Sonic the Hedgehog PS3 Cheats

Extras menu:

Beat any of the Story modes with 100% completion to unlock the 'extras' option at the main menu, which contains cutscenes and music from the game. Getting 100% on different episodes opens up new songs in the audio menu.

Play as Shadow The Hedgehog:

Beat the Crisis City level as Sonic.

Play as Silver The Hedgehog:

Beat Silver as a boss using Sonic.

Last Episode:

Beat Sonic, Shadow, and Silver's Story modes to unlock a fourth Episode.

Free mode:

Get an 'S' rank on everyone's levels, bosses, and town missions to open up Free mode.

Extra Free Mode characters:

Miles "Tails" ProwerBeat all Town Stage missions
Rouge the BatBeat all GUN Commander missions
Blaze the CatBeat all Soleana mystery missions
Knuckles the EchidnaBeat all Town Stage missions with an 'S' rank
E-123 OmegaBeat all GUN Commander missions with an "S" rank
Amy RoseBeat all Soleana mystery missions with an "S" rank

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