dies, go to the exit and
fall down to the ledge on the left. Go around its perimeter and use the
rising-falling platform to get to the last cylinder.

Go around the perimeter again and jump to the immobile platform to get to an
ENERGY TANK. [ET.5] Now go back and ride the platform up, then jump to the next
one and ride that up, then finally to the immobile platform which is a single
jump away from a door, into the Stronghold Portal, and out of this damn place.

>>Stronghold Void<<

You should know what to do by now...

|Bioform- Slench 3A
|Bioform- Slench 3B

BOSS: Slench 3A/3B [CA2.Boss]

This time, Slench can be damaged by anything! Technically, anyway. The only
weapon that does any sort of significant damage is the Battlehammer. Don't
forget that the Battlehammer's shots curve, so aim carefully to compensate.

The Energy Blaster's attack this time around fire Volt Driver shots... yep. Man
I am getting sick of the charged Volt Driver shots. *goes outside*   *sees
squirrel fight a bird over some seeds*   *sees the bird pull out a Volt Driver*
*runs inside and hides under the bed*

When you do detach him, it will be almost impossible to hit him from long
range. So be patient and hit him when he gets close.

One more thing: he has a new attack. With this one, he shuts his eyelid(s?),
has a seizure, and rams you. It does a fair bit of damage, so as soon as you
see him close his eyelid(s?) and shake, go into Morph Ball and Boost like

Apart from that, you should know the pattern. Lather, rinse, repeat.

After you've beaten his sorry, um, ocular nerve, you can collect your fifth
Octolith! You will receive another message:

  ...The cancer tried...

These messages just keep getting weirder. Anyway, your next escape sequence is
the hardest of them all. You have 8 and a half minutes. Trust me, it's harder
than it looks. Remember the endless void? How you could take your time before?
Now you can't.

>>New Arrival Registration<<

Drop down immediately to the bottom ledge and go through to the second
cylinder. Ride the platform up and jump to the other moving one, either with or
without the immobile one. So go to the top and through the hallway to the first

Drop down to the bottom ledge again and go through the short Quadtroid hallway
(which has none).

>>Tetra Vista<<

This is the room most likely for you to die in. The Bits are still here,
unfortunately. Ignore them. When you get to about halfway through the room, you
will find a jump you cannot make. However, there is another path of platforms
to the right, sneaking behind a section of floating wall. Take it and go into
the portal at the end.

>>Incubation Vault 03<<

Thanks to nphp20 for pointing out that this is Incubation Room 03. nphp20 also
says that Guardians may or may not appear here.

Anyway, kill the two Guardians (which is the only way to activate all portals
in the room) and then step into the portal next to the blue computer screen. It
will take you right to the Docking Bay.

>>Docking Bay<<

You will appear right at the start of the bridge, so drop to the right and into
the portal.

>>Transfer Lock<<

The portal back to Synergy Core is directly below you.

>>Synergy Core<<

Thanks to nphp20 for reminding me that Guardians show up in all three Data 

From here, the escape route is identical to the one in the first visit, so
refer to the first visit to find out how to escape. The difference is that
Guardians will attack in all three Data Shrines, and will have to be killed to
unlock the doors and continue. I think you can handle it from here.

Scan Percentage: 63%
Octoliths: 62%

Yay, you'll never have to return here again! Unless a hunter who stole one of
your Octoliths is here. But rejoice! Because that hasn't happened! Right? Now,
on to Alinos, for your second and much more fiery visit.

Alinos [Game.AL2]

Back here again. Yay. So, ready to get really hot?

>>Alinos Gateway<<

Take the portal on the left back to High Ground.

>>High Ground<<

Do not go in the Stronghold Portal, but go left through the door and into the
main area. If any rival hunters are on the planet, most likely you will meet
them here. I find the Shock Coil to be most useful, unless it's Sylux. The guys
are really stupid and slow, and it's easy to keep a lock on long enough to kill
them in seconds. If no hunter is there, it'll be Guardians. Once whatever is
there is dead, drop into the central circle and destroy the Yellow Fields.

Now destroy the Purple Force Field guarding a Morph Ball tunnel and a Large
Energy. It appears to go into lava, and it does, but it won't hurt you too
much. Go into it.

This is a really long Morph Ball tunnel into the depths of lava, which will do
3 damage per second. Don't worry, there are plently of Medium Energies along
the way to keep you alive. If you get stuck, just keep rolling, you can make

As soon as you reach the bottom, where you can only go right, go as far right
as you can and bomb jump. It will carry you a REALLY long way. There will be a
ledge on the left, and as soon as you start coming back down, hug the right
wall to land on it. Bomb jump from that ledge onto the one with the Medium 
Energy (you'll have to lay another bomb just before the peak of your jump), and
continue bombing up. You'll soon see a ledge on the right with a UA EXPANSION.

|Object- Thermal Regulator
|Lore- History 02
|Lore- Alimbic Prophecy 06
|[!]- Switch

Now return to the main area where you just fought the Guardians or hunter. Go
up the ramp that leads to the Purple Force Field, and go through it.

Up the ramp is a platform with a big hole that you should not fall down, and a
switch activating a moving platform. Ride it across to the Purple Door.

>>Alimbic Garden<<
|Bioform- Red Barbed War Wasp
|Lore- Gorea 01-02
|Lore- Alimbic War 02
|Object- Alimbic Garden

As soon as you step in, you will see some Zoomers climbing walls, and you will
find yourself hit by something. Look up to see a Red Barbed War Wasp, which
shoots fiery projectiles. Return the favor with the Judicator. Go up the steps
and into the main area, where Geemers, another Red Wasp, and a Blastcap await.
Oh, and Sylux's ship, the Delano 7, passes overhead. Not to worry. Scan and/or
kill everything here, then head through the door to your first real lava room.

>>Thermal Vast<<

Initially it won't look like anything special, but once you roll through the
tunnel, you will come to one of the biggest lava-filled rooms in the game. The
platform you need to ride across is right in front of you. So wait for it to
come, then jump on to the one of your left (it may take a few times back and
forth for the two to match timing with each other), then jump on the one on
your right (again, wait for them to align). You will see a ledge with a tunnel,
which you should enter. At the end is a Jump Pad.

}Bioform- Psycho Bit v3.0

Once you go on the Jump Pad and land, return to biped and kill the new Psycho
Bit, version 3.0, which shoots (surprise) fire. Kill it with Judicator shots,
and destroy the generators. Then go up the narrow winding path on the right to
another tunnel. This one leads to Alinos Perch.

>>Alinos Perch<<

As soon as you step in here, you will find yourself fighting Guardians. Kill
them quickly with the Judicator, and go through the door shown in the
post-mortem cutscene.

>>Council Chamber<<
|Bioform- Fire Spawn
|Object- Wall Scroll
|Object- Glyph Pattern

|Object- Council Chamber
|Object- Orange Force Field
|Equipment- Magmaul
|[!]- Jump Pad Switch

At first, you will find a couple of crates containing UA Ammo. Not particularly
useful. As soon as you step past the light field, into the central chamber of
lava, you will be attacked by a rather nasty enemy called a Fire Spawn. Shoot
Judicator shots into its open mouth to kill it. Keep strafing and jumping to
avoid its attack, which will set you on fire. Once it's dead, your next weapon
will be up for grabs: the Magmaul! [AL2.Mag]

Use the Magmaul to destroy the nearest Orange Force Field. At the end of the
short hallway is an ENERGY TANK. [ET.6] Now return out the way you came (you'll
have to destroy an Orange Field to do it).

>>Alinos Perch<<
|Bioform- Magma Voldrum
|Object- Ceremonial Charms
|[!]- Platform Switch (x3)
|[!]- Security Computer

Go back to the open area where you fought the Guardians. On the short pillar
nearby is a Platform Switch. Activate it, then go up the nearby ramp to the
second Platform Switch. Shoot it, then go up the far ramp to the upper edge of
the room. You'll find youself shot at by new Magma Voldrums, which shoot (you
guessed it) fire. So kill them with Judicator and kill the nearby Turret v1.2,
and go through the Orange Field just above you.

The last Switch is up the ramp on the right, guarded by Bits, and on the left
is another MISSILE EXPANSION. [ME.7] Get the Switch, then use the Jump Pad on
the platform you just activated. Go to the very top mesa of this area and scan
the Security Computer.

Next, go to the farther of the two platforms on the other side of the room. Use
it to get to the door.

>>Crash Site<<
|Object- Structural Debris
|Lore- Alimbic Pride 03

Scan everything in here, then jump onto the platform on which the Blastcap
rests (the one that's actually on a platform). There's a Shield Key right
there, so grab it and you can go get your Cartograph Artifact. [AL2.Car] Now
return to the Council Chamber

>>Council Chamber<<
|Lore- Gorea 05
|Lore- Alimbic War 03
|Lore- Alimbic War 07
|Lore- Alimbic Pride 04
|[!]- Security Computer

OK, now as soon as you enter the room where you engaged the Fire Spawn, look
right. See the Orange Field? Go through it. You will be attacked by a Guardian
armed with the Magmaul. Use the Judicator for best results. Go to the right
(scanning along the way, there's lots of them) and scan the Security Computer
to lower the Force Field.

|Bioform- Ice Voldrum
|[!]- Security Computer
|[!]- Switch

Use the now-available Jump Pad. When you get up there, you will be dive-bombed
by Shriekbats. Kill them or avoid them, but step into the room and you will
initiate a battle between you and a Magma and Ice Voldrum generator. Kill it
all, then use the portal nearby to save. Return to the Council Chamber.

Now go into the nearby room with the Petrasyls and scan the Security Computer
nearby to make a Shield Key appear. Get it and the Force Field will disappear,
allowing you to use the Jump Pad down there to reach the Attameter Artifact.
[AL2.Att] Now go through the door in the middle of the large circular room.

>>Processor Core<<
|Object- Lava Processor 01-02
|Object- Backup Processor
|Lore- Alimbic Pride 02

Right on the other side of this room, across the catwalk, is another UA
EXPANSION. [UA.9] Now go scan everything, and then use the Jump Pad in one of
the pillars to go across the catwalk to the other pillar. It's a slowly rising
and sinking elevator, so get on it, go into Morph Ball, and wait for it to hit

Once it does, go through the tunnel and prepare for the hardest Morph Ball maze
in the game. Easy to die, and you have to start at the beginning if you do.

Part One: The Bridge Over Troubled Magma

This bridge runs over the lava, and all you have to do is traverse the bridge.
Easy, right? Nope, there are big pistons that will knock you into the lava. If
you fall in, there are points that you can get out; after every grate is a spot
where you can get back on.

Part Two: The Speedy Run

This is the easiest part. Roll through the first pair of pistons, then Boost
through the second two pairs, and then go through the third pair. If you fail,
they will crush you against the wall and instant-kill you. So be careful!

Part Three: The Impossible Chambers of Doom

This part will probably kill you several times and may lead you to throw your
DS at the wall. Do not, or this walkthrough will no longer be able to help you.
In the first chamber, the pistons fall in a timed rhythm that makes it easy to
slip right through. Just roll quickly, and you should have no trouble. It's the
second part which gives everyone trouble.

The second part has pistons which are not in a synchronized rhythm. You'll have
to bomb your way up to get past the first few, then bomb up again to avoid a
faster one, then drop down and avoid a couple of slow ones. Then bomb up one
more time and you're there.

Now bomb your way up the rock stairs and up to the Shield Key. Now go get your
Binary Subscripture. [AL2.Bin] Now go back up the stairs and through the
tunnel. Hopefully you didn't die too many times.

Instead of taking the Stronghold Portal right away, I suggest you go back and
use the portal one more time. Then go back and go to...

>>Stronghold Void<<

Go through the two doors and prepare to face another wooden pole.

|Bioform- Cretaphid v3

BOSS: Cretaphid v3 [AL2.Boss]

This guy just keeps getting easier. So there's nothing really special about
this totem pole, except that he is a combination of both of the first two
Cretaphids. He can shoot both fiery lasers and plasma balls. The same wait-for-
the-dots-to-turn-blue technique applies.

One major difference is that this time, the dots that shoot lasers can and must
be turned off as well in order to expose his weakness.

Speaking of his weakness, I find the weapon that kills him the quickest is the
Shock Coil. As long as you stay locked on, you can do major damage in a short
period of time. He should go down very quickly.

Now collect your sixth Octolith! As soon as you do, a message will appear:

  ...Lost... we are all...

OK, here's a map... oh wait.

Ready for the escape sequence? You'll have five minutes. ReadysetGO!

>>Processor Core<<

OK so as soon as you are back in Processor Core, go in the right pillar. Get up
on the catwalk and take the door out to Council Chamber. 

>>Council Chamber<<

You'll fight a hunter or Guardian here, so kill them or ignore them and move
on. Shock Coil works nicely. Go out to Alinos Perch.

>>Alinos Perch<<

You'll fight another hunter or guardian here. Kill whatever moves and go to the
big fiery place. (Not there, you n00b.)

>>Thermal Vast<<

Take the Jump Pad to get across the room in a heartbeat.

>>Alinos Garden<<

Ignore the Red Wasp and go to High Ground.

>>High Ground<<

You'll probably have to fight another hunter or Guardian here. Again, kill or
ignore. Continue on to Echo Hall.

>>Echo Hall<<

You may have to fight one or even two hunters here. Finish up by going to your

>>Alinos Gateway<<

Congratulations, you have 6 of 8 Octoliths!

Scan Percentage: 76%
Octoliths: 75%

Now here, you are actually going to return to Arcterra before Vesper. See,
miracles do happen!

Arcterra [Game.AR2]

Back here again. But this time, you might actually have some fun!

>>Arcterra Gateway<<

Just fall all the way down and jump right before you land to eliminate any

>>Sic Transit<<

Remember the Proxy Lock with the Orange Door next to it? That's right, you can
go through that door. It's in the first big room on your right. You can either
kill or ignore the Voldrums in the room.

>>Fault Line<<
|Object- Shock Barrier
|Lore- Alimbic War 09
|Lore- Seal Sphere 01

Right ahead of you, crawling on the wall, is a Quadtroid. Kill it now, and scan
the electric beam things on the right. Don't approach them or you'll take
unnecessary damage.

Go to the left, scan the two lore, and kill the last three Quadtroids to shut
down the Force Field. Go through one of the two passageways and into the open

|Bioform- Arctic Spawn
|Equipment- Imperialist
|Lore- Alimbic Prophecy 08

As soon as you step out into the open, a huge Arctic Spawn beast will rise out
of the ground and start shooting big freezing projectiles at you which will...
freeze you. Dodge them and shoot its open mouth with Magmaul shots. Sometimes
it will dive down under the surface and reappear much closer to you. Be wary,
and it will go down quickly.

Once it's dead, you last weapon will appear: the Imperialist! [AR2.Imp]
Awesome ;)

OK, as soon as you get it, a cutscene will focus on a red blinking sensor high
up on a wall. Use your new sniper (double-tap the Imperialist icon or press R
or Select to activate scope) to hit the sensor. A platform will begin to sink.
Don't ride it up just yet. Instead, go through the nearby Red Door.

>>Frost Labyrinth<<

Ah, this place. Back again. Head up toward the top of the maze by going left,
up, up, and left. You should reach a Red Door. Go through it, of course (I
shouldn't have to tell you these things).

|Object- Spectral Locks
|Lore- Alimbic War 01
|Lore- Alimbic War 06
|Lore- Alimbic War 12
|Lore- Gorea 03-04
|[!]- Spectral Lock (x3)

Start by heading off to the left. Going around the perimeter will lead you to
another UA EXPANSION. [UA.10]

Drop down and you will see a Greater Ithrak hanging from the ceiling. It won't
attack you until you get really close, but it will start having seizures. You
can try shooting it from here, but it won't do you much good. Get it to drop
down, then kill it. Next, find the three Spectral Locks in here.

Two of them are on different sides of a support pillar near the computer
console from which you get the "Spectral Locks" scan. The third is behind a
pillar of ice near the Artifact. Once you have scanned all three, shoot the
red sensor which activates nearby. Shoot it, grab the Shield Key, then grab the
Binary Subscripture. [AR2.Bin]

After you do, a pair of Guardians will attack. Use your new Imperialist to
headshot-kill them. Satisfying, wasn't it? When they die, they'll drop Large
Energies and unlock the door. Return to Fault Line.

>>Fault Line<<
|[!]- Switch

Now use the platform to get up to a big Force Field and a Jump Pad. Use the pad
to get up on a ledge from which you can snipe a pair of red sensors on the
other side of the Field. This will deactivate it, and allow you to use the
porta, which obviously you should, but you don't need to go that way yet. Go
further up the ledge and into the other room.

|Lore- Oubliette 01
|[!]- Weakened Column
|[!]- Gun Turret CPU

When you enter the room, you will be attacked by Green and Blue Bits. Kill them
and all thee generators to make the Shield Key appear. It's at the back of the
room, so go grab it to make the Force Field around the Artifact below shut
down. Then scan the computer console with electric tubes next to it to
deactivate the electric barrier.

Now to get there, go up to the pillar up top (don't forget to scan its base)
and shoot a Missile at its base. It will topple over, so walk across it and go
down the ledge and make the jump to the ledge nearby. Use this to get down to
collect the Attameter Artifact. [AR2.Att]

Now go back to the open room where the huge Force Field used to be. You can now
go through the door on the other side.

>>Drip Moat<<

Walk forward and you'll find yourself riding a slowly-moving platform through
the moat. Along the way you'll encounter Petrasyls, which are easily killed;
Shriekbats, which you'll find on the ceiling, so shoot 'em down before they
attack; War Wasps, which can be easily killed from a distance; and then more

If you do get hit by something, you may fall off. If you do, you will have to
make your way toward either end of the moat, where there is a Jump Pad to bring
you back up. Go quickly, because the black liquid is quite painful.

|Lore- Alimbic War 04
|Lore- Alimbic War 05
|Lore- Alimbic War 11
|Bioform- Alimbic Turret v2.7
|Object- Lift Control

This place is so annoying. OMG. You have to hit three different red sensors in
here, but a maze of Force Fields makes it difficult to find a vantage point to
hit them from. And sometimes, when you do find a vantage point, the red sensor
turns off. Gah!

It's almost impossible to explain in words where these vantage points are. I'll
try to help you later. For now, just use trial and error and be as frustrated
as me. When you finally hit them all, a platform will activate in the middle.
Head for the middle and go down.

When you hit bottom, turn around. Go get the MISSILE EXPANSION [ME.8] at the
end of the hallway. Then turn around and go through the first passageway on
your right (it's a narrow icy crevice). Go left and you'll encounter a new
Alimbic Turret, version 2.7, which features the Imperialist. It never misses,
so kill it quickly with the Shock Coil and collect the Shield Key from its
death. Go and grab your final objective here, the Cartograph Artifact.
[AR2.Car] Now return up the lift. You may have to scan the nearby Lift Control
to activate it.

When you reach the top, head for the door. After making a bit of progress
towards it, the Force Fields will disappear and some Guardians will arrive.
There will be about four waves of Guardians. Some are armed with the Power
Beam, some withe the Battlehammer, and some with the Magmaul. I find the
Judicator or Shock Coil to kill them the quickest. Unless you're really good
with the Imperialist, in which case use that. Most of them drop Energy when
they die.

After they are all dead, exit and return to the Drip Moat.

>>Drip Moat<<

Same trip back, along the platform. You will face Petrasyls, Shriekbats, more
Shriekbats, and then more Petrasyls. On your way back, you may see a green
thing floating in the air. What it is? Yep, a UA EXPANSION. [UA.11] Wait for
the platform to stop, then turn around and fall down to get it. Try to land on
the Jump Pad, because you'll be shot right back up so you can leave.

>>Fault Line<<

Save at the portal, then go back into the room with the Bits. Ignore them, and
head for the Stronghold Portal on a ledge neary where you found the Shield Key.

>>Stronghold Void<<

Ready for your last and most annoying wooden pole yet? Of course, how bad could
it be, right?

|Bioform- Cretaphid v4

BOSS: Cretaphid v4 [AR2.Boss]

As soon as you engage him in battle, you will notice the difference. Yes, the
wooden pole is now mobile. You have to find a way to shoot the dots, avoid the
lasers, avoid the plasma balls, and now avoid the wooden pole itself. Just keep
shooting, that's my policy. Once the crystal comes out, the easiest way to
damage it is, again, the Shock Coil. More so in this battle because the Shock
Coil locks on and aims so easily.

Besides that, I think we're well versed in how to kill him, right?

~~~NOTE: If you, for some reason, didn't scan Biodefense Chamber A yet, this is
your last chance.

Now go grab your well-earned Octolith! You will receive your message:

  ...End was upon us all...

Like we didn't already know that.

Now for your favorite part of the game, the escape sequence! You have 4 minutes
this time. It will be more than enough.

>>Fault Line<<

Go up to the top of the hill and cross the pillar. Ignore the Bits.

Once you're in the other room, fall down and go through the Quadtroid cave. Go
into Sic Transit.

>>Sic Transit<<

Here you may or may not be ambushed by Noxus. If you do, kill him to unlock the
door. If you don't, you can just ignore the Voldrums and go to the gateway.

>>Arcterra Gateway<<

Make your way up around the room, you should have plenty of time left. So take
your time.

Congratulations, you only need one more Octolith!

Scan Percentage: 83%
Octoliths: 87%

Wow, the Octoliths finally overcame the scans. You'll soon find out why.

So your next destination, and your last among all of the Alimbic civilizations,
is Vesper. Crap.

Vesper Defense Outpost [Game.VDO2]

Ah, it's been ages since we've been here. But not long enough.

>>VDO Gateway<<

Take the Jump Pad on your left up to a portal back to Weapons Complex.

>>Weapons Complex<<

If there are any hunters on this planet, here is where one will ambush you. He
will be in the level right below you, so take the platform back down and kill
or ignore them. Go through the nearby Red Door (now you see why we had to go to
Arcterra first).

>>Stasis Bunker<<
|Lore- Oubliette 02-07
|Lore- Seal Sphere 03-04
|[!]- Dead Guardians
|[!]- Shield Key Decloak
|[!]- Temporary Power

Go over to the open area where you'll see some Guardians in stasis tanks. Don't
worry, they can't hurt you. But the Magma Voldrums and the generators nearby
can. Kill them all and then go through the doorway with a dead Guardian near it
(hint: it's the broken, mangled door). You will be attacked by a Turret v2.7,
so kill it and go up. Go right and you'll enter a large room with more
Guardians in tanks. On the right is a passageway, which leads to a ledge from
which you can jump to get a UA EXPANSION. [UA.12]

Backtrack and go right into the curved corridor with an Ice Voldrum in it. Kill
the Voldrum, then continue forward until you hit a room with a computer console
on the left. Scan it, and you'll have 20 seconds to backtrack all the way to
the entrance, where there is another console to scan. Do it, and a Shield Key
will appear. You have 20 seconds to get that, as well. It's back where you just
got the UA Expansion.

Once you get it, the Artifact Shield will drop and you can collect your
Cartograph Artifact. [VDO2.Car]

Once you do, two Guardians will break out of their tanks right near you. One
will have the Magmaul, and the other will have the Judicator. Additionally, one
Guardian will break out of the tank on the above level. This one has the
Battlehammer. Kill them all, and a Shield Key will appear next to the Ice
Voldrum. Go get it, and then you can collect your Attameter Artifact.

Now go back to the upper level. Go down the curved hallway again, and at the
end of it, past the Voldrum, you should see a door which was previously locked,
but is no longer. Go through it.


|[!]- Switch

You will see some weird energy beams attached to the ceiling and floor. It's
actually a lift, which is currently descending to take you up to the top. So
wait for it to reach the bottom, and ride it up. Once you reach the top, you
can use the portal to save at your ship. Then go through the door.

>>Fuel Stack<<
|Object- Silo Levitator
|Object- Cooling Vent
|Object- Cryogenic Storage
|Object- Methane Pipeline
|Object- Door Lock Override
|Lore- Alimbic War 08
|Lore- Alimbic Order 05
|Lore- Seal Sphere 02
|[!]- Emergency Shutdowm

I know, that's a whole lot of scans. Don't worry about any of them right now.
Just go around to the left and... wait, what's going on? An energy overload is
going to cause an explosion? Yep. And the terminal to turn it off is alllllllll
the way up there. See it? Yep. Don't panic, it's easier than you think.

Start by going into Morph Ball and boosting. Go around until you see a Jump
Pad. Take it up to a small platform, which leads to a series of platforms to
the top of this short passage.

When you reach the top, go into Morph Ball and boost through the hallways with
Zoomers in them. At the end of it is another Jump Pad and more stepping-stone
platforms. Go to the top and boost through to a wide ledge with some platforms
on the left. Jump up them and make your way around the narrow ledge to a mobile
platform. This will take you to the terminal.

Now that the energy overflow has been stopped, backtrack and scan everything
you missed along the way. Then go back up to the wide ledge, and you'll see a
hole in the floor on the right. Drop down and you'll see a Turret v1.4, which
you should kill. On the same level is the Door Lock Override, which will lower
the nearby Force Field. Don't go through it yet. Instead, go down this spiral
pathway to a MISSILE EXPANSION. [ME.9]

Now go back up and through that doorway. You will see a pair of Turrets v2.7.
Kill them and grab the Shield Key down below. Now go back up again and grab the
last Artifact you'll ever need, the Binary Subscripture. [VDO2.Bin]

Make sure you have all the scans in here, and then return to Ascension.


Save with the portal, and then return to Stasis Bunker.

>>Stasis Bunker<<

The Stronghold Portal is right in front of you.

>>Stronghold Void<<

Ready for your last floating eyeball?

~~~NOTE: If you, for some reason, didn't scan Stronghold Void yet, this is your
last chance.

|Bioform- Slench 4A
|Bioform- Slench 4B

BOSS: Slench 4A/4B [VDO2.Boss]

This guy is no different from the other Slenches, except that he is armed with
the Judicator, and can freeze you. Oh yeah, and this time he's on the ceiling.

The only weapon that can damage him is the Magmaul, so get that out and shoot
the tentacles. You'll have to compensate for the curving trajectory of the
Magmaul, so aim just above the tentacles. Once he's dislodged, your true
challenge begins.

As soon as he detaches, get near the door. He will roll aroudn and do major
damage for about 20 seconds, but he won't hit you at all if you're near the
door. Once he actually starts floating around, just hit him with the Magmaul
and watch out for his freezing shots and his ramming attack (again, he'll start
having a seizure right before he does the attack).

Lather, rinse, repeat. We all know how to beat him by now, right?

~~~NOTE: If you, for some reason, didn't scan Biodefense Chamber B yet, this is
your last chance.

After your last eyeball has been squished, take a deep breath. And maybe a bag
of Cheetos. You've earned it. Go get your last Octolith! Your message will

  Alinos holds the key to Ultimate Power...

So. Guess where you go next!

Escape sequence time! You have 3 minutes. No problemo.

>>Stasis Bunker<<

Turn to your left, past the Voldrum, and take the established route that you've
probably memorized by now.

>>Weapons Complex<<

Forward, then to the right. Look familiar? Go up the hallway on the left and
through the door on your right.

>>Bioweaponry Lab<<

Tiptoe through the Petrasyls...

>>VDO Gateway<<

Take one of the Jump Pads to get to your ship really quickly. See, no problemo.

Congratulations, you have all the Octoliths! Unless one was stolen by an enemy
hunter. If this is the case, go to the planet they're at and hunt them down,
for a change.

Scan Percentage: 92%
Octoliths: 100%

OK, so now go to Alinos, just as the message said.

Alinos [Game.AL3]

>>Alinos Gateway<<

Take the portal to High Ground.

>>High Ground<<

You're going to be ambushed by Guardians or a hunter, so annihilate whatever
approaches you, and then go up the ramp near the place where an Artifact used
to be. Go through the door marked by blue pillars now.

>>Combat Hall<<
|Object- Blast Shield
|Object- Sniper Shield
|Lore- Alimbic Pride 05
|Lore- Combat Hall

You will be attacked again by either Guardians or a hunter (or maybe both), so
kill anything that moves and go through the door in the side hallway.

>>Alimbic Cannon Control Room<<
|Lore- Alimbic Cannon 01-04

Scan the lore, then stand in the central glowing circle. Watch the cannon
activate, and watch as your final destination is revealed. Your gunship will
send a transmission:

  Severe timefield disruption detected in the vicinity of the Alimbic Cluster.

Disruption indeed. Leave this small room and go back to Combat Hall.

>>Combat Hall<<

Guess what? You're right, more Guardians and/or hunters! Kill them all and go
back to High Ground.

>>High Ground<<

You'll probably just fight Guardians. So kill them and take the portal back to
your ship.

>>Alinos Gateway<<

Now look around, because this is the last Alimbic civilization you'll ever see.

Your ship will scan the Alimbic Cluster again, and this time a red dot will
appear in the middle. Go to it.

Oubliette [Game.OU]

OK, now before you wet your pants because of how cool this place is, go to your
Logbook. Now go to Lore. Now scroll down to the Alimbic Prophecies. When you
first read them, you may have been wondering, "What the heck does this mean?"
Well, I'm about to tell you.

--Alimbic Prophecy 01: It is written that the Alimbic power shall materialize
when six frequencies shimmer in the divine spectral sequence.

Hmm, six frequencies, six weapons...

--Alimbic Prophecy 02: In the beginning shall the darkness be torn asunder by a
flash of Yellow Lightning.

Yellow Lightning. Remind you of anything? Lightning... yellow... Volt-ish...

--Alimbic Prophecy 03: Yellow Lightning shall strike with demonic fury upon the

Green. Hmm, what do we know that's green? Battlehammer, anyone?

--Alimbic Prophecy 04: With a voice of thunder shall the Greenwood burst into
an Orange Blaze.

You've figured it out by now, right? Orange Blaze is obviously the Magmaul.

--Alimbic Prophecy 05: The Orange Blaze shall die away to be reborn on wings of
Blue Smoke.

Shock Coil ain't smoke, but it's blue.

--Alimbic Prophecy 06: Tendrils of Blue Smoke shall weave the geometry of
Violet Crystal.

Violet Crystal, of course, is the Judicator.

--Alimbic Prophecy 07: Violet Crystal shall shatter the heavens, leaving in its
wake a Red Stain.

Red Stain. Gee, I wonder...

--Alimbic Prophecy 08: When the Red Stain shall vanish, so shall the ancient
Alimbic power be manifest.

So. Remember that order:
1. Volt Driver (yellow)
2. Battlehammer (green)
3. Magmaul (orange)
4. Shock Coil (blue)
5. Judicator (purple)
6. Imperialist (red)

You'll need to know this for the final battle.

So I can't help you by naming the rooms, because they don't have names. The map
is unavailable here. So follow my instructions very carefully.

Go through the door, and up the lift. At the top, go into the portal.

|Lore- Sealing Gorea 01-05

Here is a room which has several windows with various Artifact symbols on them.
There are also your last Lore scans here. Once you've gotten them, go through
the door.

On your immediate right is a Morph Ball tunnel. Go through it, and you'll cross
over a bridge of sorts. Don't worry, you can't fall out. Roll over another
bridge and stop. Once you reach the end, jump across to the glowing platform to
get to a portal which leads to your last ENERGY TANK. [ET.7]

Now go back down under the glowing platform and take the Stronghold Door. Jump
like a madman into the pool of blue energy.

|Bioform- Gorea
|Bioform- Gorea Arm
|Object- Gorea Seal Sphere
|Bioform- Trocra

Here you will see a really cool cutscene in which all the other hunters have
beaten you here. And they're all shooting at Gorea's containment field.
Unfortunately, Gorea breaks free and steals their energy and weapons. Poor
hunters, we feel so sorry for them don't we? :'(

FINAL BOSS: Gorea [OU.Boss]

Now Gorea will attack you. His color corresponds to the weapon which you can
damage him with. But before you do that, remember that order of weapons we
memorized from the Prophecies? You'll notice a bunch of different colored
sensors hanging on the walls. One for each color. Hit the sensors in the
correct order with the correct weapon as stated in the Prophecies, and you
shall receive a message from your ship:

  Translating telepathic intercept: "Spectral sequence initiated. Photon
  avalanche approaching cascade threshold."

What that means is that there's a huge number of photons now building up in
those sensors, and they're ready to release a huge tidal wave of energy.

Now focus your attacks on Gorea.

His weakness is his shoulder pads. You must shoot him in the shoulder pads with
the weapon which corresponds to his current color. Do it quickly, because he
changes color, and his pads regenerate.

His attacks consist of the weapon opposite his current color.

Gorea's Color         Gorea's Weapon
Yellow                Battlehammer
Green                 Volt Driver
Purple                Magmaul
Orange                Judicator
Blue                  Imperialist
Red                   Shock Coil

When he uses these weapons, they will all be super-powered and/or charged
versions of them, so watch out.

If you are running out of health, shoot the Trocras floating in the air.

So, the best way to beat him is to prepare your Imperialist. Wait for him to
cycle all the way through the six colors until he turns red. Then zoom in and
do one-hit KO's to his shoulder pads.

When his shoulders are out, he will float upside down and begin attacking with
a sphere which he is hanging from. This sphere is his real weakness. Shoot it
with Imperialist shots from far away.

DragonSpawn2006 offers an alternative strategy:

"I saw an easier way to beat Goria, first time.  Instead of standing on the
outside of the ring shooting his shoulder pads, you can charge him and shoot
them with the Power Beam.  If you do this and backup whenever he swings at you,
you can destroy the arms easy and in less time."

When he is in sphere form, his attacks consist of grabbing you with a tentacle
and whipping you around, and throwing Trocras at you. He can't grab you with
the tentacle unless you're inside the yellow moat (which damages you). This is
why you should stand outside it to shoot the sphere.

Eventually, he'll turn back around and begin the cycle all over again. Now that
you can focus on him, instead of the sensors, you'll find it much easier to
dodge his attacks. Again, wait for him to turn red.

After you kill him, the game is over. Unless you did the photon-avalanche
thing, in which case you will go on to Round Two.

|Bioform- Gorea 2
|Equipment- Omega Cannon

FINAL BOSS: Gorea 2 [OU.Bos2]

Here is your ultimate showdown. This is not a reference to the flash video,
awesome though it is.

You will find yourself in a large arena with several platforms, Jump Pads, and
ledges. You will initially be on top of the installation. You will want to go
to the bottom.

So go there now, avoiding his laser, and wait near the Shield. After a few
seconds, a transmission form your ship will arrive:

  Gorea's defensive capability has increased dramatically. No weapons currently
  equipped in the Power Suit are capable of penetrating its armor. Intense
  gamma radiation has been detected on the lower floor.

And what is that radiation? Well, when the Shield lowers after you get that
message, collect your last weapon and find out. You now have the Omega Cannon!
[OU.Omg] Unlike in multiplayer, this weapon will not hurt you.

Use your new weapon, referred to as "nuke in a can," and go back up to the top
of the installation. Up there, Gorea will now start shooting rocks at you which
are slow, but can travel through the walls and floors. Shoot it, and whenever
possible, shoot Gorea. He will start switching between lasers and rocks. Try to
stay up on top.

After 14 hits, you will have defeated the monstrosity called Gorea and won the

--If you just beat Gorea's first form without the photon avalanche, you will
get the bad ending.

--If you did the photon avalanche and beat his second form, you will get the
good ending.

Congratulations, you have completed Mission 79109!

Expansions [WT.EXP]

Missile Expansions [EXP.ME]
The nice thing about Missile Expansions in this game is that when you get one,
unlike other Metroid games, your Missiles are completely refilled.

Each Missile Expansion gives you 10 more missiles.

Missile Expansion 1 [ME.1]

Planet: Celestial Archives

Room: Data Shrine 02

Acquire by: Go into Morph Ball and roll through the tunnel on the right. Stay
in Morph Ball and keep rolling until you find another Morph Ball tunnel. At the
end of it, you'll find the Missile Expansion.
Missile Expansion 2 [ME.2]

Planet: Alinos

Room: Alinos Gateway

Acquire by: On the strip of land, head around to the left to some rubble. Jump
on top of the rubble and go into Morph Ball form. There's a tunnel in the wall,
so bomb your way up that to get it.
Missile Expansion 3 [ME.3]

Planet: Alinos

Room: High Ground

Acquire by: Go up the ramp not next to the Artifact (or where it used to be, if
you already have it). The Missile Expansion will be on your right.
Missile Expansion 4 [ME.4]

Planet: Vesper Defense Outpost

Room: Cortex CPU

Acquire by: The tunnel from Weapons Complex ends near a ladder of platforms.
Go up them, then go to the left, avoiding the lasers. The nearby Missile
Expansion can be reached by Double Bomb Jumping.
Missile Expansion 5 [ME.5]

Planet: Arcterra

Room: Ice Hive

Acquire by: In the hallway filled with plants, there is a Morph Ball tunnel
which leads to a ledge with the Missile Expansion on it.
Missile Expansion 6 [ME.6]

Planet: Celestial Archives

Room: Incubation Vault 03

Acquire by: Take the portal opposite the Blue Field in Vault 02 to get to a
catwalk above Vault 03. The Missile Expansion is sitting right in front of you.
Missile Expansion 7 [ME.7]

Planet: Alinos

Room: Alinos Perch

Acquire by: In a small alcove at the top of the room.
Missile Expansion 8 [ME.8]

Planet: Arcterra

Room: Subterranean

Acquire by: Once you get through the maze of Force Fields, go down the lift and
the Missile Expansion will be at the end of the short hallway.
Missile Expansion 9 [ME.9]

Planet: Vesper Defense Outpost

Room: Fuel Stack

Acquire by: After stopping the energy flow, go down the spiral pathway. The
Missile Expansion is at the end.

Energy Tanks [EXP.ET]

Each Energy Tank gives you 100 more energy.

Energy Tank 1 [ET.1]

Planet: Celestial Archives

Room: Data Shrine 01

Acquire by: When you exit out of the central room, go left. Ignore or kill the
Bits, but near the end of the hallway there is a Morph Ball tunnel. Morph, then
roll to the end of it, where you'll find the Energy Tank.
Energy Tank 2 [ET.2]

Planet: Alinos

Room: Echo Hall

Acquire by: After going through the door in the middle of the Morph Ball maze,
roll to the far end and go right. It will be right in front of you.
Energy Tank 3 [ET.3]

Planet: Arcterra

Room: SIC Transit

Acquire by: After getting all six Proxy Locks, go into the room with the
artifact. Opposite the door you just entered is a broken grating. Roll under it
in Morph Ball, and ride the elevator to the top. At the top, do a Bomb Jump for
your Energy Tank.
Energy Tank 4 [ET.4]

Planet: Arcterra

Room: Frost Labyrinth

Acquire by: Traverse the maze and head for the top right corner of this room to
acquire the Energy Tank.
Energy Tank 5 [ET.5]

Planet: Celestial Archives

Room: New Arrival Registration

Acquire by: In the third of the three large cylindrical rooms, the Energy Tank
is at the base of the cylinder, on an immobile platform.
Energy Tank 6 [ET.6]

Planet: Alinos

Room: Council Chamber

Acquire by: Destroy the higher of the two Orange Fields and the Energy Tank
lies at the end of the short hallway just beyond.
Energy Tank 7 [ET.7]

Planet: Oubliette

Room: N/A

Acquire by: Roll through the Morph Ball tunnel on the right, going over the
bridges, and then when you reach the end, stop. Go into biped form and jump to
the nearby glowing platform, which has a portal on it. This will bring you to
a room with your last Energy Tank.

Universal Ammo Expansions [EXP.UA]
Collecting a UA Expansion completely refilles your ammo supply.

Each UA Expansion gives you 30 more ammo.

UA Expansion 1 [UA.1]

Planet: Vesper Defense Outpost

Room: Compression Chamber

Acquire by: Deactivate the force fields by scanning the switches on the upper
level, then roll through the hole in the pillar on the bottom level.
UA Expansion 2 [UA.2]

Planet: Arcterra

Room: Ice Hive

Acquire by: From the Ice Bridge, shoot the Purple Force Field, and the UA
Expansion will be directly to your right.

UA Expansion 3 [UA.3]

Planet: Arcterra

Room: Ice Hive

Acquire by: In the central room, there is a Purple Force Field with the UA
Expansion behind it. Destroy the Field to collect your prize.
UA Expansion 4 [UA.4]

Planet: Celestial Archives

Room: Celestial Gateway

Acquire by: Destroy the Green Force Field underneath your ship and go down the
hole for your UA Expansion.
UA Expansion 5 [UA.5]

Planet: Celestial Archives

Room: Data Shrine 02

Acquire by: It's on the pedestal in the middle of the room.
UA Expansion 6 [UA.6]

Planet: Celestial Archives

Room: Transfer Lock

Acquire by: On the bottom floor, in one corner of the room. You'll probably
have to kill some Voldrums to get to it.
UA Expansion 7 [UA.7]

Planet: Celestial Archives

Room: Docking Bay

Acquire by: The second far-out platform from the left has your UA Expansion.
UA Expansion 8 [UA.8]

Planet: Alinos

Room: High Ground

Acquire by: Go through the lava-filled Morph Ball tunnel all the way down and
all the way up on the other side. At the top of the other side you'll find your
UA Expansion.
UA Expansion 9 [UA.9]

Planet: Alinos

Room: Processor Core

Acquire by: On the opposite side of the room that you enter from, the UA
Expansion can be reached by jumping across the catwalk.
UA Expansion 10 [UA.10]

Planet: Arcterra

Room: Sanctorus

Acquire by: Entering this room from the Frost Labyrinth, take the corridor to
your left around the the UA Expansion.
UA Expansion 11 [UA.11]

Planet: Arcterra

Room: Drip Moat

Acquire by: From Subterranean, ride the platform to the end. You will see the
UA Expansion floating in the air under your platform near the end of your ride.
UA Expansion 12 [UA.12]

Planet: Vesper Defense Outpost

Room: Stasis Bunker

Acquire by: On the upper level, near the tanks with Guardians in them, there is
a passageway marked by blue pillars. Go through it and you'll find a ledge with
the UA Expansion on it.

Logbook [WT.LB]

Printable Checklist [LB.CK]

|_|  Alimbic Cannon 01
|_|  Alimbic Cannon 02
|_|  Alimbic Cannon 03
|_|  Alimbic Cannon 04
|_|  Alimbic Datashade 01
|_|  Alimbic Datashade 02
|_|  Alimbic Order 01
|_|  Alimbic Order 02
|_|  Alimbic Order 03
|_|  Alimbic Order 04
|_|  Alimbic Order 05
|_|  Alimbic Pride 01
|_|  Alimbic Pride 02
|_|  Alimbic Pride 03
|_|  Alimbic Pride 04
|_|  Alimbic Pride 05
|_|  Alimbic Prophecy 01
|_|  Alimbic Prophecy 02
|_|  Alimbic Prophecy 03
|_|  Alimbic Prophecy 04
|_|  Alimbic Prophecy 05
|_|  Alimbic Prophecy 06
|_|  Alimbic Prophecy 07
|_|  Alimbic Prophecy 08
|_|  Alimbic War 01
|_|  Alimbic War 02
|_|  Alimbic War 03
|_|  Alimbic War 04
|_|  Alimbic War 05
|_|  Alimbic War 06
|_|  Alimbic War 07
|_|  Alimbic War 08
|_|  Alimbic War 09
|_|  Alimbic War 10
|_|  Alimbic War 11
|_|  Alimbic War 12
|_|  Battle Sarcophagus
|_|  Biodefense Chamber A
|_|  Biodefense Chamber B
|_|  Combat Hall
|_|  Final Wish
|_|  Gorea 01
|_|  Gorea 02
|_|  Gorea 03
|_|  Gorea 04
|_|  Gorea 05
|_|  Gorea 06
|_|  Gorea 07
|_|  Gorea 08
|_|  Gorea 09
|_|  History 01
|_|  History 02
|_|  History 03
|_|  History 04
|_|  History 05
|_|  History 06
|_|  History 07
|_|  History 08
|_|  History 09
|_|  History 10
|_|  History 11
|_|  Interment Chamber
|_|  Octolith Safeguard
|_|  Oubliette 01
|_|  Oubliette 02
|_|  Oubliette 03
|_|  Oubliette 04
|_|  Oubliette 05
|_|  Oubliette 06
|_|  Oubliette 07
|_|  Oubliette 08
|_|  Science Sarcophagus
|_|  Seal Sphere 01
|_|  Seal Sphere 02
|_|  Seal Sphere 03
|_|  Seal Sphere 04
|_|  Sealing Gorea 01
|_|  Sealing Gorea 02
|_|  Sealing Gorea 03
|_|  Sealing Gorea 04
|_|  Sealing Gorea 05
|_|  Stronghold Void

|_|  Alimbic Turret v1.0
|_|  Alimbic Turret v1.4
|_|  Alimbic Turret v2.7
|_|  Arctic Spawn
|_|  Barbed War Wasp
|_|  Blastcap
|_|  Blue Barbed War Wasp
|_|  Crash Pillar
|_|  Cretaphid v1
|_|  Cretaphid v2
|_|  Cretaphid v3
|_|  Cretaphid v4
|_|  Dialanche
|_|  Electro Voldrum
|_|  Energy Blaster
|_|  Fire Spawn
|_|  Geemer
|_|  Gorea
|_|  Gorea
|_|  Gorea 2
|_|  Gorea Arm
|_|  Gorea Seal Sphere
|_|  Greater Ithrak
|_|  Guardian
|_|  Halfturret
|_|  Ice Voldrum
|_|  Kanden
|_|  Lesser Ithrak
|_|  Lockjaw
|_|  Magma Voldrum
|_|  Noxus
|_|  Petrasyl
|_|  Psycho Bit v1.0
|_|  Psycho Bit v2.0
|_|  Psycho Bit v3.0
|_|  Psycho Bit v4.0
|_|  Quadtroid
|_|  Red Barbed War Wasp
|_|  Shriekbat
|_|  Slench 1A
|_|  Slench 1B
|_|  Slench 2A
|_|  Slench 2B
|_|  Slench 3A
|_|  Slench 3B
|_|  Slench 4A
|_|  Slench 4B
|_|  Spire
|_|  Stinglarva
|_|  Sylux
|_|  Trace
|_|  Triskelion
|_|  Trocra
|_|  Vhoscythe
|_|  Voldrum
|_|  War Wasp
|_|  Weavel
|_|  Zoomer

|_|  Alimbic Artifacts
|_|  Alimbic Crest
|_|  Alimbic Emblem
|_|  Alimbic Garden
|_|  Alimbic Insignia
|_|  Alimbic Joist
|_|  Alimbic Panel
|_|  Alimbic Scripture
|_|  Alinos
|_|  Ammolite Shards
|_|  Anthropological Hub
|_|  Arcterra
|_|  Artifact Shield
|_|  Attameter Artifact
|_|  Backup Processor
|_|  Binary Subscripture
|_|  Blast Shield
|_|  Cartograph Artifact
|_|  Celestial Archives
|_|  Ceremonial Charms
|_|  Clone Engine
|_|  Cooling Fans
|_|  Cooling Vent

|_|  Cortex Chamber
|_|  Council Chamber
|_|  Cryogenic Storage
|_|  Damaged Bridge
|_|  Delano 7
|_|  Docking Bay L1
|_|  Docking Bay L2
|_|  Docking Bay L3
|_|  Exposed Rebar
|_|  Flow Regulator
|_|  Frozen Fuel Line
|_|  Fuel Rod
|_|  Gestation Tanks
|_|  Glyph Pattern
|_|  Gravity Stabilizer
|_|  Heating System
|_|  Ice Bridge
|_|  Incubation Tank A
|_|  Incubation Tank B
|_|  Lab Equipment
|_|  Lava Processor 01
|_|  Lava Processor 02
|_|  Lift Controls
|_|  Literary Hub
|_|  Magma Station
|_|  Magma Vent
|_|  Medical Hub
|_|  Methane Pipeline
|_|  Mixing Tanks
|_|  Navigational Chart
|_|  Octolith
|_|  Photon Stabilizer
|_|  Political Hub
|_|  Port Helm
|_|  Science Hub
|_|  Shield Generator
|_|  Shield Key
|_|  Silo Levitator
|_|  Sniper Shield
|_|  Spore Farm
|_|  Starboard Helm
|_|  Stronghold Portal
|_|  Structural Debris
|_|  Synergy Drive
|_|  Synergy Processor
|_|  Synergy Strut
|_|  Tetra Galaxy
|_|  Tetra Trade Map
|_|  Thermal Regulator
|_|  VDO
|_|  Wall Scroll
|_|  Witherite Shards

|_|  Arm Cannon
|_|  Battlehammer
|_|  Charge Shot
|_|  Energy Tank
|_|  Hunter Gunship
|_|  Imperialist
|_|  Judicator
|_|  Jump Boots
|_|  Large Energy
|_|  Large Missile Pack
|_|  Large UA Pack
|_|  Magmaul
|_|  Medium Energy
|_|  Missile Expansion
|_|  Missile Launcher
|_|  Morph Ball
|_|  Morph Ball Bomb
|_|  Omega Cannon
|_|  Power Beam
|_|  Scan Visor
|_|  Shock Coil
|_|  Small Energy
|_|  Small Missile Pack
|_|  Small UA Pack
|_|  Thermal Positioner
|_|  UA Expansion
|_|  Volt Driver

Full Version [LB.FL]

~~Lore [LB.Lore]

  Coming soon!

~~Bioforms [LB.Bio]

  Coming soon!

~~Objects [LB.Obj]

  Coming soon!

~~Equipment [LB.Eq]

  Coming soon!

Multiplayer [WT.Mult]
Ready for the most fun part (and biggest selling point) of the game? Well, here
it is: the ub3r multiplayer. This multiplayer is by no means original, but the
gameplay is a lot more fun than any other FPS multiplayer I've played.

The best part of the multiplayer experience? The chance to use all the hunters!
The worst? I have yet to find one. Anyway.

The Multiplayer Modes are: [Mult.MD]

===Battle=== [MD.BA]
Objective: Kill the other Hunters as many times as you can.

Time Limit: 3, 5, 7, 9, and 10-60 in multiples of 5

Lives Limit: none

Point Goal: 1, 5, 7, 10-30 in multiples of 5, and then 30-100 in multiples
of 10

Team Play: available

Notes: none

===Survival=== [MD.SU]
Objective: Kill the other Hunters as many times as you can.

Time Limit: 3, 5, 7, 9, and 10-60 in multiples of 5

Lives Limit: 0-10

Point Goal: none

Team Play: available

Notes: If you are inactive or do not attack any other hunter for a period of
about 20 seconds, you will receive a flashing message: "Position revealed!
Return to battle!" and the other hunters will be notified of your location. So
you cannot hide and wait for the other hunters to kill themselves off. If you
receive the message: "Coward detected!" that means there is another player
who is being inactive, and his position is revealed by a dot on your screen.

===Prime Hunter=== [MD.PH]
Objective: Each hunter must go through the course, searching for enemies to
kill. The hunter that makes the first kill become the "Prime Hunter." This
Prime Hunter has many advantages. The Prime Hunter has Affinity with every
weapon, and their movement speed is radically amplified. Anyway, for every
second you are the Prime Hunter, your "Prime Time" counter will increment by
one. Whoever reaches the "Prime Time" goal first wins the match.

Time Limit: 3, 5, 7, 9, and 10-60 in multiples of 5

Lives Limit: none

Time Goal: 1-5 in multiples of 0.5, and then 5-10

Team Play: not available

Notes: The Prime Hunter's disadvantage is that they will be continually losing
health. The only way to replenish it? To kill other weaker hunters. You get 70
energy for killing a rival hunter. Unfortunately, if you are killed by another
hunter, the one who killed you is the new Prime Hunter. If you are killed by
just not being able to kill someone and losing all your energy, then no one is
the Prime Hunter and it comes back down to first kill.

===Defender=== [MD.DE]
Objective: Reach the "Ring Time" goal first. In Defender, there is one ring on
some spot on the map. For every second you stand in that ring as the ONLY one
in it, your Ring Time counter will increment by one. Whoever reaches the "Ring
Time" goal first wins.

Time Limit: 3, 5, 7, 9, and 10-60 in multiples of 5

Lives Limit: none

Time Goal: 1-5 in multiples of 0.5, and then 5-10

Team Play: available

Notes: none

===Bounty=== [MD.BO]
Objective: There is an Octolith somewhere on the map. Your job is to find it,
pick it up, and bring it back to a base point alive and without dropping it. If
you can do that, you get a cookie! Not really. Just one point. Whoever reaches
the point goal first wins. The Auto Reset option, if turned on, means that when
the one carrying the Octolith dies, the Octolith is reset at the base. If
turned off, it is dropped where they died; it can then be claimed by anyone
else, unless it was an unreachable position such as the endless void of space.
If that is the case, it is reset.

Time Limit: 3, 5, 7, 9, and 10-60 in multiples of 5

Lives Limit: none

Octolith Goal: 1-10, and 10-25 in multiples of 5

Team Play: available

Notes: Unfortunately, if you try to enter Morph form, you will drop the
Octolith for others to claim. Of course, if you morph back quickly enough, you
might be able to reclaim it.

===Capture=== [MD.CA]
Objective: Similar to Bounty, there are now two Octoliths somewhere on the map.
The difference is, there will be two teams of two hunters, and your job is to 
find their Octolith, pick it up, and bring it back to your base point alive and 
without dropping it. The catch is that to score a point, both yours and their 
Octolith must be at your base at the same time. Then you get a cookie! OK, one
point. Again, whoever reaches the point goal first wins. The Auto Reset option,
if turned on, means that when the one carrying the Octolith dies, the Octolith
is reset at the base. If turned off, it is dropped where they died; it can then
be claimed by anyone else, unless it was an unreachable position such as the
endless void of space. If that is the case, it is reset.

Time Limit: 3, 5, 7, 9, and 10-60 in multiples of 5

Lives Limit: none

Octolith Goal: 1-10, and 10-25 in multiples of 5

Team Play: required

Notes: Unfortunately, if you try to enter Morph form, you will drop the
Octolith for others to claim. Of course, if you morph back quickly enough, you
might be able to reclaim it.

===Nodes=== [MD.NO]
Objective: Similar to Defender, there are now several rings on the map. You are
now trying to control as many as possible. How it works is, if you enter a node
and you are the only one in it, you will begin to capture it. Your progress is
noted by a bar on the bottom of the screen labeled "Progress." When it is done,
you now own a Node. This Node, as long as it is in your control, will give you
one point every few seconds. So, obviously, if you control more nodes, they are
going to give you points every few seconds too, so the more you control, the
faster you get points. Whoever reaches the point goal first wins.

Time Limit: 3, 5, 7, 9, and 10-60 in multiples of 5

Lives Limit: none

Point Goal: 40-100 in multiples of 10, 100-180 in multiples of 20, 190, 
200, and 250

Team Play: available

Notes: If you exit a node before you are done capturing, the progress will be
reset down to nothing. Also, if another hunter is in the node, your progress is
halted, but not reset.

The Arenas are: [Mult.AR]
I will explain in detail about each of them when I have the time and patience.

Name          |  Short Description                 |  How to Unlock       |
Combat Hall   |  like Ancient Vestige in the demo, | available initially  |
              |  an old ruin with one room in the  |                      |
              |  center                            |                      |
Data Shrine   |  like Trooper Module in the demo,  | available initially  |
              |  a round arena with many side      |                      |
              |  pathways leading to powerups      |                      |
Processor     |  a tall, very large room with a    | available initially  |
Core          |  pillar in the center, to which    |                      |
              |  many walkways are attached        |                      |
High Ground   |  bright, canyon-like arena, with   | available initially  |
              |  sand-covered pillars and canyon   |                      |
              |  walls obstructing your view       |                      |
Ice Hive      |  a snowy wasteland on the outside, | available initially  |
              |  and a cold abandoned based on the |                      |
              |  inside                            |                      |
Alinos Perch  |  sandy map, similar to High Ground | available initially  |
              |                                    |                      |
              |                                    |                      |
Sic Transit   |  the dark interior of an old space | available initially  |
              |  station                           |                      |
              |                                    |                      |
Transfer Lock |  looks like a temple, set in the   | available initially  |
              |  middle of a large desert          |                      |
              |                                    |                      |
Sanctorus     |  interior of a snow-and-ice        | play 2 multiplayer   |
              |  building which has been heavily   | games                |
              |  damaged, with pillars everywhere  |                      |
Compression   |                 ?                  | play 4 multiplayer   |
Chamber       |                                    | games                |
              |                                    |                      |
Incubation    |                 ?                  | play 6 multiplayer   |
Vault         |                                    | games                |
              |                                    |                      |
Subterranean  |  arena player on snowy temple      | play 8 multiplayer   |
              |  ruins                             | games                |
              |                                    |                      |
Outer Beach   |                 ?                  | play 10 multiplayer  |
              |                                    | games                |
              |                                    |                      |
Harvester     |                 ?                  | play 12 multiplayer  |
              |                                    | games                |
              |                                    |                      |
Weapons       |                 ?                  | play 14 multiplayer  |
Complex       |                                    | games                |
              |                                    |                      |
Council       |  underground temple-like structure | play 16 multiplayer  |
Chamber       |  with dirt tunnels and lava flows  | games                |
              |                                    |                      |
Elder Passage |                 ?                  | play 18 multiplayer  |
              |                                    | games                |
              |                                    |                      |
Fuel Stack    |                 ?                  | play 20 multiplayer  |
              |                                    | games                |
              |                                    |                      |
Fault Line    |                 ?                  | play 22 multiplayer  |
              |                                    | games                |
              |                                    |                      |
Stasis Bunker |                 ?                  | play 40 multiplayer  |

              |                                    | games OR 1 Wifi game |
              |                                    |                      |
Head Shot     |  multiple floors and vertically    | play 1 four-player   |
              |  separated paths, which meet in a  | match                |
              |  large, main cylindrical room      |                      |
Celestial     |  dim arena lit by computer screens | arrive at Celestial  |
Gateway       |  and has one large multi-leveled   | Archives in Single   |
              |  room and many smaller rooms       | Player               |
Alinos        |                 ?                  | arrive at Alinos in  |
Gateway       |                                    | Single Player        |
              |                                    |                      |
Vesper Defense|                 ?                  | arrive at Vesper     |
Outpost       |                                    | Defense Outpost in   |
Gateway       |                                    | Single Player        |
Arcterra      |                 ?                  | arrive at Arcterra   |
Gateway       |                                    | in Single Player     |
              |                                    |                      |
Oubliette     |                 ?                  | beat the Single      |
              |                                    | Player               |
              |                                    |                      |
The Powerups are: [Mult.PU]

Energy Ball (Pink, Blue, or Yellow) [PU.EB]
  Restores health; health cannot go above 199 (in multiplayer).
  Pink restores 30, blue restores 60, yellow restores 100.

Missile (Small or Large) [PU.MI]
  Restores missile ammo; missiles cannot go above 59 (in multiplayer).
  Small restores 5, large restores 10 (in multiplayer).
  Small restores 10, large restores 25 (in single player).

Universal Ammo (Small or Large) [PU.UA]
  Restores Sub-weapon ammo.
  Small restores 5, large restores 10 (in multiplayer).
  Small restores 10, large restores 25 (in single player).

Affinity Weapon [PU.AW]
  Gives hunter their preferred Affinity weapon. Other weapons can be found
  individually throughout each course.

Double Damage [PU.DD]
  Doubles the amount of damage a hunter's weapons do for a short time.

Cloak [PU.CL]
  Turns your hunter invisible for a short time.

Deathalt [Pu.DB]
  Turns your Alt form into a deadly weapon for a short time.
  Simply touch other enemies with the Deathalt to instantly kill them. 
  Unfortunately, you are stuck in Alt form until it expires.

Octolith [PU.OC]
  Not a powerup per se, but return this to a base in Bounty and Capture modes
  to earn points.

Game Setup [Mult.Set]
There are two kinds of multiplayer covered in this section: Single-Card and
Multi-Card Play.

===Single-Card Setup===
In Single-Card Play, only one of the Nintendo DS's has a Metroid Prime
Hunters game card. Well, at least, only one of them is used. This option is for
you to play against people who may have a different game in their DS. Another

player with the game can play, but he too must download as if he didn't.

For the player with the game card, he can be any character he wants. The mode
type will always be Battle. For the player(s) without game cards, they can only
be Samus.

--Start by choosing Single-Card Play from the Multiplayer Mode menu. Any nearby
DS's can now start to download the software for the game. 
--Once you have chosen your arena setup and character, you must wait for the
other DS's to finish downloading. You will know a DS is downloading when a
flashing DS icon appears with the word "Downloading" under it. As soon as it
is done, it will become solid and appear in the box on the right, with the word
"Ready" under it. The words "Available" will appear wherever there is a spot
still available for another DS to download.
--When all DS's you wish to download to are Ready, you can continue to the next
screen and wait for them to finish downloading their data. When they are done,
their name and a picture of Samus will appear in one of the empty boxes. Once
all of the DS's are ready, select "Start Game." One final download period will
begin for the arena data to be downloaded to the other DS's. Soon after, the
match will begin.

===Multi-Card Setup===
In Multi-Card Play, everyone participating must have a copy of the game. In
Multi-Card, you can choose any mode you want, with any character you want. The
other players can also choose any character they want.

--Start by choosing Multi-Card Play from the Multiplayer Mode menu. Any nearby
DS's with the game will pick up your signal, if they are also trying to get a
match going.
--If there is a game under the "Join Game" list, you can select it and the
player hosting the game is the one whose name you selected. They have control
over the mode, the arena, and the settings. However, you can still choose any
character you have unlocked.
--If there is no game, you can select "Create Game" and make a new one for
other players to join. You will have control over the mode, the arena, and the
settings here. However, the other players can choose any character they have
--If you wish to play a game with bots, create a game, choose the mode, the
arena, the settings, and your character. On the screen with boxes indicating
who is there to play, there is a button in the bottom right which says "Add
Bot." Select the "+" sign and a bot will be added. You can select which hunter
the bot is, and its skill level (1 to 3 stars, 3 being the most challenging).
You can add up to three bots.

End of Game [Mult.End]
At the end of a heart-pounding multiplayer match, you can see your final

In Battle, the following results are displayed:

Name- name of character
Points- how many points you scored
Deaths- how many times you died
Efficiency- use of weapons in battle
Kills- how many kills you had
Self-Destructs- how many times you died by your own hands
Damage Dealt- how much damage you did in total
Best Weapon- weapon you made most kills with
Alt-form Kills- how many kills you made in alt form
Headshot Kills- how many kills you made by a Headshot

In Survival, the following results are displayed:

Name- name of character
Survival Time- how long you survived (MAX means you lived up until the end)
Deaths- how many times you died
Efficiency- use of weapons in battle
Kills- how many kills you had
Self-Destructs- how many times you died by your own hands
Damage Dealt- how much damage you did in total
Best Weapon- weapon you made most kills with
Alt-form Kills- how many kills you made in alt form
Headshot Kills- how many kills you made by a Headshot

In Prime Hunter, the following results are displayed:

Name- name of character
Prime Hunter Time- how long you were the Prime Hunter, in total
Prime Mutations- how many times you became the Prime Hunter
Prime Kills- how many kills you made while you were the Prime Hunter
Deaths- how many times you died
Efficiency- use of weapons in battle
Self-Destructs- how many times you died by your own hands
Damage Dealt- how much damage you did in total
Best Weapon- weapon you made most kills with
Alt-form Kills- how many kills you made in alt form
Headshot Kills- how many kills you made by a Headshot

In Defender, the following results are displayed:

Name- name of character
Time in Ring- how long you were in the ring, alone, in total
Deaths- how many times you died
Efficiency- use of weapons in battle
Self-Destructs- how many times you died by your own hands
Damage Dealt- how much damage you did in total
Best Weapon- weapon you made most kills with
Alt-form Kills- how many kills you made in alt form
Headshot Kills- how many kills you made by a Headshot

In Bounty, the following results are displayed:

Name- name of character
Bounties- how many Octoliths you delivered
Kills- how many kills you had
Intercepts- how many times you killed a hunter with an Octolith
Fumbles- how many times you dropped an Octolith
Deaths- how many times you died
Efficiency- use of weapons in battle
Self-Destructs- how many times you died by your own hands
Damage Dealt- how much damage you did in total
Best Weapon- weapon you made most kills with
Alt-form Kills- how many kills you made in alt form
Headshot Kills- how many kills you made by a Headshot

In Capture, the following results are displayed:

Name- name of character
Captures- how many enemy Octoliths you captured
Kills- how many kills you had
Intercepts- how many times you killed a hunter with an Octolith
Fumbles- how many times you dropped an Octolith
Deaths- how many times you died
Efficiency- use of weapons in battle
Self-Destructs- how many times you died by your own hands
Damage Dealt- how much damage you did in total
Best Weapon- weapon you made most kills with
Alt-form Kills- how many kills you made in alt form
Headshot Kills- how many kills you made by a Headshot

In Nodes, the following results are displayed:

Name- name of character
Points- how many points you scored
Kills- how many kills you had
Node Captures- how many times you captured a Node
Nodes Lost- how many times opponents captured one of your Nodes
Deaths- how many times you died
Efficiency- use of weapons in battle
Self-Destructs- how many times you died by your own hands
Damage Dealt- how much damage you did in total
Best Weapon- weapon you made most kills with
Alt-form Kills- how many kills you made in alt form
Headshot Kills- how many kills you made by a Headshot

Wireless/Wi-Fi [WT.Wifi]
Well, unfortunately I don't have Wi-Fi readily available, so I can't help you a
whole lot here. So I must rely on other users for assistance. Here is a
description by N-Kid:

'If you want to play Wi-Fi at home, you must have: An active Broadband Internet
Connection and a wireless access point, such as a wireless router or the
Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connecter. I won't go into detail as you can just check your
Wi-Fi booklet (That came with your WFC game) for instructions on set-up. Now,
we have our Wi-Fi connection set-up, so its time to play your first Wi-Fi
match (Yay! so exciting!)! To find a game and three opponents, we go to "Find A
Game" Under the WFC menu. The game will then search for three opponents,
sometimes, it will not be able to find three opponents and start the match with
as many as it can find. the only available mode for "Find A Game" is Battle
(seven kills is the point-goal and seven minutes is the time limit). after we
select our Hunter, its time to vote for an arena! simply choose which map you
wish to play on. Now the game starts. After the point limit is reached(or time
runs out), you are taken to the score board, here you can see how well you did.
If you wish to be able to play A Hunter again, simply add them to your Rival
list. You can check the Status of your Rivals by looking under the "Friends and
Rivals" list. If you wish to play at a "Hot-Spot" check to
find a "Hot-Spot" Near you.'

I can't help you much beyond that. But for now, I'll do what I can.

~Hunter License~ [Wifi.HL]
This license keeps track of your status, rank, number of matches, and much

Top Left Corner: the Metroid Emblem, colored bronze, silver, or gold depending
on how many matches you've participated in (see "Hunter License Unlockables")

Top Right Corner: a swirly Alimbic Emblem if you haven't beaten the game with
100% scans, and a glowing Octolith icon if you have

Hunter of Choice: shows a portrait of your most used hunter

First Tab:
  Wi-Fi Win Record: how many Wi-Fi games you've won and how many you've played

  Wireless Win Record: how many multiplayer (not Wi-Fi) games you've won and
  how many you've played

  Connection History: out of all the games you've played, this represents how
  many of them in which you've stayed connected to finish

Second Tab:
  Win Ratio: out of all the games you've played, this represents how many of
  them ended in victory for you

  Win Streak: your record for straight number of wins in a row

  Lucky Arena: the last arena at which you got First Place

Third Tab:
  Favorite Weapon: the weapon you've made the most kills with

  Headshot Kills: how many kills you've made through headshots

  Favorite Mode: the multiplayer mode you've participated in the most

Fourth Tab:
  Biped Kills: how many kills you've made in biped form

  Alt-Form Kills: how many kills you've made in Alt form

  Kill Streak: how many kills you've made in a row-without dying-in one match

Fifth Tab:
  Wi-Fi Play Time: represents your total amount of time spent playing Wi-Fi

  Wireless Play Time: represents your total amount of time spent playing
  multiplayer (not Wi-Fi) matches

  Total Play Time: how much time you've spent playing the game in total

Ranking Points: these reflect your current rank, which is indicated by the
number of stars on the top of your Hunter License. You get Ranking Points (thus
increasing your rank) by defeating other hunters in multiplayer or Wi-Fi
matches (which must include at least one human player-you'll get no Ranking
Points for beating bots). The amount of points earned depends on the ranks of
the human opponents you defeated.
Tips and Tricks [WT.TNT]
I know some good tricks, but I know you guys know better ones. So send 'em in!

These tricks sent in by Derek Trider:

If you are being sniped, go into Alt-Mode! You can't get headshots. If you are
being zapped by the Shock Coil, go into alt mode to break the connection.

These sent in by FireBros. on Gorea's first phase:

If you circle the room, not one of his attacks will hit you... ever!
And, if you're far away enough when you destroy his shoulders, HIS SEAL

These sent in by Roowghurt:

If you are Sylux in space (outside headshot, and even more places where you are
in space), and press the fire button as fast as you can, you FLY! NOTE: this
will NOT work in Harvester, so do not try it!
In Harvester, no matter what character you are, there is a VERY useful snipe
location. First, get the almighty Imperialist. Then get to the 2nd stage with
that jump thing. Get on it, and try to get to a "point" (I'm not that great
with English, sorry...). on it, get to a small "line". Follow the line until
you get on the respawn point. Nobody would be able to reach you! You can use
this on every side (with that red or green door thingys).

This sent in by grtz Ce3sJ@h:

In multiplayer, in Alinos gateway, choose Spire, and add some bots(works on
Wi-Fi too, but those who actually use it there are n0obs) now, think of you,
standing in front of, and looking at ur hunter gunship(where it is in adv.
mode). From there go to the left. There's a small sort of alley there, (at the
end of the map, between a big black rock and a wall). Go in the alley, walk
against the black rock so that  ur screen will look like its shaking. now roll
into alt form, and hold the button in the direction of the black rock. if ur
lucky, ull roll right thru, and ull be inside the rock, unhittable, and
invisible to other players, while u still have full sight of the map. 

Unlockables [WT.UL]
What would a game be without unlockables? It's part of the replay value! Here's
a list of what you're playing it through a second time for.

~~Hunters in Multiplayer~~
Samus                          Available initially
Kanden                         Available initially
Spire                          Available initially
Trace                          Beat in either Adventure Mode or Multiplayer
Noxus                          Beat in either Adventure Mode or Multiplayer
Sylux                          Beat in either Adventure Mode or Multiplayer
Weavel                         Beat in either Adventure Mode or Multiplayer

~~Hunter License Unlockables~~
(Top Left Corner Emblem)
Bronze Metroid Emblem          25 wins in any multiplayer mode
Silver Metroid Emblem          100 wins in any multiplayer mode
Gold Metroid Emblem            200 wins in any multiplayer mode

(Top Center Rank)
Bounty Hunter Rank (*)         0-39 Ranking Points
Super Hunter Rank (**)         40-139 Ranking Points
Elite Hunter Rank (***)        140-389 Ranking Points
Master Hunter Rank (****)      390-749 Ranking Points
Legendary Hunter Rank (*****)  750+ Ranking Points

Earn Ranking Points by beating players with their own DS's, either in
Multi-Card or in Wi-Fi.

(Top Right Corner Symbol)
Alimbic Emblem                 Beat Adventure Mode with less than 100% scans
Octolith Emblem                Beat Adventure Mode with 100% scans

Regular Border                 Play 500 multiplayer matches of any kind
Golden Border                  Play 500 multiplayer matches of any kind and
                               have a five-star rank

To unlock any particular movie, you must reach that point in the Adventure Mode
at which you are shown that movie. It is then added to your list of movies.

Records                        Beat Adventure Mode once
Sound Test                     Beat Gorea 2 once
Bad Ending                     Beat Adventure Mode without fighting Gorea 2
Good Ending                    Beat Adventure Mode by fighting Gorea 2

FAQ [WT.Freq]
I won't be filling this area in with any questions unless you e-mail me asking 
me them. If your question is legitimate, not covered in the walkthrough, and I 
can answer it, I'll probably add it in here. So ask away! And please don't ask
"What's a Samus?" because I know where you live and I will send ninja fanboys
to your home while you sleep.

Legal Info [WT.LI]
Alright, so here is the part of the walkthrough that no one reads. Here goes.

Copyright í‚© 2006 Jonathan "Yoshi992" Wood
I reserve the rights to this walkthrough and all its contents. Only the
following sites may post my walkthrough: 

-Super Cheats

If you are going to use my walkthrough elsewhere, you must give me credit. You
must not copy this walkthrough's contents and pass it off as your own. And
under no circumstances are you to use it for your own personal profit. Contact
me by e-mail if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time.

Conclusion [WT.End]

I'd like to thank the following people/users for their hints and help:

Deathborn 668
Derek Trider
grtz Ce3sJ@h

I'd also like to thank the following people and organizations:

CJayC - for giving me the chance to share my knowledge
Me - for writing it
You - for reading it
Nintendo - for making the game and providing millions with hours of fun

If you see any mistakes, or if you would like to contribute a small bit to it,
or have any suggestions at all, e-mail me at

~~~NOTE: If you wish me to actually read your e-mail, and not just let it sit
in Spam Folder hell, you must include the phrase "MPH FAQ" somewhere in the
subject title.

Thank you all. Sayonara.