Box art - God of War (2018)

God of War New Game Plus: Is There a New Game Plus Mode? (Updated)

One of the most requested features for God of War since its launch is a New Game Plus mode. As of right now if you want to start a new game no progress carries over from previous playthroughs. Fortunately Sony Santa Monica has heard your cry and at Sony’s E3 2018 conference it was announced that the mode will be coming to God of War in the near future.

(Originally written on 4/20/18)

Even though it has just released at the time of publishing, players are already looking ahead and wondering if there is a God of War New Game Plus mode. Being that this fourth main entry in the series revamps everything from the graphics to the setting to the story and even fan favorite characters like Kratos, it makes sense to want to replay it all over again.

Most modes unlock after you beat a game the first time around, giving you the opportunity to replay it from the start and retain some of your skills, levels, items, and so on. This gives a game extensive replayability. Being that this new entry has some deep RPG elements, is there a God of War New Game Plus mode? Let’s find out.

Is There a God of War New Game Plus Mode?

Is there a God of War New Game Plus mode? The short answer is, unfortunately, a no. Upon beating the main story, you don’t unlock a way to start the game with all or some of your items, skills, levels, and so on intact. This is rather unfortunate considering the fact there is a harder difficulty that upon selecting, you can’t switch from it.

However, that isn’t to say that without a God of War New Game Plus mode, there is no longevity to the game. This is a surprisingly deep game with many places to explore and side quests and activities to complete. The main story alone can take dozens of hours to complete, and attempting to 100% the game and collect every trophy will extend that playtime by twice as much or more. So, you certainly get your bang for your buck.